Subject: Re: Group Hatred

From: (Aaron C Engler)

And how many women rape and murder opposed to men doing the same?
Everyone wants to be a victim. Quit whining and worrying what other
people think and better yourself and your own life. Men against
defamation my ass... Sounds like more white male angst to me. (a.k.a.
total bilge) Get a life, or at least a clue, and btw, stop posting to
Alt.Sex.Cthulhu. Some of us like to read perverse tales about the eldar
gods sodamizing cows.
>This madness shoots me like bullets smashing glass in a silent movie<


Subject: Re: Group Hatred
From: (hiram)

Excuse me, Ma'am, but have you ever heard of Queen Elizabeth? She
sanctioned a whole lot of rape and murder in the furtherance of her empire.

Feminists are exactly what they hate: racist, sexist sonsofbitches who
love to make generalizations about their chosen enemy:men.

Read "Mein Kampf"... it'll probably make sense to you.


Subject: Re: Group Hatred
From: (Grand Clavister)

Daniel Alexander Nicholson ( wrote:

: Feminists are not about hatred, although many feel quite a bit of it.
: They're about having the same birthright as the other 48% of the
: population. Feminism, whatever the name may import, is about equality;
: the perception of women as being no different from the perception of men
: in every area of society.

Sorry, now you've lost me. As a confirmed (and "firm" is the operative
the perceptions are healthy and reasonably positive, I LIKE the
differences and inequalities of men and women! Women can have babies!
That's great! Men can ejaculate! Hey wow! Men can be strong, women can be
smart, men can be brave, women can be understanding! Do all those
adjectives work for the opposite group, too? SURE! Why not?

I'm in favor of a world where there is no point in referring to what
"women" are or what "men" are (OR "blacks", "Jews", "gays", "etc."),
because EVERYONE WILL BE DIFFERENT!!! Except for certain basic biological
differences [which are unimportant because they are the genetic "signals"
of either male or female gender, and are therefore not symptomatic so
much as axiomatic], I don't think I fall into any stereotypical or
Neilsen-generic MALE expectations... and well I shouldn't! I'm a
SubGenius! I'm just plain wacky! Are YOU wacky?

Labeling usually sucks. It's as simple as that. I don't want to be EQUAL
to anyone. But I don't WANT women to be percieved as "men with breasts",
just like I don't want men to be treated as "women without breasts". I
don't want "men" OR "women" to be treated as ANYTHING. I want everyone to
be treated as individuals.

Now let's pray.

the Grand Clavister
(who wouldn't treat a man in his bed the same way he would treat a
woman... but he would probably make breakfast for them either way. Now
THAT'S equality! :)


Subject: Re: Group Hatred

Hey, how about that new group "People Against People" (POP)! POP's motto is
"The Only Good Human Is A Dead Human"! They say that the best you can do for
mankind and the world is simply kill yourself or stop breathing and taking up
space where something better could be going on. They actively campaign for
mass suicide and, according to some, actually have murdering goon squads
disguised as Crips and Bloods, NRA Members, and other Right-Wing Extremists
who worship Guns, out on the streets carrying out their hideous unspeakable
tasks--- RID THE WORLD OF ITS CANCER....HUMANS, and writing perverse tales
about the eldar gods sodamizing cows and such.

Personally, I can't take them seriously,

Inextricably Yours,

Philo "The Hedge" Drummond


Subject: Re: Group Hatred
From: (NENSLO)

Bonehead Nenslo, who never could understand all this grouphate stuff (I
don't hate people because of their color or sex, I hate them because
they're ALIVE) has always found that all the folks he's ever met who were
into being WHITE, were MORONS. And I have learned to feel the same way
about folks who are into being WHATEVER the hell divisive hip in-group
is the officially approved "abused minority of the week." Unsolicited
advice: try being a PERSON first, and everything else afterward.


Subject: Re: Group Hatred
From: (Mark E. Smith)

In article <3ope64$>, (NENSLO) wrote:
> Unsolicited advice: try being a PERSON first, and everything
> else afterward.

But if you're just a PERSON, then you don't get to wear the
armband and learn the secret handshake.

As some wiseass once said: "The reason prejudice is so stupid is
that there are so many good reasons to hate people on an
individual basis."


Subject: Re: Group Hatred
From: "Jeff X. Mink" <>

Excerpts from netnews.alt.discordia: 7-May-95 Re: Group Hatred by
> Feminists are exactly what they hate: racist, sexist sonsofbitches who
> love to make generalizations about their chosen enemy:men.

This isn't a hypocritical statement. Nope, not at all.

Mentally Yours,

Jeff Mink
Emperor of the Universe
Scourge of the Galaxy
High Priest of the Church of Harmonic Chaos

"Have fun, be creative, get arrested, piss people off."


Subject: Re: Group Hatred
From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)

On Thu. May 11, 1995, fiend+@cmu.Edu told All:

fE> in our society it's pretty fucking hard

Strange society you got there.
In ours, it's NEVER pretty fucking hard.
All those contorted faces and grunting and squishy noises and thighs
jiggling. Entertaining, maybe, but pretty, never.

* 2qwk! 1.26b3 * Armed, dangerous, and off my medication.

Subject: Re: Feminism and Hypocrisy
From: (Monkey) wrote:
: In her latest contribution to this thread, Andrea
: writes that "government (society)" has the function
: of regulating behavior.


: But government is not society and the possibility
: of abolishing government (coercion) seems the only hope of ever
: seeing rational behavior among human beings...

: Wake up and small the coffee, Andrea.
: The government that you wish to have
: control the behavior of others is also
: eager to control your behavior.

--Indeed. Although it's not just the government.

After all, I could post a full-color illustration of what I might purport to
be Janet Reno's vulva on a web page, identified as such, and probably
bear no repercussions but the sneers and derision of those who denounce
my poor draftsmanship and/or taste.

But let me merely repeat a complaint I've heard about Scientology and I
will have litigious company for life or until I'm bankrupt.

On the other hand, neither the Scientologists nor the Baptists are yet
allowed to kick in my door, shoot me for farting in surprise and then
mutter, "scuse us -- wrong information -- sorry -- please disregard." Or
at least, they're not allowed to shoot me with anything that goes full auto.

So if we empower the government to be big and bad enough to squash the
scientologists (for example), all we get is, as the kikiyu say, "When
elephants fight, it's the grass that gets trampled."

"Run and Hide. Run and Hide.
NONE of them are on your side."

(Burma Shave)

As to Ahmed's astute observation, I add the line from Paul Brodeur's The
Stunt Man -- "Paranoia is a social disease -- you get it from screwing
other people."


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