We recorded everything and this is all of it.

We offered these recordings by Rev. Stang and Rev. Volkerding for free download throughout September. Now, for the first time ever, you can relive 5X-Day (or pre-live 6X-Day) without painful slow downloads. This gorgeously packaged CDR -- cover art by Heart Ignition -- will instantly transport you to the rapturous days and nights at Brushwood. Drop it into your computer, DVD player or MP3-ready CD player and LIVE SUBGENIUS for about 10 hours straight, MINUS THE DAMP WEATHER and BUGS!

Includes all the treasured ranting, rapping and preaching, much backstage and campground shenanigans, complete concerts by Einstein's Secret Outlaws and St. N and Hellena Handbasket, the jam at Tanquility Base's Bonobo Banzai Tiki Lounge, the Horror of 7 a.m., even the Flesh Auction, Bulldada Auction and Bobbie Awards ceremony. A perfect substitute for your destroyed 5X-Day memories.

01 Rev. Alex Intro
02 Marriage of Lil n Thea
03 end of Stang improv
04 Pee Kitty on Flesh Auction
05 Stang & DJ Shaver
06 Phloighd on Killer
07 Asquire
08 Pisces
09 Two Beans
10 Chris the Sound Man
11 Stang & DJ on Ranting
12 Sinphaltimus Exmortus
13 Rev. Humdinger
14 The Kentucky Boys Story
15 Sister Squash
16 Phloighd Rap, Wotan music w/ Asquire
17 7am7-5-02-a
18 7am7-5-02-b Costello's Rant
19 7am7-5-02-c Where's Jesus??
20 7am7-5-02-d There Will Be An X-Day6
21 7am7-5-02-e
22 Susie the Floozy -- Fukt By Bob
23 STANG & JESUS welcome
24 The Piecemeal Rupsture
25 Stang Rant end- Squid
26 Jesus, Lil on the Rules
27 Brag on Lil and Heart Ignition
28 Jesus on Flesh Auction
29 Stang hails Youngster Surrelists
30 Stang on Asteroid 2002
31 Good King Stang vs. Rev. Chris Lee
32 Popess Lilith
33 Rev Alex
34 Bob Diddley
35 Burning Bob Ikon CHANT
36 Burning Bob Ikon
37 Phloighd Rap Rehearsal
38 Piscess w/ St.N
39 St N & Hellina - Sister Connie
40 St N & Hellina - Dok Frop
41 St N & Hellina - St N's Discotech
ALL of Saint N-n-Hellena
ESO 01 Bang a Gong
ESO 02 Ghost Riders
ESO 03 Highwayman-KawLiga
ESO 04 Sex Dimension
ESO 05 Yak
ESO 06 Shanda Handa
ESO 07 Whipping Post
ESO 08 Faith Healer
ESO 09 Intro Shit
ESO 10 ThePresident's on th
ESO 11 Bill n His Blow Jobs
ESO 12 Sympathy4the Devil
ESO 13 Arizona
ESO 14 Wanted Man
ESO 15 Rusty Cage
ESO 16 No Expectations
ESO 17 Credits
ESO 18 I Fought the Law
ESO 19 Yak, False Start
ESO 20 Peter Gunn/Drill
ESO 21 Stepping Stone
ESO 22 Thanks, Hello Vagina
ESO 23 Final Solution
ESO 24 End Drill Sgt
Saint N & priestess-pisces
Saint N & phloigd
ESO Tiki-Jam 01-fever
ESO Tiki-Jam 02-wild-side
ESO Tiki-Jam 03-whipping-post
ESO Tiki-Jam 04-babys-on-fire
ESO Tiki-Jam 05-stepping-stone
ESO Tiki-Jam 06-rusty-cage
ESO Tiki-Jam 07-waiting-for-my-man
ESO Tiki-Jam 08-final-solution

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