How To Send Faxes and Netstuff through Email

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Some people may be interested in using the Net to send a fax to someone
living far away...for instance, to the SubGenius Foundation to order
stuff or bug them and ask when you'll be getting your stuff. Or you may
want to send a fax to a couple of lawyers spamming the Net, with a polite
request for them to knock it off.

There's a detailed document on how to send a fax over the Net, but it's
rather long. You can get it yourself through the WWW at this address:

And while we're at it, here's another useful Net utility that some people
may want to consider. If you have limited access to the Net -- for
instance, if you're using an account at AOL or Delphi or some other
Conspiracy-dominated Big Online System, or you're at work and you can only
send email over the Net -- then you'll be interested in knowing that there
are ways of accessing just about everything on the Internet through email.

A document called "Accessing the Internet through Email" exists, written
by Bob Rankin. (A document written by someone named Bob? Hmm - how
suspicious!) This document details how can do all kinds of stuff through
email, including FTP, Gopher, Archie, Veronica, WAIS, the World Wide Web,
net news (Usenet?) and more.

There are two servers to access this document from. You can send email
to this address:

And on the first line of your message, write:


Or you can get the document through a server in England, at this address:

And on the first line of your email address, write:

send lis-iis e-access-inet.txt

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