Dreadful mix-up in sacrament consumption leaves Church leaders' brains PERM-A-FRIED!!!

From: "Dr. Benway" <benway@interzone.edu>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996

From: grantj@sfu.ca (Neil Grant)
Newsgroups: rec.drugs.psychedelic
Subject: Re: can LSD fuck you up
Date: 13 Apr 1996 04:26:18 GMT

asbnm@orion.alaska.edu (Brian Myers) writes:

>In article <316B20CA.487D@nitco.com>, tcp <tomp.@nitco.com> writes:
>> Actually, I was under the (probably misguided) impression that there
>> wasn't an LD-50 for LSD. What's the thruth?

>I've never read anything to suggest that there is one. If you want to kill
>yourself with LSD, put a few tons of it in a box and drop it from a height onto
>your head.

Most books I've read put it between 300 and 1000 'doses', where a dose is
about 50 mcg. There was one case of some people who, thinking it was
cocaine, snorted a couple of lines of it, which would be ~200mg or 4,000
doses. They ended up in intensive care, but they were alright. If any-one
wants the reference, I'll do my best to dig it up.


From: mdavidso@julian.uwo.ca (Mike Davidson)
Newsgroups: rec.drugs.psychedelic
Subject: Re: can LSD fuck you up
Date: 16 Apr 1996 05:22:45 GMT

"For those concerned about immediate medical hazards in
ingesting LSD... Abraham Hoffer has estimated, on the basis of
animal studies, that the... (LD-50 for humans)... would be about
14,000 mcg. But one person who took 40 mg. (40,000 mcg.) survived.
In the only case of death reportedly caused by overdose (JOURNAL OF
THE KENTUCKY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 75:172-173), the quantity of LSD in
the blood indicated that 320 mg. (320,000 mcg.) had been injected
intravenously. Those concerned about this might also look up "Coma,
hypertension, and bleeding associated withe massive LSD dose: A report
of eight cases," by J.C. Klock, U. Boerner, and C.E. Becker in
CLINICAL TOXICOLOGY, Vol.8, No.2, 1975. Large amounts were taken on
the asumption that the LSD was cocaine; no one died." (p.70)

Berkeley: Ronin, 1992.)


From: B0B <ptessier@wincom.net>
Newsgroups: rec.drugs.psychedelic
Subject: Re: acid flashbacks?

gothic@gate.net wrote:
> > Kimberly H Conley <khconley@mtholyoke.edu> writes:
> > >
> > > Does anyone else experience flashbacks, of any kind? I had shroom
> > > flashbacks before I ever even dropped acid, but now that I've dropped
> > > acid twice, I find that I start tripping after I go running. Does
> > > anyone know why this happens? Is it permanent? I mean, it doesn't
> > > bother me much, but I'm curious if I caused some sort of brain damage
> > > or something. Any information is appreciated; either posted or mailed
> > > to me personally.
> > > Thanks!
> Don't be too freaked-out. "Flashbacks" are normal even without
> drugs. If you back your can into another car... the next few times you
> back up your car, you might have "flashbacks" of the first experience.
> Though, LSD can re-imprint your brain very strongly, it is mostly a mental
> state as opposed to an actual re-wiring of the brain (keeping in mind that
> all actions of the brain are chemical related.) You just need to re-re-wire,
> so to speak. A good method is something called "New association overlay."
> The running causes stress and triggers a chain of events to happen within
> the brain; one of these being your "flashbacks". You need to overlay a new
> sensation/memory to be triggered. Most likely, this will happen on its own,
> but you can speed up the process with Neuro-linguistic programming, or, various
> other methods.
> Best.

After i dropped for my first time, the next morning i got up and still seen
(very slightly) what people call tracers. (you know you wave your hand in
the air - while tripping - then you'll see what is like a tail behing your
hand. As i dropped more acid this effect grew stronger while not tripping.
Now i see dots Pink and green wherever i look. These dots are faint and
don't bother me at all, nor do they obstruct my vision - as i said the dots
are faint.

Flashbacks is something different. I had one flashback in my life. I read
somewhere that after doing some physical work you are more prone to having a
flashback at this point in time. So if you are scarred aboutu dropping cause
you don't want a flashback while driving (and trust me you won't want one)
don't worry.

Anyhow my flashback was more or less, i seen some white dots appear
everywhere, the dots grew into streaks and soon all i seen was white, i was
wide awake, my eyes were fully open and i was left standing and screaming
with all my friends watching. After about 30 secs, it all faded away and
everything was normal. I had that much needed cigarette and went on with my

A flashback like many will say is not having visuals when not tripping, it's
having a trip when not tripping. Having those few visuals like my dots or
the tracers is caused by what is called being PERMAfried. Or in english,
permanently fried. This PERMAfried effect will increase with the more hits
you take. Have no fear I have eaten at least 10+ sheets in my life (not all
at once) and my vision is still 20/20 and the few constant visuals I do have,
is nothing to be scared of.

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