Too Many Messages

From: (Michael Townsend)
Date: 16 Feb 1995

Like many a Dad, there's nothing I enjoy more than getting up before the
rest of the family, making myself a pot of coffee, and sitting down for an
hour and half to read the morning news. Except in my case, just about all
the news is coming from this newsgroup, and even 90 minutes isn't enough
time to read it all. So to everyone, please stop posting so many messages
and let a poor guy get through his day in peace.

I did enjoy today's "paper" immensely though. There was a great review of
Russ Meyer's oevre by somebody or other. And all the really disturbing
stuff about how snuff sickos have the FBI and Congress (Communications
Decency Act) sniffing at Usenet and threatening to shut everybody down.

Then there was NENSLO admitting that he's actually Bob Black... and an
advertising consultant to boot. There's a fascinating random thread
running through numerous different pieces addressing dualism,
transcendence, and it's relationship to Slack. And let's not forget
Scientific Humor!!

For some reason I felt compelled to enter a discussion about "slackers."
But I thought better about responding to yet another watchin' "Bob" on
Nicktoons thread. And what about the ultimate in Subgenius computer
geekdom -- selling internet software programs, forming an alliance with
Adam Engst of "Tidbits" -- who are we kidding?

Best testimonial: "Ever since I bought Rev_X, I can't stop masturbating!"

Well, I left 19 of the most recent posts unread. By the time I get back
tonight there'll be 188 more. How do you cool guys and gals do it? Do
you weed out 80% of the posts? Including mine, no doubt. I mean, what
about this JANE DOBBS thing?
The hell with it.
Nobody sends tapes to
Dad's New Slacks
P.O. Box 4272
Portland, Maine 04101-4272

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