Courtney Love, the New Gaia Messiah

From: (Seamus Muadhen)

Lenore Levine wrote:
L@> What about it, folks? Do you think Courtney Love is the new
L@> Gaia Messiah?

Nope. Courtney Love and her band have an appropriate name. She is
just a big old hole.

L@> "...speaking of buying, there are few things as fun as selling
L@> a bag of oregano to a frat boy." -- Ken Strayhorn, Jr.

Love this tagline, think I will steal it for posterity. Besides, I've
done this and it is so true.

Don Kidd
Former Kirby Salesman
Now living on Slack

... "Yield to temptation, it may not pass your way again." - L. Long


Subject: Re: Courtney Love, the New Gaia Messiah

D@> : Modern men are fuckers, not lovers.

D@> True enough. Here's hoping you decide to hang out with people who
D@> happen to be male, instead of with 'men'. The difference is not even
D@> subtle.

allright, that's fucking IT... TURN IN YOUR DICK!


The CON tries to teach women to revile mommy power, because you can't bottle
and SELL it, so they can't control it... but idiot or absent daddies don't
teach the rage-control anger management techniques to their daughters OR
sons, AND WORSE, they don't teach the co-operation that ages of hunting
circles have written into our genes... so kids don't have any development
of those impulses. The mommy people have guarded hearth and home and family
and know all about taking care of "me and mine", but have little practice
in hunting, combat, and other areas where your life WILL be in the hands of
someone you don't even like. Independence training is important, but so is
dependence training - and Americans get damn little. Three generations of
non-interactive Americans (TV = poor communication skills), who've lost the
arts of speaking clearly and listening with an open heart and mind, are
becoming more blindly selfish than we can afford to be.

The CON managed to convince women that WORKING FOR THEM was more interesting
and important than raising children and running the home kingdom!
American women, being every bit as pink as the men, FELL FOR IT!!!

Now, in just 40 years, the CON has almost ALL of the population in wage
chains, instead of just the male half.

There are damn few "lovers" of ANY gender, and wanting things isn't how to
become one. Love comes from a willingness to GIVE, not the self-service

I guess I'm lucky, as were my sibs. Our father taught my sisters how to
manage anger, and a sense of community; that's what men's' teaching does.
Our mother taught me and my brothers how to manage our sorrow and pain, and
a sense of family and home; that's what women's' teaching does. It's not
really possible to be a whole person without both teachings, and the lack
of either on a large scale results in a society out of balance.

You can always spot a PINK by the way they claim what other people think and
do as being "reality", instead of what's in THEIR hearts and minds.

BINKY McPINKSHIT SEZ: What the CON tells me is what's REAL...I don't count!

BINKETTA McPINKSHIT SEZ: yeah, and now I want MY fair share of CONCRAP!

dynasor sez: gee, I'm sorry I have a penis, rilly! NOW will you fuck me???


yoo wanker!




Subject: Re: Courtney Love, the New Gaia Messiah

L@> Your words are so wise. But what do you think of singer Courtney
L@> Love? Doesn't her up-front androgyny, her revolutionary abandonment
L@> of the status quo, make her a perfect symbol for the Gaia
L@> Messiah?

Our mother requires no "symbol".

Go outside. Place your hand with love and respect upon the ground.

You are touching the flesh from which you sprang. This is no symbol.

She is alive. Love her as she has loved YOU.

Care for her as she has cared for YOU.

Messiah means "herald", not savior...

HEAR the wind, in your heart as well as your ears. THIS is the voice, or
herald, of our mother.

She has never failed to teach those who listen with an open heart.

To rebel is in general a reactive process, and very much in keeping with
the cycles of the status quo.

Become pro-active... IGNORE AUTHORITY whenever possible... recognize
authority only as a measure of what one knows, not what they presume to
control. Do what YOU need to do, rebellion never succeeds as well as
outright abandonment of the unwanted. Ask the Mayan peoples. They turned,
took one last long look, not out of longing, but to remember; then they
waved good-bye to the City of Copan and it's king, and returned to the
jungles, and mountains, and freedom.

ALSO: The high chief of the Tsalagee is named Wilma Mankiller. Do NOT
presume that the illness of your society is pervasive; middle class
white women seem to me to be awful fond of ascribing THEIR troubles to
ALL women... ask any woman who's NOT!

You can imagine how funny it is, when lesbian separatist Marxist women go
to reservations (as they sometime do) to "liberate" their oppressed native
"sisters". WE think it's fuckin' HILARIOUS!



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