"Bob" on Acid (.EXE file)

Subject: Re: .EXE file: "Bob" on Acid
From: mao@ripco.com (Chairman Mao)
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 02:56:34 GMT

Modemac (modemac@netcom.com) wrote:
: Normally it's a No No to post other people's email. However, in this
: case I know the author of the mail will approve, because his mail
: describes this file on alt.binaries.slack:

: From: mao@rci.ripco.com (Chairman Mao)
: Subject: Bob on acid
: To: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)
: Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 04:36:22 -0600 (CST)

: Ever heard of a program called CTHUGHA? I don't thionk I can explain it -
: the .nfo file says it's an oscilliscope on acid. It takes music/sound
: (CD mostly), tosses it through an oscilliscope, then completely screws
: with the output. Ends up looking like the best Lava lamp ever made
: (gyrating to whatever CD you got in there (or mike in)).

: SO, I've found that by putting Bob pictures into the thing (it pre-loads
: and overlays .pcx files onto the screen), I end up having a truly religous
: experience. AND since I finally figured out how to post/mail binaries, and
: happened to have a copy of this thing hanging around... want it? It's 670k
: ascii, 475k zip. One small .exe (for the virus conscious) - and 60 palette
: files.

: Wanna try it? Oh, it's a beta, needs CD-Rom (or mike in (non stereo by
: definition)) SBpro or SB16 or PAS or GUS.

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