Subject: Re: SubGenius HQ Web & FreeDOS Breakthrough
From: David McConville <>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995

> This FreeDOS doohickey, will it come with the source code? Is it being
> published under the GNU Public License? If so, that would be GREAT, as
> those of us that program could alter the central kernel of the OS (like
> or whatever) and add our own high-speed slack-giving commands
> right to the set! Instead of making a bunch of standalone executables,
> something I hate at times. (cluster size is 8192 - a 200 byte batch file
> takes up 8K of hard disk!)
> Sorry of the techniki, but I do this for a living sometimes...
> Dok


from the FreeDOS FAQ:

> The goal of the Free-DOS project is to create a free MS-DOS compatible
> operating system. It will be available in both executable and source
> form, and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
> Free-DOS will run on all machines, from XT's to Pentiums.
> Free-DOS currently has a functional kernel, shell, and many of the basic
> DOS utilities. Development is continuing.

just be sure to share your high-speed slack-giving commands with the rest
of us!

see <>...


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