SubGenius Internet Starter Kit proposal

Subject: Re: "Get to the Net!"
From: (Doktor BDB)
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 95 12:57:00 GMT (Lou Duchez) wrote:
> (Modemac) wrote:
>> 1) Re: The Internet Starter Kit. An "official letter" from The SubGenius
>> Foundation to the publishers of these books would certainly raise their
>> eyebrows. And of course, send them a copy of Pamphlet #1...maybe the
>> writers can be converted? Imagine a blurb on the front or back cover of
>> the next edition book- "Approved by J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs!" or "The chosen
>> Internet guide for the Church of the SubGenius!"
>Modemac, ya done it again! I really like this idea. My only concern is
>that it could become a permanent and potentially embarrassing label (to us).
>How about: Winner, Book of the Year Award, 1994, the SubGenius Horticultural
>Society. That way, at least there's a year on it so that we aren't stuck
>to them forever.

Yes, I like the idea as well. STANG read this! Let's just say, I have a
near limitless supply of 3.5" floppy diskettes (I have about 250 blank and
formatted ones here at my HipPad doing nothing) that I could toss copies of
all my favorite Internet free/shareware onto. And luckily, I have a printer
that could kick out some nice SubG labels for these diskettes. This could
be an add-on to the upcoming 'zine <TO BE NAMED>. "Send $1 for a copy of the
zine, send $7 for a zine and a copy of the Official SubGenius Internet
Starter Kit".

Granted, all the software I've got is MS-Windows oriented, and designed to
be used with a SLIP/PPP connection. But I bet a majority of users do have
that kind of scenario (sorry Stang).

Just some fuel for the bonfire.

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