PETITION to Congress to Stop Senate Bill S.314

Subject: Re: --> PETITION to Congress to Stop Senate Bill S.314
From: (John Laviolette)
Date: 26 Feb 1995

Lou Duchez ( wrote:
: In article <3ih8o4$>,
: (Thomas Terashima) wrote:
[ deletia ]
: > [ ... ] We would soon see "Normal vs. Mutant"
: > battles the likes of which will go down in
: > (what's left of) history!!

: Yeah, and we all lose our accounts for saying "fuck". What a battle
: that would be!
[ ... ]
: It's not the Feds who will be the key here, it's the service providers
: who will be understandably cautious.

: > Operative catch-phrase: "Using the 'Net like a gun ripped away
: > from a traffic cop on the infobahn!!"

: And the system administrator has but to press a button to make your
: bullets disappear. If he doesn't, it might cost him thousands of
: dollars.

THIS is the key to WINNING the battle!

If the law passes, EVERYONE should insert obligatory swearing and graphic
sexual language in their .sigs and/or messages. If the operators obey
the law and delete our accounts, THEY WILL BE BROKE!

If they disobey and the government cracks down, it will be SUCH A BLATANT
FORM OF GOVERNMENT OPPRESSION that NO ONE will believe the "America is a
free kountry" line EVER AGAIN.

Spread the WYRD!
Armed pronographic insurrection is the ONLY answer to a government
based on lies and oppression! Teach them the difference between
your rifle and your "gun"! Only your sex slave will know!

For details, send $1, $30, or $100 to:

-----> The SubGenius Foundation
P. O. Box 140306
Dallas, TX 75214

----John Laviolette---------|-------His Most Feathered Eminence------| | My CoCo wants to kill |
Sacramento CA USA | your mamaboard! |

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