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From: (Will Sadler)
Date: 27 Dec 94 (SirWill1) writes:

>David C. 'Davy Baby' Brogden ( wrote:
>: First of all, registering as a domain name is CRUCIAL to
>: preventing the Con from discovering this medium of Slack. I understand
>: that this may be beyond the capabilities of the Father Church right now,
>: but hell.

>: The next goal: The OFFICIAL SubG web server. Complete with support for
>: "BOB" to receive your Luv Offerings without you having to get your fat
>: butt out of the chair.

>Well, Sergeant Deadslug, if theat's really your name, once Stang works
>through the selection process of an ISP that will provide a SLIP/PPP
>feed, he'll find that most of the good small servicers only charge an
>extra 30 bucks or so to register a domain name for you when you set up an

Considering that registering a domain name is free, that $30 must be going
to a POBox in Dallas somewhere already.


From: (SirWill1)

Will Sadler ( wrote:
: Considering that registering a domain name is free, that $30 must be going
: to a POBox in Dallas somewhere already.

The registration doesn't cost, but the provider has some work to do on
behalf of a client that it's being done for. Say you buy a SLIP/PPP
account with POP mail for commercial use and you want to register Only you don't have the bucks for a dedicated
connection, nor do you want to maintain your own web server -- you want
www pages on your ISPs server.

The ISP has to set up the aliasing so that your domain name links to
their server. I'm not a webmaster, but from what I've heard this isn't a
trivial task. There's set-up involved.

Ergo, IMHYO, a one-time setup charge for a personalized domain name is a
legitimate, ethical service that should bear a price of 30 to 50 bucks.

/ S'Will - SubGenius ArchBishop of CandorBury \


From: (David C. 'Davy Baby' Brogden)

$30? Hell, some charge $20 or so. Besides, can Stang really afford a
fulltime feed?

: And, listen, Deadslug, I cjecked out your web page ant wherever you're
: pointing to as a demonstration of the power of Dobbs just doesn't
: respond. Why not link to the page at the bottom of my .sig? There's so
: much slack in them pages nothing bounces off 'em -- not ever! It's the
: true catenary of "Bob!"

Give me some slack, Jack.
I'll fix the page Real Soon Now. :)


From: (David C. 'Davy Baby' Brogden)

Hmm. Maybe Stang should locate a website provider. I see these popping
up now. They don't provide shell accts or SLIP/PPP access (they assume
access to the Internet already) but rather access to a site with
a good httpd running. It'll probably be cheaper than a fulltime link,
and may even offer more bandwidth.

Of course, someone will have to start translating the SubG stuff into
HTML. This may be a Heruclean, if not a Xistian, task.

o o David C. "Davy Baby" Brogden
/ \ _ "I want total sensory depravation and
\____ \ Fiat Slack / \ backup drugs!" -- Edina Monsoon
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