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Subject: Re: piddlin' McPud
From: (Zaren Ankleweed)

Matthew Carey <> wrote:
>In a previous article, (Rev. Ivan Stang) says:
>>France with all the ART FILES, and for me to stop answering mail long
>>enough to learn how to cram SOUNDS down these wire tubes. In the meantime,
>>there's no law that says you can't do it yourself!
>Did I mention that sound files are really long? Is there any
>all-platform compression utility. I'd hate to have my brilliance limited
>to dos machines. Oh, and what's the all-platform sound format too by the

Just put 'em up as .wav files; us Mac guys are real resourceful, and can
convert .wavs no problem. And for that matter, if ya want to compress
em, we can do .zip, too. Hell, anything you can do on an I*M, we can
work with on a Mac! (Except maybe PostScript files, I can't fudge my way
around those yet... :( )

In fact, I do believe .wav is the file format of choice for the big three
computer systems, IBM, Mac, and Amiga. THen you can put out jpg/gif for
pictures, and you should be all set! And I do appreciate your concern
for us "minority" users... ;)

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