From: petehip@cogsci.ed.ac.uk (Peter Hipwell)
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996

Well, whilst all this bickering has been going on, elsewhere the world
has been moving on. I'm talking science. I'm talking revolutionary
theories. I'm talking Archimedes Plutonium!!! YAY! YOWZA!

[And if you don't know who Archimedes Plutonium is, maybe this will
show you just how OUT OF TOUCH you are.]

From: Mitchell Porter <qix@desire.apana.org.au>
Subject: psychoceramics: superspring theory (fwd)
>From: Archimedes.Plutonium@dartmouth.edu (Archimedes Plutonium)
>Subject: SPRING & SuperSpring Theories, rest mass, photon=DNA

As I plow deeper and deeper into this, often I need to surface to
reassert my links.

Most, not all of science was made to be used in some form or another.
Like a tool, some tools are never discarded. String and Superstring
theory were given to us not for its truth or correctness, but as a
piece of scaffolding. So that the day when the true scheme of this
physics can be seen as the truth --- Spring and SuperSpring theories.

The idea is that mass--- the word the concept means nothing. However,
We all know that the Simple Machines of Physics mean alot. All of
physics started and originated on the Simple Machines-- Lever &
Fulcrum, Pulley, Gears, Wheel & Axle, Spring.

I love the spring. Notice that a string is not a simple machine, nor
is a dot. The closest that a string comes to a Simple Machine is a
Lever. And a lever can be a plane. You see, here in 1996, Physics
needs to go back to the wellhead, its foundation, its source. Simple
Machines was the start of Physics by Archimedes who like Euclid
systematized geometry, Archimedes systematized physics by putting math
to the Simple Machines. But in the long stretch of time from Archimedes
to 1996, we seem to have been thrown off the path of rightiousness of
Simple Machines.

Mass is just a word, and a circular argument. What is mass? A
buffoon physicist would say it was a weight? What is weight, and the
burly fellow will say it has mass. How circular of a joke.

What is matter? Of course it is atoms and we have 94 natural atoms to
explore. What is mass? Well, we need to get down to the most basic
Simple Machine that we can say all mass is made up of ______. Just as
we can say all matter is made up of atoms.

You got it. It is a Spring. And so, we can say all elementary
particles are springs.

Let us look at a photon and a neutrino. They are springs once you go
to the end, the limit of what a photon and neutrino are. Thus, a spring
is both a kinetic and a potential energy. And a spring is both a
relativistic mass and a rest mass. Does a photon have a rest mass? Of
course it does. Rest mass is the spring itself. Kinetic energy and
potential energy reside within the spring.

The restmass is contained in all physical objects, all, because the
restmass is the spring itself.

Let us look at DNA or RNA. Can I throw DNA or RNA out of every living
thing and still have the thing living? Of course not. Same way with the
spring inside of all objects.

I had asserted a long time ago that the photon when stopped with its
rest mass is actually PURE DNA or RNA. This is a beautiful conception
because it completely links physics and biology and bridges the
horrendous and terribly awful gap between what is living and nonliving.
Probabilities with huge time just simply do not bridge that gap.
However, DNA or RNA equalling a stopped photon or neutrino, that surely
bridges the gap.

You see, the restmass of the neutrino and the photon is the physical
object of a spring. DNA when examined looks like a spring.

More Later


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