SECRETS OF THE HALE-BOPP COMET -- Prof. Kronovor Lycanthrope

Dear Sirs:

As per my constituents' reccomendation,I am sending this information to you;for my colleagues suggested that you would be able to most effectively use this information.I am Prof. Lycanthrope of Skruuton University in Memphis,professor of anthropology and researcher of etymology.I had recieved a telephone call from one of my colleagues (Dr.Jameston) from the astrophysics department in reference to the comet known as the Hale-Bopp comet,which has a trajectory route approaching the Earth coming in close proximity to our planet.He went on to explain that many astronomers had identified two distinct masses within the strucure of the comet-the coma itself,and an unidentified mass within the external mass of the comet,which,recently,had been indentified as a possible unidentified flying object.Not only does this secondary object exhibit characteristics of an alleged UFO,but is emitting a radio signal in the Ku band of transmission,which contains a signal too distinct and too complex to be naturally occurring,as is known in such structures as neutron stars and pulsars.It is with this information that I set about an experiment to recieve and decode the sequence on December 1,1996.I gathered up the essential equipment to construct a simple Ku band reciever-parts from seven microwaves,a 720-a3 digital capacitance regulator,several vacuum tubes,a Peavey 300 watt bass amplifier,3 whiskey bottles,and the hood ornament from a 1957 Chevrolet. Upon the construction of this device, I calculated that the antenna of the device would cost far more that I could afford,so I had to use my own body for this reception device.I stripped down naked and smeared my body with peach preserves in order to increase the receptivity of the device.I screamed the Gregorian Chant backwards three times (in order to clear my mind),turned the machine on,activated the recorder,and ascended to the roof.I recorded on a two hour videotape the transmission,and when finished,I showered and took the recording to Dr.Jameston and Dr.Marx (elecronic engineering) for a translation.The actual signal was only 35.36 seconds long,and repeated over and over,and the transmission broadcast in base 46 code. This was taken down in symbology,at which time I began researching all known languages and language structures,and found that it was in the language of Umm Dabaghiyah,a culture predating the Sumerians by 700 years,and possibly not written by the known human species.The translation took me 3 hours to translate, and I can not divine as to what purpose it serves:this is why I sent it to you,for it was suggested to me that you would understand its meaning.
Hail,O Dobbs,the manifestation of Bob who is [jay-arr]the keeper of the [unakka'iti] toy five pronged originated by [ma'al].The contract was and is being viewed and now approved is mostly.
Some factors need to be [increased (expounded)] that dwell [in the contract],for Enki-6,who is
JHVH-1,who speaks as Wotan,views the [k'nat (possibly subheading?)] Act Of God as the domain possessed of him,and within his domain.The day of arrival
from [x] is and will be [Tammuz 11,5758(July 5,1998)] as said before in the
contract previous.Contract new must be [lekhocho]
before the date of arrival.The Goddesses of Sex(?) wish that message their you will give to
[stang(?)] that [joe(?)] is welcome upon the [laatrokha]vessels with no amount of currency
exchanged unto us,for his music gives them much throbbing and spasming. Enki-6 and [N'nngnnr] hold their [akhnakku]sticks unto you in hail. End of transmission.
If you can understand this message,you are welcome to it.I thank you for your time.

My regards,
Prof. Kronovor Lycanthrope
Skruuton University,Memphis
Ancient History Department

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