RESEARCH ON UMM DABAGIYAH by Prof. Kronovor Lycanthrope

Dear Sirs:

As it is,I have examined your alleged web site, and in notice of the repeated reference to the Yeti, my current research may be of interest to you.This research was on the civization at Umm Dabagiyah,and as an anthropologist,this stirred my interest to a great degree. As per my previous letter regarding the Hale-Bopp comet,I mentioned that the peoples of Umm Dabagiyah were most likely not human.A colleague of mine, Dr. Albert Richardssen, was recently granted an archaeological license in Iraq to excavate this site,and excavated some areas which the Iraqi Institute of Ancient History had not even known about.In this area,he discovered a cave which,obviously,had not been entered for some several centuries,containing highly detailed cave paintings,four obviously inhuman skeletons,and an abundance of preserved foliage of the Cannabis variety.Examination of these skeletons and reconstruction of their features rendered an image of a long extinct creature whose features,though in some distant way,resembled an ape,but also resembled many of the interesting artistic renderings of the alleged species Homo Giganticus,or commonly known as the "Bigfoot" of American folklore.The first two skeletons were in piles together,and by photographic evaluation,it was determined that they were coupled in sexual intercourse at the time of death.The second two lay in gargantuan piles of the cannabis fibers,sprawled in a relaxed manner. Dr.Richardssen was able to find small traces of decayed hair from the subjects' bodies,and susequently,DNA.The DNA was evaluated by top notch researchers in Edinborough,and was found to be highly similar to the Homo Sapiens DNA structure, despite having 38 extra tags,and 4 code sequences in extreme abundance,which are found mostly in the genetically criminally insane.The conclusion of my colleague (and,an effect,myself) was that these creatures were,perhaps,of the Homo Giganticus variety,and could very easily fit the description of the alleged "Yeti". The cave paintings,despite the fact that the first depicts an orgy of creatures resembling those from "Planet of the Apes",reveals the annals of history of a civilization not unlike the Romans,who had slaves (whose depiction could be no less than human) to perform all of the duties during the day,and the denziens of this civilization would lead a purely hedonistic lifestyle.The writings speak of their gods,one Enki-6,and one identified as Bob'daabsah,who,by the evidence at hand,invented the smoking pipe(!).The last of the cave painting was even more unforseen-an image of one of these Homo Gigantici in a sexual position with one of the human slaves,with a caption reading "Enkii Eth!",or,translated,"By Enki,NO!". My conclusion,therefore gentlemen,is that,by all proper evidences (genetic and anthropological),that not only did creatures resembling the alleged "Yeti" exist,but their elemental DNA was compatible with a human. I hope that this information may prove useful to you,and I thank you for your time.

My regards,
Prof. Kronovor Lycanthrope
Skruuton University,Memphis
Ancient History Department

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