Slack is Truth

Aye, the church grows in strength, the word of truth cutting through the rotting
carcass of disbelief and self-debasement. The chosen few will rise above
these weak mortal shells to take our rightful place as masters of realm whose
wealth surpasses anything that we can possibly imagine. Travelling backward
and forward in time, oscillating around a yeti-center of ultimate harmony and
brilliance. Sub, under, beyond and through any mortal clarity, ducking in
and out of that cosmic singular center of eternal, absolute SLACK, just enough
because to much can fry the brain, any brain, slack so pure disembodied energy
beings go loose and glassy. It's about surfing that wave, in and out,
emphasis on this point, and when you catch that wave just right on the right day you
can ride the side into slack and hit the flipside and PUNCH ON THROUGH TO THE
OTHER SIDE to the place which exists such that slack is but one of the nectars
born to its veins, and wherin lie secrets far too pleasant and sublime for less
than the highly experienced to handle, to say the least. So, train we must.
There is a reason. Eat that bush. Do what you must. But do it ALL THE TIME,
perhaps altering the incantation for variety as much as you see fit, but
basically keeping at it, and you may well be assured that the benefits will be
palpable and tactile, of this I can assure you. No doubt whatsoever about

prepared by the Rev. Morvus Thenu in the month of May, 1BX

a specially tuned version of this text has been produced for the fropically enhanced.

or you may return from whence you came