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From: (Michael Townsend)
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995

*Now playing in alt.binaries.slack: Dad's New Soundclips!*

I won't bore you with the MONTH of aggravation I endured trying to get my
little Macintosh system to upload sound files to our fine new multimedia
group. Suffice it to say that in my throes of endless experimentation and
frustration, searching and FAQ-reading, e-mailing and querying, I
understood what Rev. Stang was going through in his manic modemania a
couple of months ago.

I must now offer up praise to the geniuses at Northwestern University who
figgered out how to take NewsWatcher's source code and patch in "value
added" features like multipart (in 32K chunks) binary uploading and
message filtering. And praise "Bob" for leading me one last time to
alt.binaries.sounds.d, where a post was left pointing me to this brand new
"unofficial" version of NewsWatcher*.

In case any of you are still wondering, to me "sound" and "slack" are
synonymous. Tapes, radio, and now computer sound files. My first
offering in a.b.s. is a set of 12 clips, each under 10 seconds (approx.
200K): "The Rules Of The SubGenius," as spewed forth by Pope David Meyer
at a classic New York City devival in, uh, July 1983 I believe. I taped
these offa R. Stevie Moore's show on WFMU (what ever happened to...), and
edited them on SoundEffects 0.9.1.

Collect 'em all!

Although I think .au is the best cross-platform format (lo-fi, but
smallest size; I'll be uploading other clips soon in this format), the
"Rules" are .wav files, so you PC folks shouldn't have any trouble playing
them. For all of you Mac users who don't have a way of playing .wav
files, I'm also uploading a copy of SoundApp1.4, a freeware "drag and
drop" application that plays .wav, .au, .snd, .aiff, and other sound

Slackful listening...


>: If you have a regular TCP/IP connection (PPP or SLIP) you should be using
>: Value Added NewsWatcher (free). It is absolutely one of the best, on any
>: platform, but it is only built for the Mac and PPC. VANW is based on the
>: most current version of NewsWatcher, written and maintained by John Norstad.
>: VANW has a lot of great additional features, including magical uploading.
>: The anonymous FTP site for the Value-Added NewsWatcher program and the
>: CodeWarrior C source code is:
Long live the old school:

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