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Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995

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[ Posted on Wed, 15 Feb 1995 02:17:08 UTC ]

A big daily paper in Sweden did a huge, sensationalistic article on and how it is used to distribute child porn. Turns out
it was based on a handful of pictures of nude children - not porn by
any law or definition I know, probably taken at a beach. And probably
fakes, as they appeared in a group that doesn't post to.

But the finnish media did pick up the story, before they checked the facts.
And of course it caused a *huge* uproar. And caused the officials to overreact
and demand a police investigation. Our damage control campaign is definitely
having a positive effect, but we still need your help!

We need as many *good*, *legal* reasons as possible for using
Please mail to, or if you want to be anonymous,
to And of course we also give a channel for
countrary opinions - if you are against the server, please send your
reasons to (or

Please help keep running!


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