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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 09:32:55 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: Higher Source Notes and News

Subj: ::: Higher Source Cult :::
From: density4@cts.com (Blue Resonant Human)

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 14:43:19 -0500
From: Tallyman <tallyman@intrex.net>

Did Bo Go To Sleep With His Sheep So All Could Meet Peep?

That's the question I've been asking myself, since soon after
the story broke yesterday evening about the mass suicide in
north San Diego, California.

The first reports say officials found the bodies of 39 young men,
in a mansion in a very exclusive neighborhood north of San Diego
and that it appeared to be the result of some ritual. Gradually
people in the area were interviewed about what the hay has gone
on there in that house.

A realtor who was trying to sell the home, who when she took
interested buyers to show the estate, was met at the door by
a very creepy dude, who had snow-white hair, and the most pale
skin she'd ever seen. He was described as looking like "Lurch"
(sp?)("Lerch"?) from the Addams Family.

That was the beginning of little bells going off in my head.
Why did this sound familiar, I wondered? When the realtor went on
to describe this man, who appeared to be in control of a mansion
full of young people working at their computer terminals,
and who described the house as a "temple" and made the realtor
and clients wear surgical slippers so they would not contaminate
holy ground, ... more was clearing up for me.

Then this morning when I hear that this was a Flying Saucer Kult,
like the Raelians, who had planned to terminate their earth life,
and shed their "containers", (bodies) to go meet up with a big
Flying Saucer trailing the Hale-Bopp comet, so's they could
achieve the 'Next Level' of higher existence... and with the
addition of a few more details, mainly the detail that reported
the Pale Man at the Mansion had said his name was "Do",
W E L L . . . I knew who was behind it all.

This was Marshall Applewhite's Cult, the last half of "Bo and Peep",
since "Peep", whose real name was Bonnie Lu Nettles,
his woman partner, well she done died a few years back.
Marshall and Bonnie Lu, also known as "The Two", back in the 1970's
joined forces and founded their spiffy Flying Saucer Cult-
just like Rael has done in recent years, by hawking a "better life
with the Space Brothers coming in their Flying Saucers.",
and being charismatic and charming the pants off the 'gullibles',
to sell all their possessions (cause they wouldn't need all that cash
and stuff aboard the Flying Saucers) and give up all their earthly
possessions to "The Cause"...

"Bo and Peep" and their Shady Shepherding Practices are
comprehensively chronicled in Jacques Vallee's excellent book,
_Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults_.
Check it out.
Well, after one failed prediction after another, about when the
Saucers and Space Brothers would come to pick them up to take all
of them to The Next Level Above Human (heaven)---
there was disappointment and things in the Cult kind of busted up
for awhile, and they scattered, led a nomadic life,
and the last I heard from "Bo", was that he was in Austin, Texas
a few years ago, and had taken out Full Page Advertisements
in various newspapers around the country to Rekruit Kultists
to Kome Join His Flying Saucer Kult, and to order the free
video tape to hear all about how it.

I ordered a copy, (hey, it was Free!) and there was "Lurch",
looking Paler than the Horse in Milton Cooper's book,
looking more like a ghostly spectre,
than a flesh and blood human, ...
Applewhite was on tape pleading and crying with the people viewing
to 'wake up' before it was too late, and the Saucers came and left
them behind if they didn't join forces with him. He said that anyone
who joined would have to make certain sacrifices,
like giving up earthly possessions, and most (worst) of all-

Oh well, I guess that killed it, if he thought he was going to
attract any Raelians, to switch to his Flying Saucer Kult.

Back to the tape- Marshall had beside him, two of the Saucer Kultists-
who were supposed to speak also, but hardly got a word in edge-wise,
because their CultLeader was so gabby. It was a young man and woman.
I would guess their age to be about 21-25 years old. They both
had the most 'zoned-out' look in their eyes I have ever seen.
They were gone, brain-dead, little more that vegetables, sitting
there beside their pale god, hanging on his every word, and nodding
their heads in constant agreement, with the most sickly-sweet smiles
smeared on their faces.
God! I t w a s P a t h e t i c .

Anywho, I guess that they all pulled up stakes in Austin, and moved
to San Diego, to set up new cult headquarters and run their computer
business to raise money to give "Bo" a Mansion to live in, you know,
before the Saucers came to pick 'em up, just like the Raelians
have been suckered out of their money to buy Rael a Mansion to live
in before the Space Brothers come to take all them "home"...
just like Jehovah's Witnesses bought their CultLeader
Joseph F.Rutherford a mansion to live in, which by the way,
was ALSO located in San Diego... hmmmm.

Just like countless other DoomsDay-CultSuckers have provided their
CultLeaders with Mansions and extravagant lifestyles...

Well, in Marshall "Bo" Applewhite's latest shape-shifting incarnation,
he referred to himself as "Do", and his departed partner as "Ti",
and his Flying Saucer Kult as (TOA) "Total Overcomers Anonymous".
BTW, the May/June 1995 issue of "UFO Magazine"
has a long article about 'UFO Cults', and "Bo and Peep and Co.",
or "The Two and the Rest", or "Do and Ti" are featured prominently.

So, back to my original question:

... thinking in terms of the diatonic scale, we know what happened
to 'Ti', the seventh tone... and from reports of yesterday,
with the discovery of all,the young dead cultists, who could be
collectively referred to as, "Re", "Me", "Fa", "Sol" and "La" ...

"was the first tone, "Do", among them as they went to meet "Ti"?

Tom Talley
Subj: ::: Heaven's Gate -- Our Position Against Suicide :::
Date: Fri, Mar 28, 1997 3:47 AM EDT
From: density4@cts.com (Blue Resonant Human)

::: Our Position Against Suicide :::

by The Cult That Just Committed Suicide
(Robalini's Note: Or did they?)

We know that it is only while we are in these physical vehicles
(bodies) that we can learn the lessons needed to complete our own
individual transition, as well as to complete our task of offering
the Kingdom of Heaven to this civilization one last time. We take
good care of our vehicles so they can function well for us in this
task, and we try to protect them from any harm.

We fully desire, expect, and look forward to boarding a spacecraft
>from the Next Level very soon (in our physical bodies). There is
no doubt in our mind that our being "picked up" is inevitable in
the very near future. But what happens between now and then is
the big question. We are keenly aware of several possibilities.

It could happen that before that spacecraft comes, one or more
of us could lose our physical vehicles (bodies) due to "recall,"
accident, or at the hands of some irate individual. We do not
anticipate this, but it is possible. Another possibility is that,
because of the position we take in our information, we could find
so much disfavor with the powers that control this world that there
could be attempts to incarcerate us or to subject us to some sort
of psychological or physical torture (such as occurred at both
Ruby Ridge and Waco).

It has always been our way to examine all possibilities, and be
mentally prepared for whatever may come our way. For example,
consider what happened at Masada around 73 A.D. A devout Jewish
sect, after holding out against a siege by the Romans, to the best
of their ability, and seeing that the murder, rape, and torture of
their community was inevitable, determined that it was permissible
for them to evacuate their bodies by a more dignified, and less
agonizing method. We have thoroughly discussed this topic (of
willful exit of the body under such conditions), and have mentally
prepared ourselves for this possibility (as can be seen in a few
of our statements). However, this act certainly does not need
serious consideration at this time, and hopefully will not in the

The true meaning of "suicide" is to turn against the Next Level
when it is being offered. In these last days, we are focused on
two primary tasks: one - of making a last attempt at telling the
truth about how the Next Level may be entered (our last effort at
offering to individuals of this civilization the way to avoid
"suicide"); and two - taking advantage of the rare opportunity we
have each day - to work individually on our personal overcoming
and change, in preparation for entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

Subj: Re: Source on Higher Source
Date: Fri, Mar 28, 1997 12:55 AM EDT
From: skthoma@umslvma.umsl.edu (Kenn Thomas)
To: Robalini@aol.com

Steamshovel printed a page and a half manifesto from Higher Source in issue
#9 (Fall 93). It was an ad paid by Total Overcomers Anonymous in Richardson
TX, but clearly the same group--same rhetoric about the "containers",
suicide, the Evolutionary Level Above Human, etc., so it doesn't appear in
PopAlien. I'm struggling to get the majority of it up on the web page by
morning. If you have #9 laying around (Abbie Hoffman on cover), you can
check it out on page 55.

Connections are being made to Bo and Peep, "the Two", that Vallee wrote
about in the fourth chapter of Messengers of Deception. If I get any media
attention, I plan to send them to Secret and Suppressed's essay by Judge on
Jonestown so they'll slack off calling those deaths "suicides".

POB 23715
St. Louis, MO 63121

Subj: Re: Higher Source/Ian Spiro
Date: Thu, Mar 27, 1997 12:21 PM EDT
From: skthoma@umslvma.umsl.edu (Kenn Thomas)

Buried at the end of some of the AP reports about the WWW Higher Source
deaths in Rancho Santa Fe is notice that the last time the area had a
major news story was in 1992 when police found the wife and three
children of purported spook Ian Spiro shot to death at their posh home
there. Spiro himself was found dead in Anza-Borego Desert State Park
three days later, a case that was never solved.

The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro ($19.95
>from Feral House, POB 3466, Portland, OR 97208) reports on Ian Sprio in
a chapter entitled "Mysterious Deaths":

"The mysterious death list came also to include the execution-style
slaying of Ian Spiro and his family, a wife and three daughters, in San
Diego on November 1, 1992. Spiro reportedly worked for US and British
intelligence agencies on operations that included the October Surprise,
Iran-Contra and the hostage crisis in Lebanon. Spiro spoke with
[Casolaro informant Michael] Riconosciuto, for whom he was helping
collect documents to present to a grand jury, only a few days before his

No link has yet been made between the Spiro and Higher Source deaths.

Kenn Thomas
Steamshovel Press
POB 23715
St. Louis, MO 63121

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