Rev. Ivan Stang, 10-10-02

Before The Hour of Slack Radio Ministry, there were only Media Barrage tapes. 13 of them were made and sold on cassette. These were 90 minute audio collages, edited on reel-to-reel tape with razor blade and splicing tape, from pieces created on cassette by what was then the fairly small core of SubGenius Doktors.

The most polished ones were Media Barrages 10, 11 and 12, plus #0, which was a recapitulation of the best material on Barrages 6, 7 and 8. Those have been remastered digitally, trimmed and shortened, and repackaged as CDs. They are also available in a boxed set of 4 cassette tapes.

Media Barrage 5, however, from 1982, is the CLASSIC. It was created before The Book of the SubGenius was written, and before any real Devivals had happened. Stang and Drummond were preaching, but only into tape decks, while driving. Puzzling Evidence and LIES were making wild mixes, but no one heard them except the other 6 or 7 SubGenii in the tape trading circle. Dr. G. Gordon Gordon still mailed his contributions from Bolivia. "Space Age Bachelor Pad" was not a genre of music yet, but the hand-labeled title of one of Byron Werner's early bulldada audio collages. Glassmadness and Drs. for "Bob" performed whole concerts for audieces of 3. There was even a Clench in Minneapolis that included people *WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW*! The only one of us who had a radio show was Hellpope Huey (the first person to air Media Barrages 1 through 4 -- which we'll get to remixing after "Bad Doktors," an anti anti-Media pro-Barrage.) The only "devivals" had been a couple at Buck Naked's house (filmed by local news!) and Pope David N. Meyer's first, in the NYC apartment of a friend. (The doubling-echo effect on this first practice rant by Pope Meyer is not a deliberate special effect, but a result of cheap duplication gear.) The very first time that Buck Naked ever spoke to us -- calling in to the very first talk show that Philo and I were ever on, the Mr. Opinion shows on KFJZ -- is on this collection ("I... I'm afraid of God.")

I had transfered the original reel to reel master to one huge digital file, and then, while working on Hours of Slack week after week, I slowly chipped away at Media Barrage 5, breaking it up into discreet files and improving the sound on each one. After the whole Barrage had been culled and shucked for Hour of Slack, I then put all the pieces back together, but REARRANGED THEM MAJORLY while doing so. Unlike the last 4 Media Barrages, the material for #5 was not sorted and resorted into categories for a sense of flow... not as much, anyway. That sort of thing was very time consuming in the days of reel to reel quarter-inch tape. It's easier now that it's computer file names that you're juggling and renaming.

At any rate, this is the first time that Media Barrage 5 has been sold by us, period, in several years, and it's a radical recut from the old version. Only 11 of the 90 minutes has been removed, but the order of the elements has been so improved that it's like a whole new ancient SubGenius album.

Occasionally I added fancy-schmancy modern day sound-warping effects and filters, but mostly the original material has only been "brightened" or "sweetened," as they say, bringing out the original colors that the Old Masters originally painted onto their canvases so very very long ago.

This album will gradually pry your brain in half if you listen with stereo headphones.

Rather than mix one huge flowing muush of sound with a rug of background drones or music, I elected to keep the hard cuts, which have their own especial charm due to the vividly contrasting ambient noises of the various disparate audio clips, being, as they are, from so many sources; making 84 short cuts rather than a few huge ones additionally allows one to instantly jump from favorite clip to favorite clip, or to rip them individually for one's own re-remixes.

SubGenius Media Barrage 5 -- REMIX

1 Pastor Epley - AH, YES 00:24

2 Door of the Day of the Wrath of God is at hand/ "Moment of Noise" -- First Arkansas Drs. Revival 00:28

3 Take charge of that Helm -- Lying Spirits, Binding Spirits 00:25

4 Copyright 00:04

5 The One & Only "Bob" - Pope David N. Meyer's 1st preaching 00:49

6 Rev. Steve Hambone Testifies 00:08

7 Dallas Ch.4 News on SubG / Song Montage: Glassmadnes, Doug-3, Sternodox, Wotan, Glassmadness, Drs. 4 "Bob," Rev. Wilson 00:48

8 Song Clips: Drs. 4 "Bob," Glassmadness 00:24

9 Sickest, Sickest Thing I've Ever heard 00:07

10 Dr. X: "In 5 Years There will Be No America" / We're living in Perilous Times 01:02

11 Stang does PreScriptures 00:24

12 Mark of the Beast -- given a computerized number 00:13

13 Puzzling Evidence: "Mud Tribes;" The Size of Our God 00:26

14 "Break Out That Glass Box" - Glassmadness 00:16

15 "Remember Where Bob Is?" Dr. Philo Drummond 00:31

16 Responding Only to Our Dogma 00:13

17 Mockery Talk Shows - Stang & Drummond w/ Mr. Opinion 00:31

18 Ch.4 News - "Doug's Been in the Sun Too Long" 00:41

19 "Doug Smith Sez We're Different!" - Invasion of the Aluminum People, David Boone 00:29

20 "Fist-Face of "Bob"" - Stang road rant 00:45

21 Stang-Drummond on Money / Smell of Success, Big Bill o' Goods 00:32

22 Get That Wallet Out, Put Your Hands on the Radio 00:16

23 "Put Your Hands on the Radio" (The Pink Boyz) / "Gonna make $ Real Fast" - Stang & Drummond on George Gimarc's show 01:56

24 "He ain't some God, You Can Pull "Bob's" Leg, "Bob" Dobbs Will Be a Fool Again" - Stang road rant 00:38

25 J.R. "Old Dallas Boys" / I Love That Area 00:23

26 "Keep Cool - Get Down, Philo" -- Puzzling Evidence 00:20

27 "Bob" and Fightin' Jesus - prayer 00:30

28 Hellpope Huey Montage: Crucify Him on TV/ Respectfully Disagree - "We're Dead Serious, George" 00:35

29 Huey Collage: "We're Rednecks," Did You Grow Any Wiser? 00:24

30 "International Festival of Those Who Have Gone Too Far" -- Puzzling Evidence 00:59

31 "One Look At Them - Freakshow" -- Puzzling Evidence 00:55

32 "The Little People and the Great Divide" -- Puzzling Evidence 01:23

33 Stang: "Man's Mighty Stupidity & Hate" rant 01:55

34 "One World Govt vs. Religion" - Stang-Drummond on Mr. Opinion / Strange Gods / "Am I a SubGenius?" -- Glassmadness 00:45

35 Buck: Afraid of God / "Hands on Radio" (Pink Boyz) / "Only Hope: Send $1" (Drs. 4 Wotan) / Pamphlets instead of currency -Stang w/ Dr. X 01:01

36 Mr. Opinion "Bob is the High Muckety Muck" / "Hello Bob" - Glassmadness 00:37

37 "There's a Good Bob and a Bad Bob" -- Glassmadness and Puzzling Evidence 00:23

38 Hambone collage (Direct Contact, 666 lady, You Fucking Whore, Moslem Chant 01:30

39 "Bad Bob" con't; Slobber / Complete Equality as He Drops to the Ground / Old Dallas Boys / To Make Money & Pay Taxes (Stang, Michigan radio) / Cattle Mutilation report 02:27

40 "The Slack When You Find "Bob"" - Philo Drummond, On the Road 00:42

41 Pope David Meyer: "What Takes Away Your Slack?" / Philo: "Physician Heal Thyself!" 01:43

42 Stangfilm "World of the Future" clips / "No Winners in Nuke War" (w/ Wotan music) / "Only True Religion's Guns" (Drs.4"Bob")/ "America" clip 01:14

43 Philo- Wotan Mix! / Arnold Palmer Chant / Moslem, "Die If You Want To," Final Shot/ Swaggart: Explode and Hit People / Man from Saturn / "Ludicrous?" - Portal of Glory! / Total Collapse of Civilization / Area/ Get Off the Air! 03:13

44 "The List of Them" - Rev. G. Don Trubey 00:36

45 The Pascal lamb / Stang rant: "The 9 Score Jesii, 4 Legged Jesus, Fist Fuckin' Jesus" 01:50

46 Stang: "You Think Jesus Had It Bad? / Altered Boys / They Can't Tie Me Up!" 02:02

47 Huey Collage: Kicked Out, Mental Fatigue / Change Personalities / "The Boy has No Patience" / Wasp Mannequin, Feed the Alien 01:09

48 "The BOB" / Too Many Sound Effects -- Puzzling Evidence 00:31

49 ""Bob" Dobbs, Can You Help Me?" -- Glassmadness 01:51

50 "Bob" on "Mars Needs Women" 00:23

51 "Time to be Manipulated" / Swaggart" Dead Preachers 00:45

52 "Skull Jesus Lusting for Flesh" - Stang 00:26

53 "I Wanna Love Bob" - Pope Mike Danger / Swaggart: "Room in Dallas" /Ol' Dallas Boys 00:19

54 ""Bob" Is a Rock" -- Glassmadness 00:32

55 "Let "Bob" Do Your Thinkin' - 1998 - Pillbox" -- Dr. Philo Drummond 01:03

56 Arnold Palmer (Puzzling Evidence) / Corpse Can't Sue You / 666 / Like Rotting Fruit (w/ Drs. for Wotan music) 01:15

57 Lies: "Pain, Misery, Headache -- that's what any deity means to me - The Stupid "Bob" - Put silly superstitions to rest" 01:17

58 Arnold Palmer rant / Kiss Boosey / Aliens Already Landed 00:43

59 Hambone Collage: UFO nut "helping us help ourselves" / "Who's "Bob?" / Particle Beams, 666 lady, The Beeping, Swaggart: "Have you ever been in one?" / UFO nut, 666 lady 02:12

60 "O Ye Alien Stickmen / Salute" -- Drs. for "Bob" w/ Stang 00:52

61 "How do you spot a psychopath?" / Buck: "They Don't Love You Like I do" 01:26

62 Huey Collage: You Need to be Scanned / DEVO, Yoda / Take this Planet / Your Whole Attitude Stinks 01:14

63 Dr. G. Gordon Gordon: "It's Not Just The..." 02:57

64 ""Bob" Is a Rock" -- Glassmadness / Minneapolis Clench devival "Bob" Won't Be Here / Ch. 4 News "Where is "Bob"? Check "Bob" Gland." 01:05

65 Dobbstown: Group of Scientists to Save World 00:41

66 Pope David N. Meyer: "Church Divine Rules: Too Much" 00:26

67 "Bob Cleave" -- Stang w/ Sternodox & Hellswami Satellite Weavers 03:24

68 Dr. Philo Drummond on FootGland, The White Stone, NHGH, You Think You Know? 01:52

69 Roberto de la Rosa (David Boone): "MORE THEM KIND PILS - OHIO" 00:34

70 Stang road rant: "No Chem Cans! - The Natural man" 00:45

71 Devil -- I'm sick and tired; Believing is Seeing 00:50

72 Roberto de la Rosa (David Boone): "False Prophits of Slack; Bang" 01:16

73 Wino: "I knew Bob was Straight/ Boone "MORE PILS" 01:04

74 The Team from Dallas - Puzzling Evidence and Lies 00:30

75 "Where Are You Bob Dobbs?" -- Glassmadness 01:36

76 Puzzling Evidence and Lies: Slide of Head Launching 00:39

77 Drs for Wotan: "What Are We Gonna Do About Arnold Palmer?" 01:06

78 Rev. Hambone on UFOS / Proper Equipment 00:30

79 Snavely: "SubLit in the Library Books" - Buck: "Bob is Leading Me" w/ Stang-Drummond / - Janor "It's Bob" 00:49

80 Rev. Stevie Hambone Cash Flow Rant 00:44

81 "Get With "Bob"" Hymn -- Minneapolis Clench of the Red Eyed Loon 01:02

82 "Sex-Money-Bob" - Pope Sternodox 01:42

83 "Doug's Right, Virgil -- We Are Different -- even Doug Smith" - David Boone, "Invasion of the Alluminum People" 00:14

84 And Do You Know What Happened...? (Hambone cut) 00:27

Audio collage pieces various edited by: St. Byron Werner, Lies, Puzzling Evidence, Rev. Ivan Stang, Rev. Stevie Hambone, Hellpope Huey, Dr. Philo Drummond, David Boone, some friend of St. tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

Drs. 4 "Bob": Dr. Snavely Eklund, Pope Sternodox Keckhaver, Drelloid Mutant, Gene Splice, Martin Bigsmoke Pitts, Linda Pitts, Janor Hypercleats

Drs. 4 Wotan: Hellswami Satellite Weavers, Dr. Philo Drummond, Rev. Ivan Stang

The killer art on the CD covers is by Heart Ignition.