10 Uses for an AOL disk

Subject: re: not something I would recommend...
From: sbjohnston@aol.com (SBJohnston)
Newsgroups: alt.slack

Pastor Craig preached:
>AmeriKKKa Online...
>whenever you want to send me more Windows or
>Macintosh or DOS or OS/2 or OS/2 Warp software please
>don't hesitate. I can always use the free blank diskette."

The Reverend Doktor S-bo's top ten things to do with
those AOL disks that flood the mail:

10. Keep your stock up: bulk-erase and reformat to your standard.
9. Use them to supply the Pinks who "borrow" blank disks from your
8. Peel the metal covers back and <AOL Censored >
7 Load full of Dobbshead GIFs and circulate.
6. <AOL Censored >
5. Insert into <AOL Censored> canal and <AOL Censored>.
4 <AOL Censored> blind proprietor's infant son.
3. Infect with a virus, wrap them back up and place in an enemy's
2. <AOL Censored>
1. <AOL Censored>

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