By Keith Spurgeon <>
Date: 26 Jan 1995

" This Linux stuff works pretty well--but who's that cartoon mascot."

See _Infoworld_ Jan. 23, 1995 Page 112 ("Down to the Wire," a
column by Nicholas Petreley. )

Petreley gives a positive mention to Slackware Professional Linux 2.1, a
Morse Telecommunications Inc. product based on Linux 1.1. Development
of the software is attributed to Linus Torvalds. Quoting from Petreley:

"I only have one more question. Who the heck is the cartoon face
imprinted on the Slackware CD-ROM supposed to be? He looks like a cross
between Henry Mitchell (Dennis the Menace's father) and Mark Trail.
Someone said its a religious symbol for the Church of Bob, but as the
Church of Bob is outside the realm of my ecclesiastical knowledge, and no
one was able to quote me a doctrinal statement for the church, I have no
way of knowing if my shank is being yanked on this one."

Hey, shank yankers! Please be gentle. He knows not what he does.

He lists his E-mail address as
MIC Mail 527-1353
CompuServe 71333,426


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