Women in Power

From: firehead@panix.com (Elayne Wechsler-Chaput)

Mother Foundress (femina@delphi.com) wrote:
* Announcement:

* I would like to take this opportunity to announce a new custom forum for
* those of you with access to Delphi (or thinking of joining). It is entitled

* Women in Power and it is Custom Forum 373. This is an open forum for the
* discussion of topics pertaining to Feminine Authority.

Well "Mom" (if that's your REAL NAME), I just hope to "BOB" that you're
ready to take on the CULT OF "CONNIE," or you have NO BIDNESS BEING IN THIS
NEWSGROUP and you're a LOUSY BLEEDIN' SCAMMER, is all I have to say.

Take it elsewhere, or swear all fealty to "Connie." Come clean, come
often, and launch that bleedin' head 'n' ovaries, and I may even join
Delphi, The Not-Really-A-Commercial-Service-But-Yes-We-Are, for people
who can't quite get the hang of AOL...

- Elayne

Subject: Re: Women in Power - Delphi Forum
From: mtownsend@interramp.com (Michael Townsend)

Bondage, domination, sado-masochism, fun and sharing. Sounds
delightful...and quite a bit reminiscent of Phineas Narco's
"Auschwitzland" story I just read.

-Dad (Not Invited Anyway)


Subject: Re: Women in Power - Delphi Forum
From: Sternodox <glatter@delphi.com>

The Polite Sexist Warmongers Society has a new bumper-sticker available.
It's laminated plastic, blue on red and reads "NUKE THE BITCHES, M'AM" Sure
we're warmonger, sure we're sexist, but we're POLITE! Heeuuunnghghghghg!
"I only jack off in the faces of politically aware bitches."
__ J.R. "Bob" Dobbs to a 1965 Civil Rights Commission Senate Hearing


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