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$20.95 The Book of the SubGenius
Book of the SubG
   The "Sistine Chapel" of the 20th Century, this profusely illustrated, softbound Horror Bible, published by Simon & Schuster, is now in its 17th printing. You'll never have to read another book as long as you live -- because you'll just sit, reading this one over and over again. 200 pages of brain-raping text and graphics. A self-help book for sinners, creeps, morphodites, and all wise persons and guys who knew they wouldn't get "help" from any book even if they needed it in the first place.
   Encompasses Life of "Bob," his prophecy, entire past and future history of Earth, and all the instructions you'll ever need for survival, Slack, psychic wealth and prosperity in The End Times.
    You will then learn that no matter how sure of things you thought you were, you were DEAD WRONG and GROVELING in an ILLUSION manufactured by the   "Authorities" who secretly LORD OVER your VERY MIND. After that, you cannot continue to live in blithering normalcy -- you'll know what you're being fattened for. The book to go buy.



$14.99 Neighborworld by Lonesome Cowboy Dave DeLuca
Book of the SubG

A bulldada science fiction novel by Lonesome Cowboy Dave DeLuca, the astounding improvisational wizard of The Church of the SubGenius radio show, The Hour of Slack. A little bit A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, a taste of The Firesign Theatre, a dab of Fleischer Brothers cartoons, a dash of Kafka, a splash of Fellini, and a whole fistful of Lonesome Cowboy Dave!

It's about twenty years into the future and the lines between television, the Internet and the real world have not merely blurred, they've disappeared. Stan Mozuck is an Advo, part content provider and part detective, with a daunting new assignment: to uncover and report on a mysterious group called the Weirds. These grotesque characters seem to live completely off the grid, yet have extraordinary powers to manipulate and twist not only the social media net but reality itself. Stanís head is already pretty twisted, but when the Weirds climb into it they steer him into a collision course with himself.

(Amazon has the Kindle ebook version ($6.99) with a free preview of the first chapter.)

218-page trade paperback


$1.50 SubGenius™ Pamphlets
Pamphlet #1: The power-packed introductory propaganda barrage that started it all.  So dense with info that many persons have gotten lost in it FOREVER!  Guaranteed to shock, enrapture, confuse, enlighten or piss off depending on which category you happen to fall into.

Pamphlet #2: Dozens Gave Their Words for this.  Reveals proven success formula. Sued twice for blasphlegmy - AND LOST!! All-pulp chassis is flexible yet resilient... no more difficult de-spunking. Encrusted spum comes off as fast as it got on, with a simple dishrag. Acid-free coating is resistant to normalcy viruses.

each $1.50

Book of the SubG
The 1995 sequel to The Book of the SubGenius, the Last New Testament, HAS BEEN REPRINTED! Either the greatest general satire of pure human stupidity and greed ever created, or a self-help book from Hell, REVELATION X is darker, deeper, more detailed, louder and funnier than The Book of the SubGenius.

This HUGE tome of PURE DOCTRINAL RANTING and HIGH-POWERED GRAPHICS is so utterly and relentlessly TRUE and SLACK-IMBUED that old-time SubGenii, and newcomers alike, will laugh 'till their guts bleed and befoul their pants in sheer astonishment.  God's Answer to Fundamentalists -- shove this book into ANY orifice and watch it GO!

OUT OF PRINT -- same story as THE BOBLIOGRAPHON, below



Book of the SubG
 NYES! A THIRD SUBGENIUS TESTAMENT! The NEW (Oct. 2006) encyclopedia of abnormality — 240 pages of cornea-melting illustrations and newly-released SubGenius writings that will SHOCK those who thought surely everything must be contained within the previous books. All-new revelations re: the Mystery of X-Day; Connie Dobbs; Subicide; Slack Magic; SubGenius Kooks; “Bob’s” Dark Secrets; The Earth-Mars Switch and infinitely more! From mighty Thunder’s Mouth/Avalon.

Size: 7" x 9" Weight 13 oz

Contents: WRITTEN: Ivan Stang 44%, Nenslo 14%, Onan Canobite 8%, Philo Drummond, G.G. Gordon, Dr. Hal, Susie the Floozy ~4 % each, 45 others <2% each. GRAPHICS: LeMur 18%, Heart Ignition 18%, IMBJR 9%, Nenslo 7%, Espira 4%, Stang 5%, Hellswami Satellite Weavers 3%, Atom Funway 3%. Ignatz Topolino 1%, Hal Robins 3%, 49 others ~1% each

Calories 100  From Fat 50 
Total Fat 333 g (147% daily)
Cholesterol 10 mg (3%)
Total Carbohydrates 440g (220%)
Sugar 75g
Protein 0 g
Contains: Caffeine, Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin, Guar Gum

"... A lousy piece of lousy crappy crap..." -- Nenslo

"A rip-roaring rollercoaster of a read!" -- Publisher's Weekly

"...(written by) brain damaged retarded moron drug addicts ON DRUGS..." -- Nenslo

"A rollicking page-turner from cover to cover!" -- Wired

"Halfwit jackass bastards will JUST LOVE it." -- Nenslo

"Brilliant satire... threaded with true wisdom!" -- People

"Use it for toilet paper!" -- Nenslo

WHOOPS! SOLD OUT and OUT OF PRINT. We're waiting for the last 27 copies to arrive, to be preserved in the vaults for 25 years and then sold for one million dollars apiece after X-Day. Or maybe we'll self-publish it.

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