XYY Magazine
From: johnk17360@aol.com (JohnK17360)

XYY #5 will be out soon, featuring a major retrospec of that great slacker
Jerry Lewis, plus interviews with Evel Kneivel, the man who owns
Napoleon's penis!, comics by Drew Friedman, Mark Newgarden and lots
others, PLUS--lots of Kennedy info, including how my dad actually (Really)
taught Lee H. Oswald who to shoot when they were in the army together.

Well worth the price at $4. Also Back issues available at $4 from:
John F. Kelly
82 Kimball Ave.,
Yonkers, NY 10704

From: ac118@lafn.org (Matthew Carey)
Date: 25 Feb 1995 18:30:35 -0600

In a previous article, wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell) says:

re: robertantonwilson

>Isn't he involved in some species of Zine?
>Anybody remember da' name and got an address?
>$ per issue, ect.

Okay, I found it. This is from the back of the Spring, 1993 issue.

one year- 4 issues $20
two years- 8 issues $35
three years- 12 issues $50

outside U.S. please add $5/year for first class postage

Include your NAME, ADDRESS and ZIP CODE
Please make checks or money orders payable to:
The Permanent Press
P.O. Box 700305
San Jose, CA 95170


That thar 'zine would be Trajectories, of course. A "Best Of" collection
is available for about, oh, $15 (bought it at Capricon XV for that
amount, natch), but write TPP first to make sure.

Chris Krolczyk krolczyk@mcs.com
Director, Freethinkers United to Offend the Terminally Prudish
"Offend you? Hell, we try to offend everybody!"

ZinE DisTro siTe!
From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

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[ Author was mc@fpg.gcomm.com ]

LoOkinG For a PLaCe to inTrodUCe oR DiSTribuTE youR ZineS?

THE FLoaTing panCReas BbS - ComFortaBLy locATed at sfpg.gcomm.com, wouLD
loVe to disTribuTe anY anD ALL zinEs, eLectroMags, speCiaL intERest fiLes,
anD inFormaTion. If yOu haVe somE inFo You neEd peOpLE to sEE, sTaSH it
wiTH us. FuLL ScreEn vieWing wiTH KeyWorD SeARching oF ALL tExt!

Modem: 3o5.424.o266 - mc@fpg.gcomm.com
Telnet/FTP: sfpg.gcomm.com
Info: spatula@fpg.gcomm.com
Subject: help

| THe FLoaTinG paNcreAS bbS - 3o5.424.o266 - TeLneT/ftP: sfpg.gcomm.com |
| InTernET e-mAiL, UseNET, DiaLouT, teLneT/ftP, anD 22OoO+ TeXt FiLEs!! |

Holy Temple of Mass Consumption

"Articles, opinions, reviews, and artwork of a loosely-defined
collection of cranks, weirdos, freaks, net.personalities,
curmudgeons, and anyone else who turns us on at the time. Commentary
on nearly everything, with particular attention to societal decay in
general and mass-media conspiracy programming in particular. Or
anything else we decide to write about, with strong ties to the
finest SubGenius traditions."

Editor(s): Wayne Aiken <slack@ncsu.edu>
Format: ASCII text

Access info:
Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
gopher.etext.org: Zines/HToMC
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/h/htomc
FTP: quartz.rutgers.edu: /pub/journals/HToMC/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/HToMC/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/h/htomc/
Usenet: alt.slack
Postal: HToMC, PO Box 30904, Raleigh, NC 27622-0904, USA
(hardcopy version available -- free with SASE,
otherwise $1, trade, or "neat stuff")
Phone: +1 919 954 5956
Other: StarFleet BBS (+1 919 954 5028)

Re: Cool Net Zines

From: jamie@moncomm.clark.net (Jamie Schrumpf)

firehead@panix.com (Elayne Wechsler-Chaput) says:
>Jamie Schrumpf (jamie@moncomm.clark.net) wrote:
>: Without attempting to seem modest, check out the official Firesign Theatre
>: newsletter at the URL below.
>Thanks, bud! We'll corral 'em all in yet! :)
>By the way, can't folks now actually SUBSCRIBE to Electronic Four-Alarm
>FIRESIGNal? (Anyone who's interested can subscribe to the hard copy
>version by E-Mailing me their "snail mail" address, by the way...)
>- Elayne (the Firehead Head)

Yes, indeedy -- you can subscribe to my personal, manually maintained,
growing-by-leaps-and-bounds mailing list by sending email to
firesign@moncomm.clark.net and telling me if you want to subscribe and if
you need the latest e-version. Sometime in the future I want to get a
real listserver going, but it costs $$ to put one on my net.provider's
system, and I haven't found a Windoze version of listserv yet.
"But you know, when people get excited, they start making mistakes --
SubGeniuses even more so than people. (Luckily, in our casE, the biggest
blunders ACCIDENTALLY lead to startling new discoveries! Like inadvertently
blowing up your house, but finding buried treasure in the crater.)"

-- Rev. Ivan Stang, from an alt.slack post

Official Firesign Theatre newsletter -- http://www.clark.net/pub/moncomm
or email me at jamie@moncomm.clark.net and I'll send you a copy


Re: Can somebody post a WWW or FTP side for Factsheet Five?
From: David McConville <id@calypso-2.oit.unc.edu>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 12:43:00 -0500

> Can somebody please post an address for a "Factsheet Five" WWW home page
> or FTP site?


> They're the next best thing to Loompanics!




PARANOIA -- The Magazine!
From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

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[ Author was James Daugherty ]
[ Posted on Thu, 19 Jan 1995 04:55:43 -0500 ]

PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader is a quarterly "Readers Digest" for
Conspiracy enthusiasts. Topics include Secret Societies, Assassinations,
Hidden History, UFOs, and Supressed Science. It is distributed to many
bookstores and newsstands. If unavailable in your area, please request that
they obtain it! PARANOIA, PO Box 3570, Cranston, RI 02910, USA. E-mail to

Posted as a public service by:

James Daugherty, volunteer Postmaster for A-albionic Research (POB 20273,
Ferndale, MI 48220), a ruling class/conspiracy research resource for the
entire political-ideological spectrum. Quarterly journal, book sales,
rare/out-of-print searches, New Paradigms Discussion List, Weekly Up-date
Lists & E-text Archive of research, intelligence, catalogs, & resources.
**E-Mail Update/Discussion/Archive**|*******World Wide Web/Gopher/FTP*******
e-mail: majordomo@mail.msen.com | <http://gopher.a-albionic.com:9006/>
message: info prj | <ftp://ftp.a-albionic.com/>
get prj gopher/keytogopher | <gopher.a-albionic.com 9006>
FINGER modemac@cambridge.village.com for a FREE SubGenius Pamphlet!

The Underground Review... FREE!

From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

[ Article crossposted from alt.conspiracy ]
[ Author was Jim Williams ]
[ Posted on 3 Mar 1995 19:51:58 GMT ]

The Underground Review, an electronic magazine (Neobook), is available
FREE to all interested parties!

Each issue of The Underground Review (TUR) will feature an obscure
magazine or a book from the "underground" that our editorial staff thinks
you will find of interest.

Each month TUR will endeavor to unearth publications that will be
interesting and instructive. We will seek to provide you with
provocative information that is not readily available to the average

This first issue features the "AntiShyster," an underground tabloid that
"makes a critical examination of the American legal system." This
month's articles include:

The Moral Promise of a Free Society;
When the Goin' Gits Tuff, the People Git Hustled;
Titles of the United States Code;
Illinois Court Rules Attorneys Unnecessary;
Licenses?! We Don' Nee' No Stinkin' Licenses!;
Democracy vs. Republic;
From Common Law to the Uniform Commercial Code;
Some Dare Call it Treason;
Emergency War Powers.

If you would like to receive a copy of The Underground Review, E-mail us
your request. Please specify whether you are an individual or a sysop.


- end -

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