Routine Circumcision - The Truth Revealed

From: TarlaStar <>

* It's an interesting topic. On the one hand, it's of great
*importance to males and females of the species, because it has
*to do with sexual pleasure. On the other hand, it gets no
*mention, because we're all so squeamish. Trouble is, the
*discussion about it gets to be a kind of liturgy. Suffice to
*say, as for my offspring, I figured 5000 years is enough.
* Barbaric stuff.
* PS I suspect the guy in the library was just exposing himself.
* Nothing more.

Squeamish? MOI? I think not. My youngest son has his dick intact,
the older was whisked off by the conspiracy and shorn 'o
foreskin (now that I think about it, that's a pretty good
SubGenius ministerial name ...Shorn O'Foreskin) Ritual
circumcision of females is just plain cruelty. Fuck Cultural


Subject: Re: Routine Circumcision - The Truth Revealed

i like being circumcised...sometimes i get a magick marker and draw a
happy face or a sad face (depending on the mood i'm in) on the head and
prance, if you do this to an uncircumcised it just looks
like one of those droopy-skinned dogs...

of course i'm one of those people that think everyone should be
circumcised every year (you can tell how old they are by the number of
rings they have)...

australian aborigines are the coolest...when the boy reaches manhood (i
believe the age is 12) the elders take a sharp piece of flint and
circumcise his penis to look just like a kangaroo's mr. happy...

anyone have any other cool circumcision stories or
know any songs about circumcision (another thread, damn)?

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