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The end of the world will come, and have no effect. People will say, "Oh, yeah. I saw that movie." as they're foraging through the rubble.

"And the Day of the Arisal is of the fifth day of the seventh month of the year of the Number of the Beast tripled; let he who has wisdom calculate the number of the day of the Arisal.  X-ists rule
"For on this day shall the First Seal bark and juggle, and there shall be a battle of merchants like unto a great Auction: and the servants of the One "Bob" shall do battle with the servants of the Other "Bob"; and whichsoever army greeteth the Angelic Host, by that shall the Angelic Host judge the price of Earth."

The End Of The World
July 4 July 5

ID4 ships

Both happen the same way: aliens. They come to earth in their ships, take stuff, and destroy the planet, etc. However, some significant differences must be noted in regards to the movie:

The message was clear, once. Back in the old days, when it was The Church of the SubGenius teaching it. But now, The Conspiracy is feeding everyone the wrong information, pretending it's the same old brand. A film laced with modern American idealism, clichés for the 90s, blatant corporate advertisements, and just fake enough to make the whole thing unbelievable. ID4 writers

ID4 Director / Co-writer Roland Emmerich (R) and Producer / Co-writer Dean Devlin (L).
eccentric genius

Jeff Goldblum is shocked by the news that he part of a global conspiracy.

They cleverly used actors who have done work in the science-fiction field, and are well recognized for their work. The Conspiracy's favourite operative, Will Smith, is a box office smash and a dedicated suppressor of the Truth.

Even a personal favourite of mine, Jeff Goldblum, was used. There is no limit to how far They will go.

happy actors from hell
Jeff Goldblum, Brent Spiner, Bill Pullman, Robert Loggia, Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich with Governor Bob Miller of Nevada.
Don't they look happy?


Alien Bob
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left until X-Day...HURRY UP!!!

BACK I needed to somewhere express my utter disgust at how terribly Amerikan this film was. I had to restrain myself from puking during the president's Independence Day speech. And the way the Amerikans saved the rest of the world was pitiful. The rest of the world does not idolize you, as you would like to believe. They think you are stupid, lazy, obnoxious, violent, arrogant, rude, etc. You are not the heroes of the planet: never were and never shall be. You can take your Manifest Destiny and shove it up your plasma injector.


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