I am a babe

From: clrleaf@pond.com (Richard Michaud)

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(sphinx drummond) wrote:

> > But if you're cool, you can be a babe and a dude at the same time,
> like me.
> >---Rev. Nickie
> Nickie, you're so fuckin'' cool, As far as I'm concerned you can be
> anything you wanna be. I'm just stuck being a dude or a d00d.
> Col. Sphinx

Gosh and gee!

As long as you're being "all that you can be", you're on some kind of right
track. I personally believe in being more than you can be using SOME kind
of time control. Like perhaps becoming you're own second cousin or

---Rev. Nickie
(posting temporarily on another's account)


Subject: Re: I am a babe
From: cuthulu@unicomp.net (Kevan Smith)

If I were my own second cousin, I'd want to be the one with the big boobies.
I've heard it's nice having those pointy things stickin out from your chest.
Plus, I could really get my conspiracy boss in trouble. He's a sucker for
Big Un's. And I'd play with a dildo alot.


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