Hell in Russia

From: sean@galileo.desy.de (Sean Willard)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban,alt.atheism.satire,alt.slack
Date: 18 Apr 1995 23:59:07 GMT
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mgt@cruzio.com writes --
| The legend about the miners who tunneled into Hell
| --miners in Finland the first time I heard it,
| now miners in Russia -- still goes around
| and even gets into tabloids now and then.
| ebabinsk@furman.edu reports a new version
| from Iceland. The report says that one
| volcano has its bottom in Hell -- and
| if you go to the edge, you can hear
| them speaking Danish down there.

Hey, it's true! Look up the memoirs of Arne Saknussen (sorry, don't
have an ISBN).

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