We're going back!   Join the Church of the SubGenius for their annual field trip to the Promised Land.


We are still in the preliminary stages of planning and you are welcome to give your opinions on the message board.




Your package included:
6 night double occupancy at the five star Renaissance Plaza.
Breakfast each morning.
Round-trip airfare from city of your choice/ including taxes.
Entry into the first ever European SubGenius Devival.


The View from the SubGenius Common Room



Check back often!  Once the particulars are set in stone we will begin taking reservations.  Half will be due at one date and the second at another.   Refunds will be available up to certain dates.  We hope to have more information by September first.

This is going to be the greatest party the earth has ever seen!

Reserve your space now!

Please post any questions or comments to the message board, we are very slow to answer email.

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