Is There a Higher Source to the Higher Source? by Robert Serling

Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997

A Konformist Special

39 dead in Rancho Santa Fe.

39, of course, is 3 (the trinity) times 13. Apparently, these cult victims have received a trinity of bad luck. "I think people should have learned something from Jonestown - but they haven't learned a damn thing," one person is quoted as saying.

How true it is.

Were the 39 deaths suicide? That's how the corporate press is presenting it, along with the good, decent San Diego Sheriff "investigators". But, as Kenn Thomas of Steamshovel Press notes with the usual wisdom of a "conspiracy theorist", don't buy into the official version too easily.

As a friend of mine put it, "Shit, they got 39 people to committ suicide? I can't even get 4 of my friends to agree where to eat lunch."

The official version of all the Solar Temple deaths all said suicide. Later, it was found out it was murder, although that hasn't stopped the press from reporting it as suicide in the sound bites. Still, even the L.A Times reported on December 28, 1995 that at most 2 of the 16 deaths 11 days earlier were suicides, though, considering the rampant dishonesty in that case, even that count seems dubious. As reported in Strategic Investment" (which brags about being "The Investors' CIA"), who had the now-deceased (or is he?) drug kingpin / bank swindler / death squad leader / onetime-CIA chief William Colby on its editorial board at the time, "It later turned out the cult was the front for a drug money laundering operation. The Swiss police proved it." They also stated, "If you have good connections to the intelligence community, as we do, you know that weird cults are a favorite form of cover for covert activity by intelligence agencies and organized crime." (Like they are two different things.)

Wherever there are murders, cults, and drugs, Alex Constantine will soon be at the scence, snooping his nose at what lesser men shudder at. As he reports in "Psychic Dictatorship in the USA", the Solar Temple was partially financed by gun-running to Australia and South America. They also earned hundreds of millions of dollars laundering illegal profits through the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), which was in many ways nothing more than the CIA's international bank. In fact, that is what the Solar Temple appears to be: nothing more than an intelligence front (for the CIA and the P2 Masonic Lodge) for their normal everday crimes of drug dealing, weapon sales, money laundering, and mind-control operations.

As expected, the term "Jonestown" was uttered in all the press reports of the Rancho Santa Fe "suicides". In the now infamous event, 913 people (including, according to the official story, Jim Jones himself, but that's another conspiracy) died in what was originally labeled a mass suicide, a label that has stuck. When most people hear "Jonestown", to this day the first thing that pops in their head is "Kool Aid" (us Konformers have to admire the spelling.) Of course, those who are not ignorant of the facts of Jonetown think of something else: "The Central Intelligence Agency". That was what was at the heart of Jonestown, as it was nothing more than a mind-control experiment that was about to be exposed by Congressman Leo Ryan.
He was then murdered, and so were the 913 people massacred at the site. The "Kool Aid" story was dumped on the press by the State Department, and the corporate press, as usual, sucked hard. Of course, the L.A. Times story on the Higher Source "suicides" hints at this, as it states, "Some of the Jonestown deaths were not suicides but murders." That is a bit of an understatement: 910 out of 913 people qualifies as little more than "some".
As John Judge notes in his Jonestown piece in Jim Keith's "Secret and Suppressed" - published, as usual for great books, by Adam Parfrey at Feral House ( for details) - the Guyana autopsy reports that one died by accident and two others did kill themselves, perhaps to evade the horror that was happening before their eyes. The rest were killed by "others", presumably the all-white guards who ruled the majority black concentration camp with an iron fist. Despite these little annoying things facts of the case, that hasn't stopped the press from still referring to Jonestown as a suicide.

And then there is Waco. The press accounts still print the lie of how they set themselves on fire. As anyone who has seen "Waco: The Rules of Engagement.", or who has read The Konformist reviews of the movie, knows by now, this is a disgusting falsehood. The truth is, as the Foward-Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) videos of the massacre show, the Feds at the crime scene (their crimes, that is) set the fire themselves, and fired automatic weapons at the exits to ensure none would escape. The reason for this will soon be clear enough (I'm still working on my 4th anniversary special), but once again a "suicide" is not.

With a track record like this, how can we assume the corporate press is reporting the truth this time? (I suppose there's a first for everything.)

Of course, the corporate press is bringing out the usual suspects: leading the charge is UCLA psychiatrist and "noted authority on cult victims" Dr. Louis J. West. "It's really ruthless to exploit people on the basis of their illnesses," he proclaims with an air of moral disgust. "To go after people with medical problems because you know they're more vulnerable... and pull them into something that could cost them their lives is as bad as you can get."

Orwell would be proud, as Jolly West knows a thing or two about exploiting ill people with medical problems and costing them their lives: he is a notorious CIA mind control experimenter and brainwasher, involved in everything from dousing people (and elephants) with LSD to participating in a plan to target young black males with police state tactics. For once, though, Dr. West does not lie: he is about as bad as you can get, and the corporate press' using him as a mouthpiece shows the transparent fraudulence of their reporting. (Later, Dr. West, naturally, linked blame of the cult deaths to the internet, and the title of the article was, "Cult Targeted Web Sites for Abuse, Depression Victims".)

Apparently (if the reports aren't lies, which is a dubious assertion), the 39 apparently died peacefully, which is supposedly proof of their suicide.
However, considering the real cause of death was a drink of pudding, applesauce, phenobarbital, and alcohol, the possibillity that they were, unknown to themselves, poisoned by others, seems not an unreasonable conjecture. Videos of them supposedly proclaiming their suicides also is used as proof. "I don't have any choice but to go for it, because I've been on this planet for 31 years and there's nothing here for me," one said. Of course, knowing the rampant history of deceit by the corporate press, it is likely that the people are not talking about suicide at all but their words are being twisted to sound that way. During the Waco slaughter, a tape of David Koresh mocking those who were calling him a madman was edited so that all that was heard was him proclaiming, "I am Jesus Christ," a phrase he was using to impersonate his critics. In April 1994 (soon to be part of a Konformist special), Kurt Cobain allegedly committed suicide, but Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Courtney Love BEFORE his death, has concluded that this is false. A letter was presented as proof, described by the press as a "suicide note", but, as Mr. Grant shows very well, it is a note that more accurately appears to be an announcement that he was leaving Nirvana, a move which would cost many people millions of dollars, thus providing a financial motivation for what Mr. Grant states was a murder. This is the usual pattern of lies, and the Higher Source cult appears to be shrouded in similar falsehoods. (You can contact dear Mr. Grant at for details, and be prepared for your mind to be blown away.)

In any case, the Higher Source cult was a rather odd group, to put it mildly.
It is mentioned that they believed that Hale-Bopp had a Saturn-like object trailing behind it, a claim made most prominently by Chuck Shramek on the Art Bell show (contact him at for details - and yes, I am proud to say, whether his observation is accurate or not, he is indeed a Konformer.) They were devoted Trekkies as well, and their religion seemed to blend a lot of sci-fi adventure with New Age mumbo-jumbo. (In fact, me and a friend of mine have often joked about forming our own religion based on Star Trek - where the high priest wears Vulcan ears and says, "Live long and prosper" - in a mockery of sci-fi author/psycopath/not-so-closet-Satanist L.Ron Hubbard and his diabolical "church" of Scientology. Alas, we have never followed through, because, as everyone knows, Trekkies don't get laid, and that's the whole appeal of starting a cult in the first place.) Being that they had such strange beliefs (as though Christianity isn't a little bizarre when you think about it), some have begun to laugh at the mass death.
"These people were so fucked in the head, they were already brain dead, so what's the big deal?" is one such joke I've heard. The joke-fest will continue, just as it did with Waco, with Jay Leno and David Letterman smirking as they deliver lines which insult those who have died. Personally, I find the Holocaust to be a riot. That a society could make a mockery of those who died in Rancho Santa Fe shows the utter contempt for life that is prevalent in our society, and this shows to me that whatever sickness those sucked into the Higher Source had is not exceptional in a land whose philosophy amounts to a mindless pathology.

Though it will be suppressed, the truth will soon be apparent, and it is already pretty clear precisely what happened. Given their location among the wealthy and elite, the recruitment of the mentally weak, and the alleged mass suicide, all the similar patterns are there. The Higher Source appears to flow from the same well that Jonestown and the Solar Temple did, and their deaths just another part of the body count that rises from all who cross the land of the dark octupus where intelligence organizations, mobsters, bankers and cults intermingle in a baptism of blood profits from drugs, weapons, and money laundering.

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