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Michigan Couple ISO

From: USYH29A@prodigy.com (JOSEPH HAUG )
Date: 22 Nov 1994

We're a mature west Mich. couple who would like to meet with other like
minded couples. He's 51, 5'10", 170 lbs and quite bald. She's 41, 5'3",
170LBS and red hair.

We swing both open and closed and enjoy most anything that does NOT
involve pain or drugs. We're both moderate drinkers and both smoke. We're
experienced but welcome sincere beginners.

We answer all mail from couples. NO single males need to write.

J & B


SWM in SF area.

From: an155401@anon.penet.fi
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 1994

I would like to experience a multi-person sexual experience.
I am a straight male 28, 6'2", 175 lbs. blnd/blue in great shape. I am not
particular about the arrangement although I think it is obvious
from the above that at least one woman should be present.
The sexual experience does not need to include intercourse.
I would really like to meet first and see if there is a spark.


MWM iso **F in NJ area

From: an150366@anon.penet.fi
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 1994

MWM 29 looking for that special female to share time and some
of life's desirable and not so desirable experiences. Since
careers are taking up so much of our time I need someone to help
fill the void left by them. I don't care if you're single or
married, short or tall, big or small. I do prefer an older woman,
would love you to be over 45 although this is not a requirement.
Just have a personality and be able to laugh and find humor in
yourself and others.

So, I'm 6'2" slim and very clean cut. I'm successful in my business
although I like to think of myself as the corporate rebel in a corporate


3somes 4somes moresomes

From: Rick69@ix.netcom.com (RICK YAGER)
Date: 23 Nov 1994

we are a dallas area couple seeking couples and bi singles in the n
texas area. She is bi and loves going down on beautiful girls as much as
she likes going down on guys. She is very sexy and always hot and
horny. Girls she is also looking for a girlfriend to party with alone. So
if you're a bi or bi curious girl and just want the pleasure of another
women with no men involved .E mail us she can swing alone with hot
little bi gals.


Tooth fetish

From: an138934@anon.penet.fi
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 1994

I have what I guess you could say is a rather unusual fetish....I
fantasize of having sex with woman with missing, and bad teeth....If
anyone has similar fantasies, or if woman out there fit my bill them send
me mail to my anon account.


PROPOSAL: alt.personals.binaries

From: modemac@netcom.com (Modemac)

[Note from Modemac: I cross-posted this one here just because the
.signature at the end is quite interesting! :)]

[ Article crossposted from alt.config ]
[ Author was Leather ]
[ Posted on 9 Feb 1995 16:49:19 GMT ]

In article <3hc31l$avc@usenet.ucs.indiana.edu>,
sgoehrin@copper.ucs.indiana.edu (scott goehring) says:
<leather@dsmnet.com> wrote:
>>This just occurred to me the other day. It's pretty self explanatory.
>>It would contain personals with pictures.
>what a waste of bandwidth. just get an account that lets you set up a
>personal home page, put your picture on your home page, and publish
>the URL.

Waste of bandwidth?! Are you serious? If that's the case, 85% of the
groups are doomed!

How about destroying a few of the worthless newsgroups to make way for
some that might serve some purpose?

It's IMPOSSIBLE to dress ,''(~x x. .
too provocatively. ; ,:~ ~x.x.x.
_.. _: ( ~.~~.~x
,^^-. /^^^^\ { . .~ x ~x .
/^^**; |^^**^^^\ / . \ . .
/^^)' -|^,' \^^/ - _ / / \ \
/^,) |^^) \^ / '\ \
._/ ! ._/ ! ` -____/ `,\___


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