Rebooting the Deity

Subject: Re: Rebooting the deity
From: wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell)

Jeffrey Smith <> wrote:
>William Barwell (wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM) wrote:
>:Burkhard Reike <> wrote:
>:> (A.X. Lias) writes:
>:>>your swap problem might be because you're trying to use the
>:>> and libraries simultaneously.
>:>>The problems with the random kills sounds like it might either be the
>:>>osiris or the mithras virus. It's hard to say, though, because
>:>>YWVH is a very buggy operating system that often corrupts its own code.
>Probably because you're using JesusDOS, which is a pirated and corrupted
>version of the original.
>:>>You might want to install O/S ZEN and start over again.
>:>But O/S ZEN does funny things when you install it, doesn't it? Like hitting
>:>you on the head with bamboo-sticks (headcrash!) or spilling tea. And I have
>:>no idea what the koans in the user-manual mean ;(
>:>Clueless, Burkhard
>You know those Japanese technical manuals.
>: There is always AllahDOS. Yeah it's crude but it is hardy and hard to
>: crash. It won't tolerate any other operating systems on your hard disk
>: though.
>Whereas most of the readers used NoDOS, which lets them do whatever they
>need doing. Of course the results are not of much use, but it works
>great for them
NoDOS is actually quite good, but you need to learn to use its command
line properly. NoDOS's shell, SCIENCE gives you even more power and the
script language, INDUCTIVE LOGIC is incredibly powerful. But they are
complex and do take time and effort to learn. Many therefore don't bother.
Most people stick with simple gui menu systems like JesusDOS and never
really learn any more than it takes to just scrape by, while never
realizing how these things limit their ability to use all the power
that the Reality(tm) CPU is capable of. The JesusDos manuals are very
complex if you try to read and understand them, but all of that is simply
many various different variations of the JesusDos GUI inteface, none of
which are really of that much use, simply lacking the power to run any really
useful applications. The NoDos Science shell can do things JesusDos
simply hasn't the power to do. But people like the JesusDos because of
the games included and it's mass marketed. Like most mass marketed OS
stuff, it promises a lot more than it can deliver.

Of course, those on the net are also beginning the SubGenius "Bob" front end
for NoDOS. It doesn't really add that much to NoDOS other than the great
Slack Utilities and bullshit filters, but it's a lot of fun.

Pope Charles
SubGenius Pope Of Houston

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