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Date: 20 Mar 1995 06:45:10 GMT

Here's one for the mail order Wierdity collection. Not really very fringe of
kook-oriented, but a central source:

Transatlantic Peace Newsletter
Dr. Burkhard Luber / The Threshold Foundation
Heidland 13, D-28870, Ottersberg, Germany
TPN Online PeaceNet/GreenNet, conference Transcont.News

4 to six pages of articles synopsi from various sources in Europe, covering
peace, one-world gov't., green party, church issues, general freedoms stuff.

Like: 20,000 Russian soldiers have deserted, and there's so little money
that they're not pursued. 250,000 were due for discharge, but due to lack of
petrol, they were simply released and left to find their own way home.

Many other articles include addresses for other newsletters and such.

Dr. Luber is a dedicated and well meaning man, and has offered to come to my
university ON HIS DIME to talk peace. The Interneational Center here turned
him down. Something to do with the fact that the director is an advisor to
the White House?

Free. Not copyrighted (you can reprint at will, but please credit it).

dynasor@infi.net The Doctor is on.



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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 20:45:01 GMT

[ Article crossposted from alt.censorship ]
[ Author was Harlequinn ]
[ Posted on 17 Feb 1995 21:03:38 GMT ]

If you have never heard of:
The Bilderberg Group
The Council on Foreign Relations
The Tri-Lateral Commission
MJ-12 & Area 51
The Committee of 300
The Order.......

then you need to contact us. These are just a few of the world order
secret clubs and enclaves who posture publicly to perform one function,
while in private they have held a deathgrip on America's government for
decades. More than 80% of our so-called "public-interest" media outlets
are actually owned by multinationals who, in turn are owned and/or
directed by the above groups. Read on to find out how to receive our free

PARTNERS IN FREEDOM offers a unique and confidential clearinghouse of
information and research exchange for US citizens of like mind who want to
find out more about what has been happening to America behind-the-scenes
since 1910 and earlier. We publish essays & research, research summaries,
extensive data on UFOs worldwide, new world order research, provide
confidential "contact lists" of sources for more NETWORKING information,
provide source lists for survival catalogues and items, and provide
confidential lists of publications and books that are available that tell
the real story about the secret world government that has already been in
place for more than 40 years! Many people have sacrificed a great deal to
bring some of this information to the surface where everyday citizens
could access it and learn the truth. When you receive our free materials,
you are welcome to pass reports along to friends and family.

We are now publishing an extensive news and networking newspaper 6 times
a year for all freedom lovers and motivated activists called THE
PLANETARY CAFE. Each issue is jammed packed with astonishing news items
that cannot be found in the mainstream press, inside information on UFOs
and recent sightings across the USA, explanations about the "new world
order" that make the emerging global superstate easy to identify,
extensive information and resource lists for activists, plus much much
more. To subscribe send an email message to harleqnn@halcyon.com that says
"send subscription info on Planetary Cafe"and we'll email a subscription
form to you. Subscription is USA$48 per year for 6 issues.

For more information and a free report, email: harleqnn@halcyon.com and
enter under subject: SEND FREEDOM DATA. BE SURE to include a postal mail
address and and your real email address with your correspondence. If you
send an anon email address, we cannot guarantee that you will receive any
email from us, as we have found the anon servers to be undependable, and

order our newest document, the "1995 INFO CENTRAL" in an easy to read
newspaper format. JUST send a note that says "send clearinghouse" BY
EMAIL to: harleqnn@halcyon.com and be sure to include a postal mail
address and and your real email address. We'll send your issue right away
and invoice you. The 1995 INFO CENTRAL is $10 per copy. We will include
alot of free extras with your order also also.

Include your return postal address.
We look forward to hearing from you!


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