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>On 31 Jan 1995, William Barwell wrote about where they're keeping LRH's
>> >
>> Someplace in Arizona I believe. They have a bunker in the Desert dug deep
>> inside a mountain with thick blast doors supposedly able to withstand an
>> atomic bomb. Records are stored here and apparently the collected Tech
>> of LRH is being inscribed on metal plates that are designed to last tens
>> of thousands of years. The head is kept in a cryogenic unit with several
>> backup units and backup power supply systems, monitored around the clock.
>> The head is frozen in liquid nitrogen.
>> The apparent idea is to later on when technology evolves, study the
>> special brain structure of LRH and clone new bodies with this
>> special brain so LRH can reanimate the body, If they can find some way to
>> clone such a body without BT contamination. They are in no hurry. It may
>> take Ron several life times to progress to the point his Thetan is
>> powerful enough to achieve this anyway.
>> Really, the point is to clone the brain. It may be installed in a better
>> body if possible when the time comes.
>> Pope Charles
>> SubGenius Pope Of Houston
>> Slack!
>Is it just me or are others having a hard time reconciling keeping the
>'raw meat' body part when the Thetan[TM] has apparantly departed?
>I thought the whole point to giving all your money to Scn [at least, it
>was explained this way to me] was because you didn't need to spend it on
>material comforts for this disposable body you're in, that it is much
>better spent on getting clear{TM] or going OT[tm]...because you won't be
>able to use your house or car or college education after this lifetime,
>but the benefits of being OT[tm] last forever and ever and ever!
>So why hold onto a wrinkly piece of meat you can't even eat?

Well, as LRH found, freeing the thetan is no easy task. Now one
may make as it were great progress on The Bridge, but only progress.
As Ron said, "Scientology is a workable system, not a perfect system."
(some HCOB or the other) Thus one returns, gets back on the bridge and
continues on towards Total freedom. Sort of like Buddhism. Each
reincarnation is progress. That is why the Sea Org members sign billion
year contracts in part. Ron said he would rest 20 years or so, come back
and pick up where he left off. This may apparently take several lifetimes
of LRH to show the way to Total Freedom.
Cloning his head is simply the quickest way in the long run to total
freedom. Or the brain actually. That is why they saved it. That is why
they have taken so many efforts to make sure the brain of LRH does not
fall into the wrong hands. Though there are other things to worry about.
Such as somebody who may try to use an E-meter to find where Xenu is
imprisoned. As you well know, LRH as stated that Xenu was not destroyed
but imprisoned somewhere on earth in an underground prison.
If the proper locationals can pin down that information, he
may be exhumed and used for purposes we should not even think about.
So it may be a race between Scientology and fools thinking they can
profit by freeing Xenu and using him for power and wealth. Dangerous!
Mere wogs don't even matter at this point. We can only hope they clone
the head in time and that the valiant Sea Org fanatics can track down
Xenu, buy the land under which he is imprisoned and cordon the area off.
To keep others out more than to keep Xenu in.
This is the immediate project LRH and Koos are working on, reforming the
church for the important tasks ahead.
They must stop the Knights Of Xenu from freeing Xenu.
Unfortumnatley, Poodleboy is to damned stupid to figure this out.
Someplace in the Freezone, Xenu's escape is being plotted as we speak.
Humanity hangs in the balance.

Pope Charles
SubGenius Pope Of Houston


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