From: (Matthew Carey)
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995

In a previous article, (Anarch) says:

>Andrew Christy <> wrote:
>> ^ ^
>> \=\ < 0-0 > /=/ ...IT'S IN THE TREES!....IT'S COMING!!
>> \=\ (WWW) \=\
>> /=/ O0O \=\
>> J


>AAIIIEEEEE!!! It's a BUA face-fucking bat!! Quick, someone type up some

I think that looks a little better.

You don't see it? Oh, well.
Rips on. Rev. Matthew A. Carey Rips off.
Vision Temple -- Tarzana, Calif.
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Subject: Face Fucking Bat Sperm Antidote

From: (Your mom's dick )
Date: 16 May 1995

I thought that the one question about the face fucking bat sperm
antidote was about the most important one posed throughout the program.
I would have never imagined that the seriousness of the situation in
the third world was so grievous. It saddens one's heart to know that
the is such suffering and so little that can be done. The way that one
guy's swollen eye was bulging out of it's socket, while a little too
graphic for the squeamish, was a perfect illustration of a "back alley"
antidote application.
Now that I am aware of the immensity of the situation, I want to
make myself available for whatever kind of assistance I can offer.

Col. Sphinx Drummond

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