Rev. Suzie the Floozie in some skin mag

From: Chris Stillson <>

I just head another reference to this. Lonesome Cowboy Dave wrote an
article in some skin mag called "New Rave" about the Church, and posed
with a nude rev. soozie.

I Would sell my SOUL for a copy of that mag( If I hadn't already sold it
to Bob)!!

If anyone could tell me the issue, or maybe scans, or anything, please
tell me.

fluffy at the Clench of ritual masturbation for "Bob"


Subject: Re: Rev Soozie the Floozie in some skin mag
From: (Lou Duchez)

Stang apparently has videotapes of her at rants and whatnot. I gotta
agree, that's one hell of a voice she has. And I just love the
irrepressibly cheery background music she uses. Soozie is indeed talented.

STANG NOTE: $20 for uncut RAW vid of the Dragon Con Atlanta sf devival, 1994, w/ Janor, Susie, Fr. Joe Mama, Swinging Love Corpses.


Subject: Re: Rev Soozie the Floozie in some skin mag
From: (sphinx drummond)

I don't know about any skin mag, but she's got a body that would make
any "gentlemen's mag" proud to have her grace its pages.

As I observed last summer in Atlanta (and I mean this in the most
complimentary way), she's got an HOURGLASS FIGURE THAT LAST 90 MINUTES!

Col. Sphinx Drummond


Subject: Re: Rev Soozie the Floozie in some skin mag
From: (Video Jesus)

Sorry, dude, she's clothed. She's wearing something that you might
describe as a corset or a majorette's uniform or a cocktail
waitress' uniform. She's clearly *all* *woman* but it's not risquÈ'

OK, maybe she's dressed like one of those Playboy Club waitresses.

Epopt of the Exploding Head of JFK. Licensed to blaspheme the Gods
My skull is bigger on the inside than the outside!
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