From The KONFORMIST: Heaven's Gate free-for-all (4-5-97)

Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997
Subject: Heaven's Gate III: The Story that won't die

Jumping on the media bandwagon, the "suicide" cult is now known as Heaven's Gate, not "The Higher Source".

There's this old saying: "Milk a cash cow for all it's worth." In that spirit, the Konformist now presents The Higher Source (or Heaven's Gate) Part III. ************************************************************ Subj: Courtney Brown's comet hoax coverup Date: Sat, Mar 29, 1997 8:50 PM EDT
From: west@sonic.nett (Wes Thomas)

Eight key questions for Courtney Brown (an open letter to from Wes Thomas to Courtney Brown posted to the In-Search-Of list and elsewhere):

1. Will you make the original, unedited, high-resolution, scanned fraudulent image public? If not, why not?

2. Have you been in contact with the "mystery astronomer"? If so, what did you learn? Are you aggressively attempting to contact him or are you content to let this fraud continue being covered up?

3. What are Prudence Calabrese's academic credentials, if any? Where is she involved in a PhD program in astrophysics? Why has this information not been made public? At which universities has she studied astronomy? Who did she study with? Which dates?

4. If she does have such credentials, why did she not question the astronomer as to why these images were sent via film when film could not possibly have been used to capture these images, according to Dr. Tholen, and when there were obvious artifacts in the image indicating clumsy, amateur digital editing, as described, by experts, in my messages? Did she ever attempt to validate the images with the alleged astronomer? If not, why not?

5. Have you received any intimidation or threats that would preclude you
>from making the evidence available?

6. Did Farsight Institute remote viewers attempt to remote-view the hoax or hoaxer and if not, why not? I would have thought that given the importance of setting the record straight and countering the widespread opinion on the Net that you are personally responsible for this fraud, this would be a high priority for your organization. Is it?

7. When did you first become aware of a possible hoax?

8. Why did Prudence resign?

Brown's non-response:

Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 00:01:56 -0500
To: Wes Thomas <>
From: Jon Zelenka <> Subject: Official Statement from Courtney Brown

Official Statement from Dr. Courtney Brown

20 January 1997

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with both great concern and enthusiasm that I address all of you today who are willing to listen to me. I, and many of my colleagues here at The
Farsight Intitutute, have learned a great deal these past weeks. Though many of you have been following the recent events surrounding the Institute, much of what I report below will be new to most of you. Let me explain.

To begin with a re-cap of the events of the past weeks, in late 1996, I reported on a series of remote viewing sessions that were conducted here at The Farsight Institute. This report was made live on the Art Bell radio talk show. The substance of the remote viewing sessions was the apparent object that was following the comet Hale-Bopp. The remote viewing results clearly suggest that the object was artificial in nature, and that it was under intelligent control. The summaries of these sessions can be found at our Web site, The targeting of this object was a consequence of a photograph taken of the object (which was released on the same day as our remote viewing sessions) by the amateur astronomer, Chuck Shramek. To target the object with our remote viewing sessions, we did not use Shramek's photo. Rather, we used the verbal cue, "Anomalous object near Hale-Bopp comet (current time)." Immediately before assigning the target to our professional remote viewers, we at the Institute made some phone calls to professional contacts we had in the astronomical community to ascertain whether there indeed was any knowledge of such an object. We received an affirmative response from one astronomer who talked to our Webmaster.

About one week after my appearance on the Art Bell show, the astronomer mentioned above called us and told us that he had received other information about the object. When asked by us, he offered to send us some photographs of the object that he had obtained. At the time, we felt certain that the photographs were his, or were at least under his control. He also said he had other information relating to the object, including a recording of a radio transmission originating from the object. He did not offer to share this other information with us, and we did not ask for it. We were eager to obtain physical confirming evidence of our remote viewing sessions that could be seen as a form of scientific feedback. The astronomer sent us three rolls of film that we then developed. Two of the rolls were blank when developed. But the other roll had five very good astronomical photographs, unevenly placed along the film strip. The photos clearly showed the comet as well as the companion object. When the photos were sent to us, the astronomer asked us to share them only with our inner group, and never to associate his name with them. He also mentioned that he hoped to have a news conference within one week pertaining to the evidence that was being gathered and analyzed.

After receiving the three undeveloped rolls of film from the astronomer, we had them developed. I, myself, have personally held and examined the developed film. Our Webmaster then scanned the images directly from the black and white negatives into a computer. She digitally enhanced the images by putting them through a number of filters. She also enlarged one of the images so as to clearly show the comet and its companion.

Soon after receiving the photographs mentioned above, Art Bell contacted me asking if anything could be done to help Chuck Shramek, who was under considerable attack from lots of people since he released his photograph of the comet and its companion. At first I did not know what to say to Art; we had already presented our remote viewing results, and that is all we do...remote viewing. But I remembered the photographs, and I called Art again suggesting that we could do another radio show where we talked about the pictures, as long as we agreed not to post or distribute the pictures, nor to talk about the identity of the astronomer. We sent a copy of one of the pictures (via email) to Art Bell and Whitley Strieber.

In the radio interview pertaining to the pictures, I and our Webmaster clearly stated that the evidence that we had gathered was to be considered only anecdotally by others until the astronomer had a chance to come forward with a formal presentation of his evidence. This photo was not used by The Farsight Institute in any way with regard to remote viewing targeting. We showed it to Mr. Bell and Mr. Strieber primarily to assist our radio presentation, which in turn was primarily motivated to help Mr. Shramek. The photo was never intended to offer "solid physical proof" of the existence of the object. It was, minimally, another picture of the comet and its companion, and it reflected our efforts to try to obtain physical confirmation of our remote viewing results.

Following this radio broadcast, a huge public interest in the "mystery astronomer" developed, in large part stoked by comments that continued to be made on the radio about the picture. Finally, Art Bell announced that he would post the picture that was sent to him by us on his Web site. He did this, despite my strong objections, in mid January. Approximately 24 hours later, Mr. Bell called me and informed me that the photo that we had sent him was a fraud. He said that the picture was found (without the Hale-Bopp companion) on a Web site run by the University of Hawaii. An astronomer at that university apparently sent Mr. Bell a letter stating that he took the photo, and that it was later digitally modified to add the companion. The overall implication was that we had taken the Web image from the Hawaiian Web site and created a fraudulent image of the companion.

When I heard about this, I realized that I had made a very crucial error. I knew that we had an authentic astronomical image that was not stolen from the Hawaiian Web site. (Remember, I have held the negatives from which our image was obtained.) Moreover, I do not now, nor have I ever argued that the Hawaiian image is contrived, or that anyone at the University was knowingly involved in an effort to discredit me or The Farsight Institute. Moreover, we have absolutely no evidence to suggest that the astronomer who gave us the original images knowingly assisted the attempt to attack us. Also, even if the images provided to us were doctored, this does not mean that our astronomer contact knew of this. It would be positively immoral to disclose this astronomer's identity if he himself were duped.

Those who have attacked us have resources that extend beyond those of any university or professor. Yes, there are questions. But I do not have the resources to answer these questions in a way that will be meaningful to the public and the larger mission of The Farsight Institute. We were fed an image that someone knew would be attacked if ever released. That much we do know.

But the mistake that I made was in trying to combat a wide-scale and highly organized disinformation campaign using only physical evidence (e.g., a photo). The result was that I walked right into a trap. I am glad, in retrospect, to have done so, for I have re learned a great deal about what we need to be doing, and what we should not be doing, at The Farsight Institute. Moreover, this lesson has relevance to all interested individuals and groups across this entire planet.

Disinformation campaigns are not unusual in the area of extraterrestrial life. There are many powers-that-be that absolutely do not want this information to be widely accepted in the general populace at the current time. The magnitude of the disinformation campaign has been escalating ever since the Roswell UFO crash, and it certainly continues to this day.

Friends, it was foolish of me to think that we at The Farsight Institute could hope to combat an entrenched and continuing disinformation campaign on the basis of physical evidence. Physical evidence has never been the problem; the problem has always been that people are too willing to disregard almost any evidence based on nearly any contrary argument. In our case, an image nearly identical to our own was found in record time on a prominent university's Web site.

What should we do? Many of you may think that we should continue to combat this on the physical level. You may think that we should try to prove that our image came from film, and that this image was taken from a telescope, not another Web site. But friends, while all these facts are true, any effort to "prove" this would not succeed.

We know that we have never deceived or lied to the public. But we need to be very careful in how we respond to what has happened to us. If we try to respond on the level of only physical evidence, we will be crushed, not because we are wrong, but because we do not have the resources to win such a battle compared with those who attack us. The attacks would continue, and they would get worse in unexpected ways. It simply is not possible for us to fight our fight on that level.

We now want everyone to realize that we erred by fighting, even momentarily, on the level of the display of physical evidence. We are sorry for having done this. We apologize to those who have supported us for having strayed
>from our mission. But in the end, we want to emphasize to all of you how
inconsequential all of this is in the larger picture of things.

At the current time, everyone is focusing on the photo, a photo that was never used by us for remote viewing targeting. This misses the point of all that we do and is ultimately not important. We need to remind everyone that our job at The Farsight Institute is to demonstrate scientifically to all of us that we humans are more than our physical bodies, and that life exists on both the physical and subspace (nonphysical) realms. Focusing on the photo plays right into the hands of those who want to hinder widespread acknowledgment of our current condition, as well as our current potential as a species living in a galaxy that is literally full of life.

We all need to move to a higher level of awareness. We all need to act from within that higher level. In order for us to be successful, we simply cannot continue to act solely on the lower level of physical manifestation. Indeed, if the extraterrestrials wanted to force the issue of humanity accepting the existence of extraterrestrial life, they could simply move one of their large ships into an Earth orbit and leave it there. The reality is that they are using this cat and mouse, appearance and disappearance game to help us move to that higher level of awareness ourselves, without the need for such psychological force.

Many people think that they know what they themselves need with regard to scientific evidence that we live not alone in our universe. But again, the absence of such proof has never been the problem, and thus, the perceived need is simply incorrect. In our view, what people really need is the truth about who we are as humans. People need to know about the new scientific understanding of our composite nature (two things put together, soul and body). Finally, people need to know that The Farsight Institute is dedicated to researching and teaching about our essential nature on the level of explorations into consciousness.

One day, the disinformation campaigns that reside on the physical level will cease. The attacks will come to an end, and we will all realize that these very attacks were a deep psychological response to the sense of change that is upon us. Indeed, these attacks reveal a profound level of stress in the collective consciousness of our human society.

We are at a turning point in our human evolution. We must all realize that no one should ever expect our efforts at The Farsight Institute to devolve to the level of a detective agency that seeks and presents only physical evidence. We collect and present data obtained using scientific remote viewing protocols. We demand great accuracy of ourselves. We seek to demonstrate and continually improve our work. It is my view that the entire world will soon look objectively at what we do. Finally, one day nearly everyone will recognize that the great debate as to who we are and why we exist has been significantly resolved. This, indeed, is our mission.

A carpenter uses chisels and hammers. A plumber uses wrenches and torches. Cameras and telescopes are also good tools, but they are not our tools. Our tools that we use to accomplish our mission are the tools of consciousness. It was my mistake that we strayed from the use of solely these tools. I will not make that mistake again. The stakes are high for all of humanity. We simply cannot fail in this effort to raise our own awareness of who we are. Never ask more than that we use our tools well. And we will never ask less of ourselves.


Courtney Brown, Ph.D. President

Note: This message can be copied and distributed freely without further permission, as long as it is copied and distributed in full without alteration.
************************************************************ From: Feralhouse
Subj: Fwd: Re: Heaven's Gate Suicide/Hale Bopp


The woman who sent me this is a psychic who worked with Scotland Yard, nabbing some murderers with her "higher self." Thought you'd like to see and perhaps use the psychic's reaction to the Heaven's Gate thing.


Adam Parfrey

Maria Whitworth,
HEAVEN'S GATE SUICIDES and HALE BOPP want the truth?...

It may seem like a very spiritual way of making this transition into our next dimension; however, no matter what you are prepared to give up, taking one's own life is not the way to go ...irrelevant of the circumstances.<P>
It is a very complex situation that is going on with regards to Hale Bopp, etc., only because of man's lack of understanding, and what make's it worse is the governments hide so much from us that when certain individuals get pretty close to the truth - they are usually silenced in one way or another. <P>
"Who the heck are you, anyway?" you may well ask, "and what claims are you making?" Well, its not easy being someone who truly has an insight to our life's existence, knowledge of man's past, which incidentally connects us directly to our present and into the future. However, there is not enough time to be forever explaining who I am and what it is I do. All my life I have been up against this ...unless there is some physical evidence people find it difficult to trust!<P> Why do people always have to wait for the worst to happen before they say, "I knew it really, I just didn't act upon it." Well, its because the trust is scarred, and rightly so.<P> All the ancient prophecies are coming to pass, and all those messengers are gone. Wouldn't it be a miracle if they could speak now? At least they could give us more insight. Why? Because maybe now you're more willing to listen...<P>
The deal, very briefly, is you deserve to know the truth. And I am not asking you to believe me. It will be up to you to investigate and find the validations for yourself - in your own heart - if what I am sharing with you is the truth or not. I am not going away, and there is so much more that I will be sharing with you over these ensuing years, so you will have ample opportunity to do this (investigate if what I am telling you is the truth or not).<P>

So.. Here goes. How far back can you remember? Even by going back to our ancestors like many do. I can say right now that the furthest you can go is only back to the history that has been recorded, and that has been rewritten so many times it's not even funny. The only remaining written information goes back (or so the historians think) about 6,000 or so years ago. The main question(s) all of mankind have is "where did we come from, who created us, how (and when) did we get here, what are we really, and why are we here?" If anyone thinks for one moment we are the only life form in this universe, then they are so far away from the truth its not even funny. My job is that of a Clairvoyant and Medium, which means a heck of a lot more that just being a "psychic". I have been gifted with the memory to tap into all time frames, which just so happens to be since we came here ...and even before. All the other life throughout this entire universe are our ancestors, but there has never been enough evidence to prove this. I have this information, and if you care to check out more of my website, I talk a little about the course I teach which handles this information (and much more!).<P> <BR>
Hale Bopp, as you all know, is a comet. Well, what is a comet? Debris. Something which was a part of something else, right?<P> =

Approximately two hundred years ago two planets way beyond our solar system collided, and there is physical knowledge of this, but its being kept from us. On one of these planets was the final stages of a life's existence, and they are not life forms as we know it. They are very similar to what we were when we first came to this planet. You might think of them as "light beings", simply because they cannot be seen with the naked eye or even by the technology we have available (but they are not ascended spirit(s), nor are they "our heroEs". Nobody "out there" is going to save us. ...Actually they are on the same path as ourselves - along with many other species who have come here to earth plane as well). However, some people are gifted in the sense that they can see form or potential form - what energy is expressing. Its like some people are able to see auras and some aren't, and so on. Anyway, energ=y is the main source of everything, right? But the majority cannot see energy, they can only feel it - unless that energy takes on form, which then becomes "physical" proof.<P>

Well Hale Bopp is part of something that has exploded (physically speaking). This particular debris, this comet, has been catapulted across the galaxy at tremendous speeds, so the energy that is driving it is beyond most people's imaginations ...but more than physically speaking! These other beings have been effected in a way far greater than just physically through these changes they have been a part of.

There is tremendous energy at play here, and it is part of a huge shift which effects all life throughout the entire universe! As you may or may well not know Mankind is going through a tremendous shift ourself, therefore this shared time-frame/event with Hale-Bopp has to effect us all in some way or another, even more than most can see, seeing as we are all energy that has taken on a form and we are engaged in a shared experience.<P>

We are rapidly moving into another dimension, and the energy that this takes has an effect on our consciousness. Because of our lack of understanding we tend to for the most part dwell in the fear, and that is the "feeling" we have ...but only through not knowing something, meaning not being consciously aware of the thing, so we usually panic.

This is what is going on all over the universe. However, we are not dying, we are moving into another experience.<P> Believe it or not, when mankind was created it was the birth in this universe of a completely new life form. We humans were the first life form of it's kind to exist, and we were the springboard for a whole new scenario of life in the cosmos. And this is tremendously significant in that humankind bear the keys to the finale to this experience of all life in our universe! Human being is the key to the next dimension! =

And this is a tangibly verifiable truth for any individual! (This is a huge picture, and though this is not the place to get into it, all is disclosed in the course I teach.) <P>
Now at the time of our beginning, not only were we different in the physical sense (as well as spiritually), but we also had the ability to travel much differently than we can today, but we lost that ability along with losing our ability to remember. Meaning we lost our memory of how to use our intuition. Our conscious direct connection to Creator. "OUR "ACTIVE" AWARENESS." That awareness fell into the lower consciousness - which is what most all currently dwell in - and are busy shifting from right now. All the other species are all in the same boat. They do not have their awareness either. But different species do still have different "remnants" to our total (collective) memory. So it appears to them that we, humans, still have the information connecting us "all" back to the beginning, because they have memories or connections to the Hieroglyphs just like we do. =

But "there are no physical tools which can decipher the meanings"! = Not that they have - and not that we have. There never will be any because these tools simply don'T exist in the physical world. Simply because when these Hieroglyphs were painted on the walls and temples throughout the land of Egypt, they were expressed from "sacred vibrations", meaning vibrations of a higher frequency.<P> This is the problem right here, and again, it is a big picture. But these vibrations are knowledge, which is knowledge of a higher frequency, which makes it impossible to ever translateunless you have the memory or understanding to this frequency. Now everyone here, every human being, has this exact same frequency! It is what created us, and it is what we are made of, and it is that "sacred vibration" which exists in our heart! ...But 99% do not have the ability to translate it's language into our spoken tongue. This vibration is expressed in the rhythm of our heart beat which contains 108 beats. (another big picture) <P>
But anyway, this knowledge cannot be seen - it can only be felt. So the point I am trying to make is the comet Hale Bopp is debris from a planet which has altogether been wiped out, and it's life are on it's way to us. But they do not have the capability to withstand the earth's environment because it has been so long since they have been here or had any contact with our life form, so they cannot just come here and mix in kind of thing. Not that man here would allow it. They can't even allow the ones who live here now to live. But also, because we haven't left this planet for approximately 15,000 years, we have grown accustomed to the earth's changes etc. Same thing like with the moon. Man cannot live on the moon now due to the fact that they have not been there for so long they do not have the ability to withstand the environment there.<P> I know it sounds totally insane to say there is a life form being driven by Hale Bopp, and they are programming certain humans, but like I said, I am only doing my job. They cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Certain photo's have revealed other things or images appearing around the comet. And then there's always the idiots who try to cash in on the deal and contrive stuff. Now the governments are saying those photo's are all gimmicks. Maybe they are, but no matter, there is something traveling in front of Hale Bopp and it's been heading here. However it will not be able to land because of the reasons I mentioned earlier.<P> So now you have to stretch your imaginations a little. If you were starving and you heard of a way you could survive, you would make every last effort to save yourself and your loved ones. Even to the point of stealing if you had to. It's all our nature to survive until the end.

So to speak. Since time began man has had the ability to create, and he has also had the ability to destroy, and the way man has destroyed has been mainly through brain washing. This other species have been busy trying to brain wash the ones who are willing to communicate with them this particular case it was through a certain source - one man...

But there is something very very wrong with this picture. The people who committed suicide did not have their total awareness, or they would never have done what they did.<P>
The purpose through this life change, this shift we are engaged in, is to maintain the balance and not to think or assume the "next dimension" is about actually "going" anywhere. The Next Dimension is not "somewhere else" really, its a shift of consciousness what is taking place. We are there, we are here, it's all the same. We are only altering our state of consciousness. We are about to wake up! In other words, the end of mankind as we know it "is" upon us, but that definitely does not mean we are dying. We are shifting, our consciousness is resonating to our higher vibration, what we have forgotten. This is the "ascension" you keep hearing about. And people will not make it if they are convinced that "It" is "here' or "there".<P>
Isn't the infinite never ending? It is written in all the ancient text's that the Creator's gift is the infinite life, is it not? If its never ending then it has no beginning then wouldn't this experience of birth and death appear to be a subset to that infinite life - not the "whole thing" entirely? "Part" of an experience - but not entirely "where its at"? Well don't rely on what you see as being "it". And don't be too quick to judge that it is "not" it, as well. For what, indeed, could possibly be "outside" of the infinite, absolute, eternal life?
Don't get stuck on this seemingly finite life either way - you are more= than this, and yet this is the pathway for now - this seemingly finite life. If you forsake it, you will be forsaking your self - your truth. =

I know it sounds a little confusing, or maybe even contradictory, but the idea is these people recognized the finite, limited, aspect to their lives, that it was not enough, and used that as an excuse to discount their whole life's validity, and then went for what appeared to be grander - more "spiritual" - "higher". Its true, the finite is not "entirely it", but neither is it to be denied or discounted. It is an important aspect to our process. How could we "get to the spiritual" by "forsaking the physical"? They is all a part of the One, and this physical life is the pathway to it. And the only way that you can know the "spiritual path" is by embracing the entirety of this experience.=

Isn't this an ancient prophecy, that "In order to enter the kingdom of heaven, you have to be reborn." ? What does that mean exactly? Well I'll tell you.<P>
There is no separation - that's the delusion! Just don't cling to either side. Remain in the center and enjoy the illusion that surrounds you. "Illusion" is a true aspect to our reality, but if you relate to it in the wrong way you'll fall into being deceived ...and this then= is your "delusion". These people who forsaked their lives headed out to the thing that appeared in their mind's to be "it", and in so doing - they missed it. They were deceived, but only because they were willing. This other species are not evil. They asked, and they were given.<P>

So back to the deal.. See, we have been taught that when we die we must "head for the light". "Go to the Spirit!" Now then, who do you think started that nonsense? The ones who were trying to brain wash us, of course. We "are" the light. Everyone knows that, but they have forgotten, so this is what I mean by losing our awareness. Its our lack of awareness that keeps us from shifting into this next dimension. So, when we die, we don't see the light - "our" light - in our lower conscious state, we only relate to the earth plane for our reality - it's what we've become attached to, and reliant upon. Therefore, in the darkness after death, we panic and we become lost. This comes back to the feelings of not knowing where (or who!) you are, so you dwell in fear. And eventually, without knowledge of being light oneself, that light (you) descends once again into matter and you are reborn. Forever in search of what you no longer remember. How to get home.<P> That's what those people who took their lives believed "they" were doing. Going home. Going to the light (or at least according to the people who they thought knew where it was) ...they were brain washed into thinking that light was there, waiting for them, to take them into the next dimension. (Hale Bopp? But it is in a way, isn't it? But when you see a hand signaling "this way" it doesn't mean to suck the pointing finger. The light that comes off Hale Bopp is only debris, like I said, but there are most definitely some other lights travelling with it, and that's why not everyone can see them. Some see them, some know of them, and some are aware of them. Those that truly are aware of them would never "follow them" because that path is not one of a fully conscious state. The fully conscious state is inside. Our center. That's why we do not need to go anywhere, because we can "enter the Kingdom of Heaven" whenever we choose to be fully actively conscious beings.)<P>
Its not that these people were crackpots or that they were following idiots. Please try to understand the sincerity these people had in their hearts. They had the right intentions, but unfortunately they had the wrong idea. Have you any idea how many people comitted suicide when Jesus died? It was because they truly believed in their hearts that he would be there to show them the way if they got lost. They 'were" lost, and Jesus was conscious of that, and that=92s what they were drawn to, the knowingness, the conscious awareness he had of the people's hearts - "which they felt", deeper than anything they'd ever felt before. So for the first time that they could ever remember, they felt the truth within them. And that's when Jesus said, "That's your faith, and that's what will save you." It was only by trying to "follow" Jesus that many have lost their way. Jesus said, "Don't "follow" me, you will lose your way. The way to the truth is in your own heart. And when you are conscious of that, the knowingness inside of you will create the awareness so that you too can be fully conscious once again of Our Father's Kingdom." "You say I am the 'Son of God'. Only because in the beginning I told you, with hand on heart, I trust that here I 'dwell' in my Father's Kingdom, forever." We weren't meant to follow what looked like "a" path. We were created in His Image to recognize that 'we' are the path "way". Then once we are conscious of this, we will be aware beings. And it is through this knowingness inside, when you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven., and you feel you already He "went to them" to show the way.
He said, "It is through this, your life on earth, how you will find Our Father. And once you trust that the pathway is in your own heart, 'then' you will be born into the Kingdom of Heaven. And its' 'your' faith that will save you." Now ask yourself in your heart how many people "know" that. Really feel that to be the truth. No one is immune to the illusion. We have all fallen at some time. Many "follow' the illusion, and forget that "we are the light". There's a difference. Jesus pointed toward "being", not "following". We weren't meant to follow what appeared to look like a path, we were meant to recognize the pathway, and then we'd "be" it.<P> It is so important that you realize the time now - the precious life we all have available to us to complete ourselves - as we embrace the final process to this experience, and move onto something you can only even imagine. It is not for us to take lightly what it is we are being shown, not time to let these experiences pass us by unnoticed - without awareness. It is no coincidence that we are all sharing in this experience. And life is not in vain when we all participate together. =

There is nothing we can do to stop or alter what has already happened, but yet we can. We can change, meaning we can shift, and I'll explain... If you trust that light inside of you, then you have the same knowledge as the ancient prophets. For one moment give a conscious thought and be aware of those people who have just taken their lives, and put your hand on your heart. If you can feel the love light inside of you, if you are conscious of that feeling, then the awareness of that alone will not only reach our human loved ones, but will also be received loud and clear by the other species, each one in it=92s own time. Remember, we are the only aware conscious beings of love in this universe. We are our own ticket home.<P> All we can do here is send out the power of thought, through love, and remind those lost spirits that they are the light, and if they pick up that frequency then they'll be able to find peace, and the knowingness that they are home ...amongst the stars. ************************************************************ Subj: Re: The Higher Source: Part Two
Date: Tue, Apr 1, 1997 1:17 AM EDT
From: (Blue Resonant Human)

At 10:07 AM 3/31/97 -0500, you wrote:

>As for Major Danes, well, there does seem something snake-like about him.
Though I'm not a regular listener of Art Bell, a couple of my friends are, and I was at their house when he described the "remote-viewing" of the "Hale-Bopp UFO". Without any other facts mentioned aboved, I was amused by his claim of remote viewing having "100 percent accuracy." It had the phony authority of a t.v. evangelist. "Trust me, I'm with the military and intelligence establishment, and I make no errors." Well, sorry Major, but Robalini don't play that game.>

Dames. Eddie Dames. Aside from the [tactically?] ludicrous "remote view" of the TWA 800 disaster which his Omniscient Holiness, the "retired" maj. Edward blamed upon a busted fuel pump and despite the FACT that some years back he staked his reputation on there being a mass landing of Alien Flying Saucers from Outer Space in some lonely New Mexico desert; stating that if he missed it with that prediction, he'd give up RVing for good, despite all this -- not unlike the Energiser Bunny -- he keeps going ... and going ... and going ... and going ...

And thus PSI-TECH was born -- built upon horribly botched predictions and the shaky foundation of Star Trekkian Scientological mythology (think I'm kidding -- do some research on the scientology connections with Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, Pat Price, Edgar Mitchell, etc. In fact, in a recent chat with CIA's Ron Pandolfi, Ph.D., we chuckled a bit over his brash statement that the entire UFO myth is nothing more than a plot concocted by scientologists). The same foundation which also, BTW, eventually gave birth to the Delightful Kookiness of Courtney Brown (a pupil of Dames, the DIA goofball) and his Hollowed-Out
Planetoid-Chock-Full-o-Peaceful-Dolphinoid-Space-Aliens, the Hale-Bopp Special.

The...uh...Higher Source Space Shuttle.

Still, all that is not nearly as entertaining as this excerpt from Schnabel's recent book, _Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Secret Spies_. The notion that Major Ed sinneth not and never veereth from the Straight and Narrow Path of 100% accuracy is, at best, laughably absurd: - - - - -
::: Ed Dames -- Remote Viewer :::

"There were times when they wanted to push buttons and drop bombs on the basis of our information."
-Dr. Hal Puthoff
[former manager of the remote-viewing program]

Ed Dames was, if anything, proud of his status as a troublemaker within the unit, a maverick who dared venture into unknown realms. But he was also developing another kind of reputation -- a reputation for becoming too involved in his monitoring of RV sessions, for pushing the viewer, however unconsciously, towards whatever target description he, Ed Dames, happened to favor. Occasionally Dames knew in advance of the session what the target was, but even when he was "blind" at first, he tended to develop strong opinions as the session went on. A few of the viewers began to see him as a significant source of Aol.

There was one episode, in late 1987, which some regarded as a good illustration of this problem. The branch chief at the time was a genial lieutenant colonel named Bill Xenakis, who had taken over after Bill Ray left, earlier in 1987, and would run the unit until Fern Gauvin took over in 1988. Xenakis called in Dames and explained that an ops-type target had just come in. He told Dames only that the target was a possible event.

Dames set up the target in the usual fashion. Xenakis had given him two four-digit random numbers to use as coordinates, and now he wrote them on the outside of an envelope. Then he wrote "possible event" and the coordinates on a slip of paper, sealed it inside the envelope, and went over to the CRV room to start running viewers against the target: Riley, Smith, Buchanan, and "Gabrielle Peters" [a pseudonym -B:.B:.].

Dames soon noticed that the viewers' descriptions of the target were remarkably consistent. Their impressions all seemed to involve some kind of unusual aerial vehicle. It had a large payload -- box-like objects of various sizes -- and the colors red and white featured prominently. The pilot was obese, and the vehicle seemed to be open-topped, with sled-like runners underneath. It was going to come across the northern U.S. border sometime a few weeks in the future. It was going to come down over Canada, down from the Arctic pole.

Some of the data generated by the viewers were very strange, but Dames decided it was probably analytical overlay. For instance, Paul Smith said for some reason that there were livestock associated with the target. Riley drew the vehicle with eight strange objects out in front of it. It didn't matter; it was obvious to Dames what was going on here: Some kind of terrorist attack was being planned. The target was apparently an ultra- light plane or a specially modified helicopter, loaded with an atomic bomb -- or bombs -- and designed to fly under U.S. and Canadian radar surveillance. Stage Four data, designed to pull out intentions and purposes associated with the target, suggested that the device was meant to fly into the United States somehow, surreptitiously, by night. Dames guessed that a Middle East country was involved, maybe Syria or Iran or Libya.

Dames was in the CRV room with Riley when he decided it was time to act. He told Riley he was going to run over to 4554, the nearest INSCOM building, and get access to a secure phone so he could alert his friends elsewhere in the intelligence community. To Riley, he seemed to be worried that Xenakis and others at DIA would suppress the data as unreliable if he tried to go through their channels. A terrorist nuclear attack on the United States ... This was big.

Xenakis, meanwhile, was watching the session from the control room, trying not to allow his laughter to be heard across the hall in the CRV room. When Dames came out into the front room of the ops building, on his way to find a secure phone, Xenakis and everyone else were waiting for him, wearing big grins.

It had been Mel Riley's prank, a measure of revenge for all the brain-bending bilocations he'd had to endure on advanced training targets. The prank was that the target's identity had been known to the viewers all along. It was not a terrorist attack; it was Santa Claus and his sleigh. Each viewer had simply gone through the usual structure of a CRV session, describing Santa's raw attributes, and even making rough sketches of the sleigh and reindeer, but never actually naming the target. The idea had been to see what interpretations Dames would make, when presented with such unusual material. Xenakis had agreed to go along, and Dames, it seemed, had fallen right into it.

When he realized that he'd been fooled, Dames goodnaturedly laughed it off. But as time wore on, and the unit's problems worsened, Dames seemed to laugh less often. By the middle of 1988, his three-year tour in Sun Streak, which had started in early 1986, was nearing an end. He now realized he didn't intend to stay for a second tour.

Excerpt from:

_Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Secret Spies_ 1997 by Jim Schnabel, Dell, ISBN 0-440-22306-7, p. 364-366 ************************************************************ Subj: Job Openings at Higher Source Web Development (**1/2) From: Bill Gilman
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>from The Onion, 4/1/97

CREATIVE ALCOHOLIC COMES UP WITH IDEA TO DRINK A LOT GALVESTON, TX--Area alcoholic Joe Roush unveiled Monday a bold, counterintuitive plan for this weekend: to become intoxicated by the alcohol his body desperately craves. "After much rumination, I have brainstormed a plan to become thoroughly drunk through the consumption of beer and hard liquor," Roush said. "I created this plan myself, though playwright Brendan Behan was a source of inspiration." Key to Roush's plan will be switching from beer to scotch at around midnight.

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************************************************************ From: (Lisa Pease)

My parents remember, and I remember them discussing, seeing the 'cult' leaders nearly 20 years earlier in the SF Bay area. That was when they were going around as "Bo" and "Peep". I can't remember for the life of me what the original interest was - but they came away feeling this was simply a deliberate con, and that they were looking to take money from people.

I'd be hesitant to call this fully a suicide either, without knowing more particulars. Even Jonestown was a mass murder. Most of the victims had needle wounds or gun wounds or both. It seemed few died by choice.

Lisa Pease

"It is as if the final price for winning the Cold War is our confinement to a permanent childhood where reassuring fantasies and endless diversions protect us from the hard truth of our own recent history." --Robert Parry, THE CONSORTIUM, 2/17/97

Check out my Real History Archives @ Visit the site of Probe Magazine at ************************************************************ Subj: Heaven's Gate & "Rev. Ron Lewis"
Date: Tue, Apr 1, 1997 4:39 AM EDT
From: (Ian Goddard)

I just got the following from a friend who heard a "Rev. Ron Lewis" tell radio listeners that the home the "Heaven's Gate" suicides took place in was a safehouse house for Iranian agents. There is also a Ron Lewis, former Navy-missile technician and founder of The Intelligyst Group, who, it so happens, runs around calling TWA 800 Navy-missile theorists "Iranian agents." Are the two one? I have no idea. Well here's the "Iranian's Gate" story (oh boy):

Here's an odd one: On my vacation trip, I was spinning the dial on my radio late one night, and pulled in a fundamentalist evangelist doing an interview with someone he called Rev. Ron Lewis! I only heard the last few minutes, but Rev. Lewis was speaking with great gravity that a terible thing about the "Heaven's Gate" suicides last week was that the house it all took place in was owned by an Iranian who was smuggling other Iranians into the country! (He didn't say why)

A perfect plan to divert attention away from the domestic planners (CIA, FBI, DoD, DCI...) running the country and blame it all on evil foreign enemies, the fabricated and/or payed existence of which requires police-state powers for the domestic planners. ***********************************************************************
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WACO - WTC - OKC ---> ************************************************************ Date: Mon, Mar 31, 1997 12:32 PM EDT
From: Phikent
To: Robalini

1. A bunch of people died in a house in San Diego. They PROBABLY committed suicide. Why?

Were they silly stupid religious fanatics? Everybody seems to say, "YUP."

Why are folks so quick to say, "YUP." Another interesting study.

A bunch of people died in an ancient village called Masada . . .

2. A bunch of people died in a place called, Waco. Half of America when asked if Koresh and gang committed suicide, likewise say, "Yup."

Why do Americans say, "yup," to a Waco suicide when in fact the Wacos were torched by the FBI? Because the FBI told everybody to say, 'yup."

Now, the major media is requiring another, "yup." Look no further.

Kento looks further. The Heaven's Gate gang seemed to indicate that they might have been under seige. Illusion? Truth?

Investigate. Dopes kill themselves because they were dopes? Nah, humans are more complicated than that--aren't they! What happened in the 20 plus years that heaven's Gaters were together? Dig. Dig deeper. Don't want to dig deeper? Egads, might find out something terrible about ourselves, our NORMY-selves. For instance, if Gaters were vulnerable to mind-control, could Mom and Pop America likewise be vulnerable to mind control? That would be terrible: good, loyal god-fearing Americans sitting in a regular church or at a regular job-desk with blank looks on their faces? Terrible thought. Just terrible. Suicide? Impossible!

3. A bunch of boys are in the backyard playing. These boys might someday put on a uniform, run off to Germany, Viet Nam, Iraq and commit suicide? Awesome!

4. The Son of god, if not god himself ends up pinned to a cross dying because he wants to die; gods can't die unless they want to, right?

Kent Steadman
************************************************************ Date: Tue, Apr 1, 1997 1:22 AM EDT
From: 76513.3214@CompuServe.COM (Donald Matthys) To: (


Once again more wackey lemming like dumbshits hurling over the abyss. Even Art Bell (who belongs in Hell) and Striber being snookered by dis-info agents of the CON. The smell of the "Hale Bopp" farce further reinforces theory that still reaks of MK-ULTRA. They got it all wrong. It should be "Hail "Bob"" come July 5 1998 when the ultimate joke is truly revealed!

And as far media talking heads dis-ing the fiction of Star Trek, (a posible nice future for all concerned) they should realize the difference between a UFO and a Star Ship. At least a Star Ship is made and piloted by flesh and humans
>from planet Earth.

"We are all here to Go"- William S Burroughs

As for the 39 geeks gone off to that "undiscovered country", to bad...

"I don't trust them... I don't believe them... THEN LET THEM DIE!"
-Cpt James T. Kirk

Don; n.(Dark Prince, Ruler of Worlds.)
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************************************************************ Coming Next
DAWN reports on Heaven's Gate and dark, underground rumors on the topic.

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