Internet Phone - Free Telephone Calls Over The Internet

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[NOTEfrom Modemac: Apparently, the talk about this piece of software
suggests that it has limitations. But you can always give it a try and
see for yourself if it's worth looking into.]

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Internet Phone from VocalTec enables you to talk over the Internet with
your own voice at a price of a local phone call or even less. You need a
TCP\IP Internet connection and a Windows-compatible sound card to use the
Internet Phone software.

A free evaluation copy of Internet Phone is available at the following FTP
sites: /pub/iphone06.exe /pub/users/vocaltec/iphone06.exe /pub/outgoing/vocaltec/iphone06.exe /vocaltec/iphone06.exe

For more information you can also check VocalTec's WWW server at

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