Slackware: Something New to SELL!!!

Subject: Re: Slackware: Something New to SELL!!!

> Software's a good idea... and if the Church is going to sell people
> disks with shareware or freeware programs to get on the InterNet, you
> might want to consider Slackware ... I haven't tried it yet (I'm still
> using a 6809 machine, don't make me laugh and snort pretzels up my
> nose...) BUT I understand that Slackware = Linux set up for easy
> installation... including SLIP and the like.
> Plus, under mysterious circumstances, a particular address with
> admonitions to send $1 pops up on the screen...

Linux is definately a good idea. It is decivingly easy to use (in spite of the
fact that it *IS* UNIX). One might say that there is some slack written right
into the kernel.

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