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Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 07:51:05 -0800

Subject: More From Winifred. Sept. 10, 1996.

Here is the latest information sent to me by Winifred.


From: Winifred
Subject: troops gathering
Hi John-Win - all goes well - the troops are gathering - reporting
in to say - I am a UFO abductee and I have been in training waiting
for the call to action - now what? No all are on Internet so they are
sharing - gathering in groups.
Many come from your neck of the woods - you are highly radio active
over a very wide circle - congratulations.
This cc of a memo to George our technical director is to keep you
updated on the countdown to the 26th. Regards Thoth
George - Hi!
Your postings are right on. Cosmic Mind is beaming out the total
solution. We need some key communications people from Radio-Land
so we can extend the good news to a new range of people.
RADIO will extend the domain of CYBERSPACE to speed the cosmic
changeover to a painless conclusion. This will greatly facilitate
the smooth functioning of the landing task ahead.
I know of three very knowledgable people - all first class ham
radio operators; Raymond E. Modlin in the San Deigo area; Arthur
D. Eaton in Sandy Springs Md., and Chester Moore, also of the
Sandy Springs region...They have been trained to participate in
the Cosmic Changeover for many years - they were abducted on the
same Star Ship that I was. We have lost touch.
They have been involved in the ETI struggle for many years. Chester
is a Viet Nam vet. He is only fully alive when on his radio. At
one time he was the radio operator for THE MOTHERSHIP.
We are all only partly alive and partly human before we hit our 5.5
Cosmic Destiny Button. Can you hit Chester's?
The cosmic cube can be proven on any home computer. Once we synergize
(7.7) we can duplicate the "Philadelphia Story." That is to say we
will make the Planet disappear then reappear on the other side of the
ANKH - by "we" I mean the members of the Unified Field Officers Club.
It is too complex to go into Einstein in this now. But most of us
a familiar with his concepts. In the Psychology Department we will
break the mental hold of FEAR - fear of loosing something - status -
money - jobs, possessions (material and emotional, such as religious
convictions) national pride, political influence. It is only once we
let go of our own "gravity bag" of attachment to the material world
that perfect love can overcome fear. Now we are Galactic Humans.
The media - and most of our global leadership is bound tight by
BAPHOMET (JW I may have spelled that wrong) (see another posting)
and The Beast has built up an atmosphere of fear of "national
enemies" - "internal enemies"- etc etc. His true motive is
compression - enough to crack the shell of the Cosmic Egg.
Then with a quiff-pop - a QUANTUM WAVE FUNCTION - the "dead awaken"
to the fact that they are being taken for a ride through h--- by the
ammunition barons and the DEVASTATORS and the moneylenders, and
multilevel chicanery, with the dice stacked so he dealers win every
time, while everyone else looses.
We will react brilliantly in times of danger. Personal courage is
based on morale, belief in our mission, and the knowledge that we
have each made ADEQUATE PREPARATION for this moment in time and
space. Seeing the final solution helps morale. This is what I am
posting over Galaxia and Cosmic One.
Each of us will resolve this frightening test of reality that
befronts us. We are each a "David" coming out to meet "Goliath."
But Cosmic Intelligence will win. We will stand up to the
intellectual challenges of the uninitiated and let truth and love
overcome fear. IN G-- WE TRUST!
GF of LF training is strict. The least ripple on the still surface of
the mind interferes with ice-cold reception. We need to stay cool for
we face a horror story never before revealed to mankind. We have been
hidden like needles in a haystack - beeping out a specific radio
signal - like the mating of fireflies.
A xerox copy of a book written in the 1950's appeared on my desk
a few days ago. It carries the library of congress card # 56-9252
have no idea where from but these things happen. This book was about
the techniques of submission, coercion, intimidation, humiliation,
ethnic cleansing and so forth, to be wrought by one Power Seeker upon
another. This is a DIABOLICAL political textbook has been handed down
ACROSS THE GENERATIONS by the "Barons of The Evil Empire."
When looking down the (-T) reverse time tunnel we can see HOW IT
HAS BEEN USED by ALL "progressive governments" - to stimulate
power waves of personal and national evolution with the help of
The Devil Himself. This is the Patriarchal Force of technical
evolution -which is ANTI NATURAL or Anti-Nature in its evolutionary

PS to HAP:
Here is where the ancient Hawaiians come into the holograph. And
indeed all the Matriarchal Societies who have born the brunt of
Patriarchal Evolution, and have learned to "turn the other
cheek." And the reflective moon turned blood red..... T/W
The Galactic Federation of Light Forces.
Star Base One - P.O. Box 415 - Frankford,
Ontario, Canada, KOK 2CO. (613) 398-0331
"Let there be Light!"

John Winston.


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Subject: Re: Thread 23.
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Subject: Coming Up Soon, Dark Skies On TV. Sept. 11, 1996.

Here is some information I saw about a coming TV series.


From: D T
Subject: Dark Skies
Premieres: Saturday, September 21 at 8/7pm
Unique and disturbing, "Dark Skies" is a one-hour thriller that
offers a chilling alternative version of how the landmark
American events of the past two generations can be
connected to a stealth-like extraterrestrial invasion -- and
government cover-up -- that engulf the lives of a young
couple (Eric Close of NBC's "Sisters" and Megan Ward, "Party
of Five") who seek to unravel the mystery.
Emerging from a web of intrigue surrounding the recovery of an
alien spacecraft in Roswell, N.M., in 1947, the epic, covert
struggle between humans and the alien "Hive" continues into
1961, when John Loengard (Close), an idealistic
congressional aide, arrives in Washington with his girlfriend,
Kimberly Sayers (Ward). During a routine budgetary
fact-finding trip, Loengard stumbles across information
onsidered off-limits by the top-secret Majestic-12, a rogue
black-operations group headed by Captain Frank Bach (J.T.
Walsh, from "Nixon").
Despite being roughed up and warned not to interfere by
ominous Majestic-12 agents, a determined Loengard
eventually discovers enough to be recruited by Bach as a
team member, and he is taken to subterranean headquarters.
There, Loengard is shown the remains of one of the alien
creatures recovered from the Roswell crash, and he joins
Bach in rooting out humans whose brains serve as hosts for
early-stage alien life-forms.
Loengard eventually becomes disillusioned with Majestic-12's
desire to shield the public from the truth, so he steals a telling
piece of the unworldly craft as evidence to inform President
Kennedy of the magnitude of the threat. Now regarded as
outlaws by Bach and Majestic-12, Loengard and Sayers
disappear until they hear the awful news from Dallas on
November 22, 1963. As a result, they are propelled on a
dangerous journey where the future of America -- and the
world -- are at stake in the years to follow.
"`Dark Skies' isn't just a TV series; it's a blend of fact,
speculation and dramatic license," says Bryce Zabel, the
co-creator and executive producer. "The series premise is
simply this: our future's happening in our past."
"This is being presented as alternative history," says
executive producer James D. Parriott. "Everyone has their
favorite conspiracies, but we will challenge and expand on
those by building a framework that adds consistency to the
alien-awareness theories."
"Dark Skies" is produced by Bryce Zabel Productions Inc., in
association with BetaFilm and Columbia Pictures Television.
Brent V. Friedman is the co-creator; the supervising
producers are Friedman, Steven Beers and Steve Aspis. Brad
Markowitz is the producer; Mark Shilz is the co-producer and
unit production manager; Bernie Laramie is the co-producer.

Day & time: Saturdays (8-9 p.m. ET) on NBC
Starring: Eric Close, Megan Ward and J.T. Walsh
Executive producers/writers: James D. Parriott and Bryce
Creators: Bryce Zabel and Brent V. Friedman
Co-producer/unit production manager: Mark Shilz
Co-producer: Bernie Laramie
Executive story editor: Melissa Rothenberg
Directors: Tobe Hooper (pilot); others various
Director of photography: Steve Yaconelli
Special effects coordinator: Larry Fioritto
Production designer: Curtis Schnell
Art director: Michael Fox
Special effects makeup: Todd Masters Co.
Produced by: Bryce Zabel Productions Inc., in association
with BetaFilm and Columbia Pictures Television

JW By George, I think I'll watch it.

John Winston.


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Subject: Re: Thread 23.
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 12:59:45 -0700
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Maverick wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Maelstrom wrote:
> > Maverick wrote:
> > > On Tue, 10 Sep 1996, John F. Winston wrote:
> <John's jibberish snipped>
> > > Those who are truth seekers don't bother reading your dribble. There
> > > oughtta be a law against the clutter you dump on the net.
> >
> > <sigh> Here is one of the lost. You obviously can't see the truth when
> > it is laid out in front of your eyes. EVERY WORD JOHN SAYS IS TRUE.
> > There ARE aliens manipulating our society. How do I know? Cause I've had
> > sex with some of them. I would go into the details but as I have
> > Maelstrom ---->
> This is rich. How can you say this shit with a straight face? You are
> totally wacked out. You make Art Bell's guests seem almost rational...and
> that's saying ALOT. need to check into your local mental
> health clintic before it's too late.
> God Damn! As soon as you think you've see it all...someone tops it.

You're just jealous cause no self respecting alien would have sex with
you aren't ya?
"I'm so clever that half
the time, not even I
know what I'm talking
Maelstrom ---->


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Subject: Re: Thread 23.
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 22:04:13 -0800
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Subject: Who Are The Ataiens? Sept. 13, 1996.

Here is a new type of space people.


The Ataien

Dorothy Roeder channels an extraterrestrial being whose name is
Ranoash of the Ataien. Dorthy is an exceptional channel and has
brought forth some facinating information from the Ataien in a book
called The Next Dimension is Love.
This civilization, which is far in advance of Earthly civilization
on both spiritual and material levels, has made physical contact
with the Earth in the past. Often it has met with disaster, mostly
because they don't have the same kind of physical appearance that
humans have. They look like gigantic praying mantises. The term
"mantis" actually means "divine," and the Greeks as well as the
Bushman tribe of Africa consider the praying mantis to have
supernatural powers, but that does not preclude a shocked reaction
of the part of most human beings. Ranoash says that the belief
stems from a race memory of a time when the Ataien physically
intervened on behalf of Earth to avert a catastrophe that had to do
with Earth's being invaded by aliens from another universe in the
very distant past, before humanity was physically incarnated. The
Ataien used their advanced mind powers to immobilize the evil

Although the Ataien look like insects, they do not prey on other
life forms as insects on Earth do. It is interesting that in
Lyssa Royal's book The Prism of Lyra, the beings she called "the
founders" who were the creators of all other beings, were also
insect-like in appearance. Again, it is important to avoid an
egotistical frame of reference and realize that humans probably
look as ugly to them as they do to humans.
A long time ago, the Ataien lived on plant juices. They have
evolved now to the point where they can live directly off the
energy of light. They still enjoy eating but it is no longer
necessary for their survival. The Ataien have wings, even though
they don't need them to travel; however, they do fly for enjoyment
and as meditation. They are over six feet tall. Their coloring
ranges from light gray to gold. They become more and more gold as
they age.

The Ataien have a strong group consciousness, but they are most
definitely capable of individual thought, as well. They have
learned to create together a flow of thought and feeling that
results in harmony for the whole race consciousness. In this regard
they are different from humans whose individualism results in
separation and negative ego. However, on the positive side, humans
have great diversity and creativity, and that intrigues the Ataien
since they have chosen the path of group consciousness. The
positive side of their path is their sharing, love, and attunement
to the source on a collective level. The negative side is that they
niss a little bit of diversity that humans have. In this respect
the two civilizations can learn from each other.

The Ataien have developed the ability to soul travel in other
dimensions. They say that they do not travel forward or backward in
time but laterally. This has been one of their main interests as a
culture over the past one thousand years.

They have computers that are actually biological in nature. They
can record information into the computers with a type of mental
telepathy. The computers, in sense, have become extensions of their
own consciousness. To say that their computers are more advanced
than Earthly computers is a vast understatement.

Although interested in human diversity, they definitely feel that
they have chosen the right path by seeking group cohesion - in
truth, that is spiritual consciousness. As everyone on the
spiritual path knows, there are no separate individuals; that is an
illusion. There is only one being in the infinite universe, and
that is G--. Now that the Ataien have achieved that ideal group
consciousness, they can, in harmony with the Divine Plan, explore
creative diversity of individualism.
The Ataiens are wide open to sharing their experiences and their
knowledge of how to achieve the world harmony which Earth needs so
badly. Humanity has begun to move in that direction but is still
very far from the ideal. There is still to much separative
consciousness. The Ataien can be great teachers for humans in this
regard. They can also help humans to let go of their deep
attachment to the Adam Kadmon form of physical body and to
recognize that all beings throughout G--'s infinite universe,
regardless of their physical types, are brothers and sisters in

Source Of Information: Hidden Mysteries, by Dr. Stone, 5252 Coldwater
Canyon, #112, Van Nuys, Calif. 91410, (818) 769-1181.

JW Thanks be to Kiwi.

John Winston.


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Subject: Re: Thread 23.
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Subject: By Jove People Are On Jupiter. Part 3. Sept. 16, 1996.

One of the things I would like to do is go down to a grocery store
with Kelvin and his wife and let them point out some space people to
me. She never did tell me how she could spot them she just said she
could tell who they were by seeing them.


For long ages, laughter rippled throughout the planet. Nothing
positive was accomplished for so long that some Jupiterians began to
rebel. They sought other ways to experience. Some went to the extreme
of believing laughter was completely wrong. They began to establish a
society that totally suppressed humor. For them, sobriety was
considered superior. Anyone caught laughing, joking, or even smiling
was punished. They turned their energy from enjoyment to hard work.
They began to focus on creating structure and form. In time, they made
great progress in science and technology. Like bees in a hive, they
accomplished much by directing all their energy toward completing
assigned tasks. Responsibility gradually replaced laughter as the
prime characteristic of the evolving Jupiterian species.

These sober ones contributed much to Jupiterian evolution, but they
also carried seriousness to the extreme. A society with no humor, no
matter how technologically advanced, is deprived. Generation after
generation of industrious, but lugubrious, Jupiterians ground
despondently through their lives until this extreme also ran its
course. We had to experience all facets of humor before we could
totally master it and to move on to other lessons. Even the soberest
of the sober eventually had enough and recognized the need for change.
Of course, they decided very solemnly what must be done.

An inquiry was instigated. Throughout the planet, they searched for
one who still knew how to laugh. It seemed an impossible task. No
living soul remembered what laughter was. The ancient legends told of
a prehistoric race who nearly destroyed the planet with their
laughter. Surely the elders did not want to find one of these! Surely,
they did not want Jupiterians to return to senseless laughter! What
horrors might ensue! In spite of their deep reservations, the
ingrained habits of responsible obedience motivated the Jupiterians to
search high and low into the furthest reaches of the planet for one
who could still laugh.

They searched diligently for long Jupiter years without success. One
gloomy morning, a melancholy search crew drooped in despair around
their makeshift campsite. They had been forcing themselves onward by
will power alone for so long that they were totally confused and
discouraged! They were too disheartened to even get up and begin one
more hopeless day. As Josiah, the leader, lay there, his eyes half
open, trying to find the strength to get up, he hazily caught a
glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye. When he blinked and
looked closer, he saw a little creature about two inches long jumping
up and down, up and down.

It looked like a cricket with a long tail. Each time it jumped, the
head flew back and the tail flew up. Air escaped from both ends in a
noisy, syncopated rhythm. From the mouth came a high pitched toot.
From the other end sounded a flatulent, low, syncopated blast. Toot!
Floom! Toot! Floom!

Josiah watched this performance in amazement. Deep inside his chest,
he felt something stirring. It was a scratchy, tickling sensation. He
stared in amazement at the agitated creature. He poked his companions,
pointing speechlessly at the little lizard. Stupefied, they glanced at
each other. They could not believe their eyes. They looked back at the
tooting, farting performance. Their eyes got bigger. The sensations in
their chests increased to a painful pressure. Finally, it could be
contained no longer. Like a long locked door slowly creaking open, the
Jupiterians began to laugh.

"Ha!" they wheezed. "Ha! Ha! Haw! Haw! Haw!" One outburst followed
another, getting louder and stronger with each explosion. It was
contagious. In a moment, everyone joined in. The more they watched the
creature, the more they choked. They slapped their chests and rolled
around on the ground. It felt so good it hurt! They were laughing! The
Jupiterians rediscovered laughter! What a revelation! Deeply buried
and long denied, there it was all along, still inside themselves.
Everyone who saw the little lizard quickly remembered his sense of
humor. Once they got started, laughter came easily to the Jupiterians.
In time, they discovered many other things to laugh about. Their
innate sense of humor soon enriched every aspect of their lives. The
long, bitter experience taught them the importance of finding a
balance between responsibility and pleasure. The Jupiterians vowed
never again to forget their sense of humor.


Over the eons, Jupiterians and Earthlings, like all mortals in space
and time, have interacted on many levels. Both are multi-dimensional
beings who evolve in myriad places and times. The fourth dimensional
Jupiterian reptile is only one example. Some reptilian life forms were
transported directly to Earth from Jupiter. The slower, more resistant
species were sent to Earth for additional learning opportunities.
These were the dinosaurs who dominated Earth for 160 million years,
then abruptly disappeared 65 million years ago.

What makes this long extinct species so intriguing to the modern mind?
Dinosaurs have fascinated scientists and layman alike ever since their
bones were first discovered in the 19th century. Perhaps there is a
deeper connection to Jupiter than is realized. Perhaps the present
enchantment with dinosaurs indicates personal experiences with
Jupiterians in some other time and place.

Most of the dinosaurs left at the end of a great cosmic cycle, just as
many human physical forms are leaving Earth at this time. Theories
abound about why they suddenly vanished. Perhaps a huge meteor caused
a pole shift. Perhaps the dinosaurs got too big and competitive and
destroyed themselves. The spiritual reason behind their disappearan
is more important than the physical cause. It was the end of a cycle.
It was time to move on.

Some dinosaurs did ascend into higher dimensions. Many of these chose
to return to become leaders on Jupiter. Others adapted to changed
physical conditions on Earth. They lived on in new physical forms and
became the ancestors of modern birds. Still others were transported to
distant planets to continue their evolution elsewhere. Numerous
opportunities and choices are available at the end of every cycle.

Some Jupiterians chose to become humans on Earth. Jehoshaphat was one
of these. His human incarnation is recorded in II Chronicles, chapters
17 through 20. The Old Testament was written as moralistic instruction
about the proper relationship between man and G--. Those who loved G--
and kept his commandments were blessed. Those who didn't were cursed
or destroyed. Jehoshaphat's Old Testament story is given a different
interpretation by the Jupiterians. In this case they explain, that it
is a story about the relationship between man and Jupiterian

The Jupiterian extraterrestrials were like future selves who came back
through time. After achieving a certain level of consciousness, they
understood that service to others was the fastest way to evolve. They
chose to serve the cosmic plan by volunteering for an assignment on a
space ship located in Earth's atmosphere.
Imagine a group of evolving beings volunteering for the assignment of
going back into their own past to learn neglected lessons in love. It
is similar to a group of well-meaning missionaries going into the
jungles of Africa to convert the natives to Christianity. The
technology which the missionaries take for granted seems like magic to
the natives. Used wisely, the technology gets the attention of simpler
people so that the greater wisdom can be shared. Misused, it makes
g--s out of the missionaries. It causes separation and defeats the
whole purpose of the project. How can you motivate someone to follow
your example if he thinks he is inferior? Extraterrestrial groups have
had to deal with this phenomena many times in their interactions with
Earth people.

Part 3.

John Winston.

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