Connie's Diary

November 12th 1940 Dear Diary,
Le plus ca change, le plus ca le meme chose, eh? I got a phone call from Juicy yesterday morning. As far as I could tell, she hadn't spoken to Philo yet, so she didn't know that I knew that she was doing MY boyfriend.

The conversation went something like this:

Juicy: "Connie? Hey girl how you doin'?"

Me: "Just fine Juicy girl, how 'bout yourself?" Juicy: I'm fine too. Listen Connie, you remember that guy Philo that you were talking about?"

Me: "unh huh..."

Juicy: "Well, honey are you still interested in him?"

Me: "Actually no, I don't think he's smart enough for me."

Juicy: "Well, Girl, he's smart enough for ME."

Me: "Would you like him for your own little toy, my friend?" Juicy: "I most certainly would, but I don't know how we can arrange that."

Me: "Leave it to me. Just show up at Philo's around 8pm and I'll see what I can do."

So this is what I did: I showered and shaved...everything. I went into the closet and found an old plaid skirt I'd saved from jr. high. Surprisingly enough it still fit. I put on a white blouse, some knee socks and found an old pair of saddle shoes somewhere in the bowels of my closet. At this point in my life, I still can pass for a schoolgirl if I wanna. Juicy can't. The way I see it, Philo's been a fairly good boy. He should get SOMETHING nice...if just once.

I called Philo before I left my apartment. "Hello, Baby," I purred into the mouthpiece when he answered. Considering my earlier attitude, he was somewhat understandably taken aback.

"Connie? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Philo. How are you?"

", I'm what's up?" he queried cautiously.

"Philo...what's your fantasy?" I asked.

"Being rich and famous?" he offered tentatively.

"No, Philo, your sexual fantasy," I corrected.

"Hmmm...that's a tough one. I have several."

I pushed for specifics, "What kind of women do you like? Young girls, voluptuous sensual types, athletes, ultra-feminine...what?"

"Shit, Connie, I like them all!....though, sex is always best if it's forbidden isn't it? I like that schoolgirl thing, the wicked idea of a naughty girl getting what she wants, puts stone in my bone. But then again, I like the idea of being ravished by a sexual volcano, of having to satisfy the hungriest of females, of taming the lioness. Honey, sex is like pizza, even when it's bad it's pretty damned good. Don't make me choose between good things."

I smiled to myself, "Okay Philo, I won't make you choose, but I want you to tell me more. "

" tell ME. What turns you on?"

I thought about it for a second or two. Then I realized that Philo wanted me to talk, he was getting excited by hearing MY fantasies. I considered this a good thing. "I like to be the innocent seductress," I started. I could hear him breathing slowly. "Or I like to fantasize about being taken but finally enjoying it."

"Be specific," he urged.

"Okay," I agreed, and took a deep breath. "It's raining hard outside. I'm very young, about 13 or 14 years old. I have a large family and a sick mother. We're very poor, close to starving. My mother calls me over and tells me to open a large trunk under the bed. Inside I find an old white dress, thin, but presentable. My mother tells me to put it on, then she tells me how to make some money to save the younger children. I know what I have to do."

I paused for a second, thinking. His breathing was still steady. "I go out into the rainy night. There's a roadhouse down the way a couple of miles. Rough men go there to drink and play pool. I walk there in the rain, my dress soaked and clinging to my body. I see the lights. I'm afraid of the men, but I know what must be done. I open the door cautiously. Inside, the place is filled with men. A lone stripper, fat and worn out, is gyrating slowly on the small poorly lit stage. The men are barely paying attention to her. Several stand around watching the pool game in progress. One of them notices me step inside.

"What do you want, Girly?" he asks me. I'm too frightened to say anything. One of the men grabs me by the arm and pulls me into the pool of light around the billiard table. The dress is made sheer by the rain, and it clings to me, outlining my entire body for all of them to see.

"I need money," I whisper.

"What?" asks a fat hairy man in overalls.

"Money...I need to make some money for my family. My mother sent me here," I mumble quickly.

One of the men reaches out and runs his hand down the length of my body. "I'd pay just to lick you all over, baby."

I look up at him, "How much?"

He grins at me, "Twenty dollars, but you gotta let me do it right here...on the pool table where everyone can see."

Philo's breathing increased in speed. I continued my story. "I look around the bar. The men are watching me, silently, hungrily. I take the twenty dollars that the man holds out, tightly in my fist. He peels the dress off over my head, and lifts me onto the pool table. As the men gather tightly around the table, watching, he begins licking me all over my body, starting at my neck. The light is shining down in my face, so I close my eyes. I almost forget where I am, the warm light is shining down on me and his tongue is soft and probing but not painful. I begin to relax and almost enjoy the sensation. His tongue reaches my privates and I open my legs a little to give him access. The men around the table are rustling and getting excited. This secretly excites me, and I open my legs even more."

Philo's breathing was measurably faster. I imagined he was touching himself as I spoke."The man continues to lick me, I grow more excited, but he never touches me with his hands.

Suddenly I hear a low voice, "I'll give you another twenty to let me touch you." I hold out my hand for the money. As soon as I close my fist around the bill, I feel his hands on my breasts, pinching my nipples slightly. He runs his hands down my sides while the other man continues to lick me. I keep my eyes tightly closed. I don't want to see them watching me, I just want to hear them, to know that they are there and that they are getting pleasure from seeing me. Finally the second man puts his fingers inside me. I explode in an unexpected orgasm. I try to hide it, but the man who is licking me ...knows. He stops gradually and then kisses me on the lips.

"I got what I paid for, thanks." I gather my dress and go home with my money. My mother never asks how I got it." I finished.

"Is that what you wanted to hear, Philo?" I asked innocently?

His answer was a bit delayed. "Yeah...that was good," came the ragged voice at the other end of the line. I considered the preparatory groundwork to be done. I told him I'd see him in a few minutes.

Juicy showed up at the stroke of eight. We met outside Philo's door. As I expected, she was wearing something slinky...a long red satin slipdress. It showed off her ASSets nicely. She looked at me curiously, but smiled when I winked at her. I knocked on the door.

Philo opened it. He seemed somewhat surprised to see me with Juicy in tow. We didn't say a thing, but stepped inside and began kissing him, each of us taking a side. Philo's eyes grew wide as he realized what was going to happen. We gently urged him onto the bed, and began undressing him. When we'd finished, it was show time. I was gauging my performance by the angle of his dangling parts. I must give him (or us) credit. His attention never flagged.

Juicy stepped back and looked at me. I nodded to her slightly and went to the radio. I found a station that suited the mood and let Juicy do her thing. She shivered out of the slipdress slowly. Her eyes never left Philo's. Her breasts overflowed the sheer brassiere, the nipples showing clearly at the lacy edge. Her generous bush curled out from the edges of the panties; promises of delights to come. She unhooked her stockings and rolled them down her legs, then she removed the garter belt. The radio was playing a slow jazz tune, and she began swaying gently to the music. I walked up behind her and unhooked her bra, then slid the straps down over her arms, my body hugging her from behind. I slipped my fingers into the edges of her panties and slid them down her legs while Philo watched intently. I made sure that my fingers spread all over her skin. She turned and pressed herself against me, kissing my neck then stepping away from me and continuing to dance slowly. I bent over and untied my shoes, giving him a clear shot at my smoothly shaven pussy. I unbuttoned the white blouse and let it drop to the ground. The skirt followed. I stood before him in my stockings and a smile. Juicy and I approached the bed together. We turned him every way but loose.

As dawn was breaking, I turned to Philo. Juicy was nestled in his arm sleeping soundly, and he was just about to join her.

"Philo?" I said.


"Hon, this was a one-time thing. I'm giving you to Juicy....that okay with you?"

He smiled sleepily at me and mumbled, "mmm hmm, but what about you?" " be perfectly honest, I met someone...a man named "Bob." He sat bolt upright in the bed, tossing the unconscious Juicy to the side. "

Would that be "Bob" Dobbs?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, that IS his last KNOW him?"

"Oh yeah, Connie, I know him. You'd better be careful, babe, this guy is more and less than what he seems."

I smiled at him in the growing light, "Philo, if you'd ever fucked the guy, you'd know that warnings aren't going to dissuade me much."

He smiled at me..."What makes you think I haven't?" I had no answer for that one, so I went to sleep.

humbly submitted by your faithful servant, Tarla Star
Reverend Mutha Tarla, Little Sisters of the Perpetually Juicy, A Proud Jism Schism of the Church of the SubGenius, Worshipping "Connie" Dobbs and Juicy Retardo since 1986

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