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From: (Matthew Carey)
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996

The Orange Grain System

First Light

The Grains That Travel.

Orange Grains go by many names. One of my personal favorites is "The Grains That Travel."

This descriptive phrase is often useful for explaining the Orange
Grain System to NonInitiates and new Bearers.

Orange Grains are called "The Grains That Travel" because, while the number of Grains remains constant in every System of Nine, they travel between areas within the System, creating a balance or lack thereof on the Three Carriage Scale within the Heavy Brain.

The Three Carriage Scale, as the name suggests, consists of the old side, the new side and the timeless side.

As the Grains travel between these sides, and into areas between them, pulling down the Carriages and effecting the position of the Heavy Brain, the Light Mind is also effected and the conscious records of the System of Nine are determined in the present time.

Often, the location of the Heavy Brain in the universe's
gravitational field will also pull together or move apart members of the
System of Nine. As members come together and move apart, their interactions with each other are effected by the positions of the components of the Three Carriage Scale. These interactions between System members in turn create the motivation of the members' interactions with other Systems.

This whole process creates an illusion of fate within individuals, but is also the basis by which individuals can control their own lives.

These principles, based in natural fact, are the fundamental
knowledge that any Initiate must have before proceeding with the System.

The Three Carriages

The next step in learning to use the Orange Grain System is to
understand the roles of the three Carriages in life.

Each of the three Carriages motivates individuals both physically and psychically. The Carriages motivate individuals by acting as a drawing force, pulling the individual closer to it.

The names of the Carriages, or sides, is based on their time-based characteristics. The old side pulls the individual toward things which are part of his past -- old places, people, ideas etc. The new side motivates the individual to experience things which he has never experienced before.

The timeless side pulls the individual toward things which are neither new nor old. These timeless things include archetypically based behaviors, and things which are genetic or intrinsic to the person, but not yet explored.

Other individuals may be experienced by each other as either new or old, whether they have met before or not.

It is not uncommon for one individual to meet another for the first time and come away saying, "I've met that sort of person before." While this may be nothing more than a simple stereotyping of one individual by another, it is an adequate example of experiencing a stranger on the old side.

When old friends or family members are experienced on the new side, it is often by means of discovering a new aspect of their personality.

Individuals outside of a person's System of Nine can only be experience on these two sides. Only another member of an individual entity's System can be experienced on the timeless side.

The importance of the sides.

Each side has its unique role in manipulating the Three Carriage
Scale. By learning the methods of accumulating Grains on each of the three Carriages, total manipulation of the Scale can become possible.

The Timeless Side.

The timeless side is tipped every night when we sleep and have dreams. This is probably the most easy way of all to manipulate the Scale.

Were all nine members of a System to sleep simultaneously, it is
possible that all of the System's Grains might spill into the very farthest corner of the timeless side. While this has likely happened many times before,the results have never been recorded. Research to date has not been conclusive on this phenomenon. However, it is hypothesized that the entire scale might tip toward the timeless side and remain that way for eternity, leaving all nine members in a state of sleep.

Psychic effects of weightiness on the timeless side include dreams, some daydreams, a feeling of rhythm in the universe, an understanding of the cycles of life, and a feeling of completeness which often results in contented inactivity. Many schizophrenics are stuck on this side.

Physical effects include religious worship and pilgrimages, meetings with System members, and visits to wild areas.

The Old Side.

The old side, as mentioned before, pulls the individual toward things which are part of his previous experience.

A member of a System with a majority of its Grains on the old side may find himself visiting places from his childhood, meeting up with old friends or experiencing situations which he has experienced before.

Physical results of old side motivation include manual labor, daily routines, and relaxation or lethargy.

Psychic results include tedium, boredom, comfortability, familiarity and unconscious repetition and depression.

The new side.

The new side of the Three Carriage Scale motivates individuals toward new thoughts, ideas and experiences, even within familiar routines and daily life.

A member of a System with its Grains on the new side may find himself involved in new hobbies, changing work, schedules or routes to familiar places.

Physical results of motivation from the new side include travel to new places, meeting new people, learning new skills and engaging in new activities.

Psychic results include new subjective states of consciousness, experimental attitudes, openness to learning, confusion, paranoia, and mania.


Orange Grains: Semiotic artifacts in the sphere of ideas which move about within each System of Nine. These Grains have gravity upon the Three Carriage Scale and effect the positioning of its components. While the number of Grains remains constant within each System of Nine, they can number from one to 2,880,000, with the average falling roughly in the middle.

The number of Grains in an individuals possession is best determined by the size of his vocabulary. The size of a Grain, in terms of English words, is about equivalent to a half a word.

It is currently hypothesized that as an individual learns words, another individual within the System forgets words. Other hypotheses exist, but are less widely accepted among Initiates.

System of Nine: A group of nine entities, or individuals, within the universe. Every animal, plant and "non living" object in the universe is the member of one System. Systems of nine come in many varieties. A System can consist of such things as two rocks, a tree, three humans, a goat and two asteroids. There are also Systems that are completely homogenous, consisting of one type of entity.

Research into this area has been slow to progress, as it can often take up to several years just to identify the members of one System.

Each System has its own Three Carriage Scale and a constant number of Orange Grains.

Three Carriage Scale: A metaphorical term for the plane upon which Orange Grains travel. The Scale tips in one of three directions depending on the positions of the Orange Grains.

These directions, also referred to as Carriages, sides, facets and corners, are the "old side," the "new side," and the "timeless side."

Below this plane hangs the sheet in which the Heavy Brain is carried. Above the Carriage is the Light Mind. Both of these objects are components of the Three Carriage Scale and are also pulled by the movement of the Orange Grains.

Remember that the Three Carriage Scale is not a physical object, but an object in the sphere of ideas. Therefore, all physical descriptions of this Scale are only metaphorical.

However, such descriptions must be used, because without them the Scale could not be discussed.

Heavy Brain: A weighty sphere suspended by a pouch below the Three Carriage Scale. As the Scale tips, this sphere moves within its pouch. The Brain's position on the interior surface of this pouch affects the physical motivations of the members of the System of Nine.

Light Mind: A weightless sphere tethered by strings to the Three CarriageScale. This sphere's position within the space above the Carriage affects the psychic motivations of members of the System.

Initiates: Those who have completed their education in the Orange Grain
System and are now using the knowledge to their own benefit. This represents the majority of System graduates.

Bearers: An Initiate who is actively involved in furthering the System.
Bearers are usually either involved in teaching the System to others or
researching the System to advance its effectiveness.

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