A truly tasteless museum

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Date: 8 May 1995 16:10:54 -0700

Eric Hillman (roach@primenet.com) wrote:
: Maybe I should start a "Fetus Art" movement.

: (BTW, when in Minneapolis be sure to check out the Museum of Questionable
: Medical Devices!)

Nenslo says: Oh, "Fetus Art" again. Palmer Vreedeez and I thought we
had killed off that movement five years ago with our Fetus Deities Show.
The Pooping Fetuses display was destroyed by irate viewers on the opening
night. Wasn't that included in one of the ReSearch books?

There's a medical museum in Washington D.C. that has oddities
like the bullet that killed Lincoln, a two-inch segment of John Wilkes
Booth's spinal column (with bullet hole), and a loooong "wall 'o'
brainslices" that nearly had me queasy. Wax medical models of gaping
sores and oozing wounds - in nice boxes so you can carry them around.
Fearsom surgical devices going back to ancient Rome. I forget the name
of the place, but it's one of those big places where they take dying
presidents. Oh yeah, they also have some pretty amazing colonic
blockages. Like the size of your leg. You'd think you would notice
something like that hanging inside your gut. Well I sure would.

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Subject: Re: A truly tasteless museum

From: LA69133@ibm2.loc.gov (William Reitwiesner)

I think you're thinking of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology --
a real stomach-turner. It's currently in a building on the grounds
of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center at 6825 16th St NW, Washington
D.C. 202-576-2800. Enter from the Georgia Avenue side of the Center.
They have, in a jar of formaldehyde, a preserved newborn, perfectly
normal, except that she has a double-width mouth, two noses, and three
eyes (apparently started down the Siamese twin path and didn't get too
far). They have an amputated leg of a fellow suffering from
elephantiasis -- the thigh is about 36 inches in diameter. They have
a slide from the cancer which killed Ulysses Grant -- "Grant's tumor".
Haven't been there for four or five years. Anybody up for an a.t.
field trip?


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