To live they must suck the brain matter from Green Energy Mutants. Oh sure, the Glo Rays can keep breathing and walking without Green Brain, but they can't vive la vie en bon vivant. They smoke it in pipes, bar-b-que brain-ka-bobs, or sometimes for an exotic indulgence Chance Fandango will whip up a batch of his Mix-O-Brain Mai-Tais.

The Glo Ray Plasticoids lure and mezmerize the Green Energy Mutants with the false "Bob" vibration of the "Glo Ray Slack Pistol". It works about as well as a patio bug zapper. Most of the prey fly right by, but still, you get enough to catch a buzz.

The more intelligent Green Energy Mutants have taken to traveling incognito when passing through Plasticsville.

After a good brain suck, they "glo ray", they go into a psycho-plastic hi-fi voodun slack trance and do what they call "go out." Their favorite inter-demensional hot spot is Club Lo Glo. If they're lucky, Mona Me will be performing "The Tableau of the Perverse Unknown."

After hours, the Plasticoids hide out in the Cave of the Plastico Torture Test at Plaza del Rey. Here Fandango entertains them with his finest Mambo Macabres and the Jumbo Glo Ray Blotter Acid Give-A-Show Projections of Atom Funway.

You may or may not reach the Atom Funway beatniks at:

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