TELL PAPA JOE -- All SubGenii Are Part Jew

"Yes, it is true. All subgenees are part Jew. But only a small part. Exactly what part, you ask? One of the greatest secrets of the Rabbi is what they do with the outer most part of the penis once it is carefully cut off and circumsized. That 'tip' is carefully planted in a large bed of dirt, and watered with blood. In 6 to 8 hours, the little subgenius "sprout" begins to break the surface. Soon, a small pod begins to bloom and in less than a week, a visable subgenius can be seen from within (if held up to the light). This great secret has been known by Rabbis for years, and indeed, but Jews in general. Hollywood gave homage to it in the 1951 horror film classic, "The Thing". For that is what we are to the Jews... "Things". Indeed, we are worse than "Things", we are like Monsters onto them. We crave their blood as drink and their bones as food. For like the regular normals, the Jews will also be exterminated come X-day when the rest of our fleet arrives from Planet X (this was another subtext cleverly woven into the 1951 UFO movie). But unlike the RKO classic, or the recent blockbuster "Independence Day", there will be no defeating the aliens on X-day. The destiny of Earth has already been written in the stars (so to speak). And they ain't no six pointed stars either! Jews will team up with Nazis, and Nazis will team up with Commies, and Commies will team up with Capitolist Pigs... but it will do no good. Earth will Die Screaming, and The Seed that Came From Outer Space will become Killers From Space."

-excerps from Papa Joe's upcoming sermon, "Demon From Space".

Yours in Hate,

PS, I'm in Washington for a few days, then to Jonestown PA (at Tam's). I trust all is well!

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