What Happened to Me Today...

From: jpschmid@nyx10.cs.du.edu (Zaren Ankleweed)

Just today, I was driving home with my wife and we were discussing the
state lottery, which is up to $18 million. The close of the conversation
went roughly as follows:
Mrs.: ...Well, we won't have to worry about winning, because you
married a very unlucky person.
Mr.: Yeah, maybe, but you married a very *lucky* person, so it balances
out; our luck isn't any worse than any other person's.
Mrs.: I guess...
Mr.: And besides, since you're now married to an official SubGenius
Mrs.: AAAHHHH!!!!! I am so SICK of hearing about that *damned* "Bob"!!!
If I don't hear that name once more in the next six months, I'll...
(twenty or so seconds of cussing and screaming ensues)

...seems I still have a ways to go, don't it?

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Subject: Re: What happened to me today...
From: jamie@moncomm.clark.net (Jamie Schrumpf)

>...seems I still have a ways to go, don't it?

Um, I hate to say it, but deep down in your pee-dribbled heart you know
what you have to do.

And it isn't pretty...
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