Kali Durga

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On Wed. May 3, 1995, bmyers@ionet.net told All:
> You know....something about this post just made me go ballistic.
> I'm so fucking sick of these johnny-come-lately bitches who are
> suddenly discovering that women can be bloodthirsty, tough, scary,
> and IN CHARGE. Why do they need some bullshit stories about some
> half-baked goddess creatures to give them permission to be
> themselves? I get furious with women's liberation sometimes. They

Jealousy. See below.

> are so slow and stupid, why don't we just take things out of men's
> hands if they are incompetent? I've NEVER had a problem with that. I
> never once in my entire life felt inferior to a man because he was a
> man. There have been occasions when I have met a man or woman who
> was smarter or better looking than me, but inferiority was not an
> issue. It never occurred to me that men were intrinsically better
> at ANYTHING (except filling gas tanks.). Where were these women
> reared for chrissakes?

And killing bugs. Especially icky bugs, big ones with lots of guts.

> You know...there are alot of lameass weak-suck men in the world, men
> who are afraid to take what they want, or stand up for what they
> believe in....they are just as whipped, sad, and pathetic as any
> stupid bitch who takes less than a man for the same job. Do we have
> Men's liberation for them? Do we bring up a bunch of dusty old gods

Yes, as a matter of fact. As lame as its vagina'ed counterpart.

> in order to bolster their egos? No, we call em pussywhipped or some

Yes, JHVH-1, the Ultimate Penis. He has been the justification for pecker
superiority assumptions for many years.

> other derogatory name (as though actually getting enough pussy to be
> 'whipped' is probably rare for these types...they are whipped by
> potential pussy)..and then we move on. We don't give them the time
> of day. We don't give them talkshows, we don't try to "empower" them
> (there's another word that pisses me off!).

All that shit does happen, but they're STILL an anomaly, suitable mostly
for the afternoon entertainment shows, talk-soaps.

> I'm sick of coddling women. We've had the vote for the better part
> of the century and serious attempts at "liberation" for thirty years
> now. I think that those who are going to "get it" have already gotten
> it, and no amount of "strong female images" is going to change that.
> Fuck em if they haven't got the ovaries to go for what they want!

Fucking right on. My ex made her own way, and to hell with the 'organized'
aspect, a trick of the CON to get people into hierarchical systems where
they have you pinned and pegged. She got what she wanted by sheer force of
will. O'course she was my size, 6'3" and 180 lbs of wire, and twice as
mean, raised by a drill sergeant. Nobody fucked with her twice. She had no
use for 'organized'. Slowed her down. Bradley fighting vehicles were not
designed for formation tactics.

> have a nice day!


* 2qwk! 1.26b3 We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.


Re: Kali Durga
From: i.stang@metronet.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)

> TarlaStar (bmyers@ionet.net) wrote:
> : Why do they need some bullshit stories about some half-baked
> : goddess creatures to give them permission to be themselves?

Correction here. I don't mean to open the Head of a Pin ANGEL DISCO or
nothin', but the deities don't have to be PLACED IN THE MATRIX until 2178
at the Time Intersection. THEY'LL be putting US in the Matrix in '98.
Besides, there's not a whole hell of a lot we can do in that direction
besides RECRUIT MORE SUBS. DON'T try monkeying around with RITUALS. Leave
that stuff to "BOB." They're scared shitless of Dobbs but the rest of us
are like something they'd scrape off their teeth while flossing. Just ask
the Axis.


Subject: Re: Kali Durga
From: ricky@usenet.nerdc.ufl.edu (St. Ain-Soph)

TarlaStar (bmyers@ionet.net) wrote:
: Why do they need some bullshit stories about some half-baked
: goddess creatures to give them permission to be themselves?

INDEED! Why does ANYONE need "permission" from a god or goddess to
do or think whatever they want to do or think? Yet, that very aspect
of the Kali goddess feminism was what intrigued me. I found a Gaia
Web-Page that was damnably BORING. If you want to be an environmentalist
then BRAVO and GET ON with it but why confuse things with a PHONY
Mother Earth/Gaia thing?

Yet here is where the Church of the SubGenius fits in. We KEEP TRACK
of these gods and goddesses so we can deal with them for what they are.
And we SHOULD FEAR then ones who POSE DANGER to us. Somehow all these
deities must be PLACED IN THE MATRIX of the Cosmic Jigsaw Puzzle before
July 5, 1998. We've got to KNOW WHO'S ON OUR SIDE and who isn't.

Lao T'zu said "KILL KILL KILL." What general knew more about the
Art of War than he? And what goddess parades around with a keen
neato necklace of SKULLS? Kali! Fear her. But whose side does
she fight on? Ours! Ask NENSLO. NENSLO do GREAT Kali Worship
Altar Art.

These women who worship Kali alone are misguided. ALL GODS must
be FEARED and APPEASED. Not "loved" -- just appeased. Think of
it as a Jungian Archetype if you must. But the SubGenius is an
Archetype that Jung never knew. "Bob" is the Archetype that
balances Kali.

Praise "Bob."

Subject: Re: Kali Durga
From: ricky@nerix.nerdc.ufl.edu (St. Ain-Soph)

In article <1995May7.174814.6381@muvms6>,
jatkinso@muvms6.wvnet.edu wrote:

: Pardon my anality, Dad, but didn't you mean Sun Tzu? Hell, Lao Tzu
: was quite possibly the most Slackful SOB China ever cranked out!

1. "Dad" didn't say that. I did.
2. I said:
In the words of Lao-Tsu: "KILL! KILL! KILL!"
3. It would be BLASPHEMOUS to DELIBERATELY confuse the Lao-Tsu
with that other guy who wrote the Art of War. That's why I
did it. I mean, wouldn't the Art of War be summed up in
the words, "FASTER PUSSY-CAT. KILL! KILL!" ???


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