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SubGenius Bandcamp now has 9 BobSongs CD albums for purchase as MP3 files -- including two brand new albums available ONLY as downloads!

You can get them by track or by album -- $10/album or $1/track. The CDs are still available, oh yes indeed, (see below), but these are cheaper , infinitely smaller, and much better for the environment! Also, if the spirit of Dobbs so compels you, you can pay MORE than the asking price as part of your regular love-tithe!

The two latest new albums, Bobsongs 7 and Bobsongs 8 -- almost 10 years in the making! -- are released ONLY as downloads from

$10 Dobbshead Cloisonne Pin
COLLECTOR'S ITEM. This has been one of our most popular items. Tasteful, subtle 7/8" nickel-plated brass pin looks expensive as hell! Designed by Dr. Hal Robins. Just like the Masons have, only cooler. Let potential business/sex partners know which side you're on. This fancy 4 color enamel pin also doubles at a tie tack. Perfect for those important business meetings, golfing, short duration weddings, funerals, sacrifices, orgies or just watching TV.   No SubGenius should be without one.


$16.95 Dobbshead Cuff Links SOLD OUT
BRAND NEW PRODUCT. Tasteful, subtle 7/8" nickel-plated brass cuff links make you look slick, like a cult Mafioso. Designed by Dr. Hal Robins. These positively radiate power and suaveness. No one will guess how cheap they actually are. 4 color enamel face is backed with cuff link attachments. With these, you can blend in with Normals while retaining your Dobbs-given powers of Enslackenment.  Nobody who's anybody doesn't have a set.


$3.00 I'M MAD TOO Bumper Sticker
As seen on Rachel Maddow's show! BIG 12 inch by 3 inch white vinyl bumper sticker with image of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs on left and, on right, the phrase:

You can JUST MAIL US $3.00

PO Box 181417 CLEVE HTS OH 44118

$14.95 ARISE! DVD (REVISED 2005 version)

Fabulous Nenslo "RealBob" cover Dobbshead

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SEE... the erotic life and gory death of swinging Sex God J. R. "Bob" Dobbs

the secrets of a mind-altering alien sex conspiracy which promises to destroy all human society -- PRAISE "BOB"!!


This is the SubGenius video to go buy. Vividly presents the LIVING SEED-WORD PROPAGANDA of DOBBS, compressed into one eyeball-slamming 86-minute editing tour-de-force that shoots the dogma straight up your optic nerve and deep into your brain. Narrator Dr. Howll (Hal Robins) takes the initiate on a soul-wrenching journey deep into the very bowels of the Church. Includes "THE LIFE OF "BOB," a perfect introduction to the Church for your illiterate friends.

FILM THREAT called this "One of the 10 Must-Have Underground Videos."

10,000 collage clips of bizarre Badfilms illustrate the narration - plus ELECTRONIC ANIMATION OF THE GODS, and riveting LIVE devival rants by all-star preachers, with music by DK Jones, Mark Mothersbaugh, Drs. 4 "Bob," Negativland, Slack master Cleve, Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Rare glimpses of Dobbstown... 'behind the scenes' peeks at SubGenius Radio Doktors in surgery... even captured FBI footage of DOBBS HIMSELF. YOU WILL ACTUALLY WITNESS the astounding, blood- drenched scenes of the ASSASSINATION OF "BOB!"
Digitally Restored Directly from the Original 1-inch Master Tapes
This version was revised by Ivan Stang in 2005 to replace or otherwise improve hundreds of shots with new computer animation, better copies of old footage, fantastic new graphics, plus some modern devival and doktorband clips. Old shots were shortened to make room for new shots, but not removed.


"Now THIS is a cult I can join!" -- Robert Vaughn Young, former high-ranking officer of Scientology, commenting on ARISE


6X-Day Mini (10-minute music short)
Music Video: X-Day's A-Comin' King of Slack
DOBBSTOWN travelog (Sosodada)
PLANET X OR BUST (music video by El Queso)
Rev. Cobblestone's MAPPED-OUT 2
The X-Day Commercial
ARISE! Deleted Scenes!


$14.95 STANG LIVE 2005 DVD

3 Sermons on The Word of "Bob" by Rev. Ivan Stang

2 one-hour rants, covered by multiple cameras at Winterstar 2005 and Starwood 25 -- plus a short excerpt from the insane Detroit Devival of 2005.

The WINTERSTAR '05 rant takes place indoors at a fancy ski resort, with a smaller crowd, and is relatively informal. The sermon at STARWOOD 25 is presented with a special rearscreen projection of Dobbsedeliasteses before a large audience of neopagans at an outdoor festival. Unlike the diatribes and jermemiads delivered to dues-paying, ordained SubGenii at nightclub Devivals, these Stang-rants are not "preaching to the choir." Starwood and Winterstar audiences, being largely new to SubGenius doctrine, require a more explanatory, hard-sell approach. Also, unlike at Devivals, the audience is not trying to out-yell the preacher. Thus, these sermons make good watchable introductions for those new to the Church.
The Detroit clip is more typical of what one might see at a true SubGenius devival -- delivered spontaneously in a rock-n-roll bar, between band set-ups.



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Over 2.3 hours of rarities

NIGHT OF SLACK -- The legendary 1984 San Francisco revival at which "Bob" first 'died.' Pope David N. Meyer, The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name, Dr. Hal, Rev. Ivan Stang, Pope Sternodox, Doktors 4 "Bob".

You'll "LAK TO DIE" when you see Dobbs in a flying saucer, blowing up the MTV building; the stop-motion death in flames of Barbie and Ken; live recreations of two SubGenius book covers; and Dobbs being worshiped by slinky devil-girls in Hell. During the sometimes surreal shooting, we also shot this 40-minute look behind the scenes.


"Bob's" LUNCH HOUR starring Dr. Philo Drummond as "Bob" (Started in 1977 - finished in 2007)


Dr. Hal interviewed re: "Bob's" Shooting, 1984

LIES (Paul Mavrides), Pope Sternodox and Puzzling Evidence - uncut footage from 1981 World SubCon videos, shot for Showtime "What's Up America"



$12.95 HOUR OF SLACK #984 - SubGenius "ALBUM SAMPLER"

Cover by Heart Ignition

See his back cover art!

Hours of Slack are either given away in MP3 on SubSITE, broadcast on the radio, sold in archival collections in MP3 on CD-R, or sold as a subscription on plain audio CD with separate tracks. We didn't sell individual Hours of Slack... until NOW!

One or two cuts each from all SubGenius albums: Bobsongs, Media Barrages, live radio -- a little of the best of everything from 25 years of SubGenius productions. Unamimously declared one of the best Hour of Slack episodes ever, yet it's almost entirely composed of old classics. A GREAT starter for newly-Endarkened SubGenii. 35 tracks in all, including "WHAT IS DOBBSTOWN?"

Click here for TRACK LIST


$2.00 Church Button
SHOW OFF YOUR RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION WITH PRIDE! Same as the one that comes with every Membership Pack. 1 inch metal button with Church of the SubGenius logo and radiant J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.

You can JUST MAIL US $2.00

+ 50¢ U.S. postage. PO Box 181417 CLEVE HTS OH 44118

$12.95 MEDIA BARRAGE #3: "Sex, Sickness and Slack"

Front by Heart Ignition
See Back Cover by Heart Ignition
Maybe it's a good thing that we sorta kept this one under wraps for such a long time. Some sections are not tame even by today's standards, and this was assembled mostly in 1980. Includes early talk radio appearances of Dr. Philo Drummond and Rev. Ivan Stang, the beginnings of Doktors 4 "Bob," and the legendary Puzzling Evidence TAPES (before the radio shows). Also in this 80-minute collage are some very rare and rude "bootleg" pieces from now-famous comedians that were not known for such raunch in their day. Intensely insane, through and through. Redneck preacher samples from Dallas Christian radio must be heard to be believed -- truly inspirational to the budding SubGenius ranter. 72 separate tracks for easy ripping.


$14.95 66 HOURS OF SLACK in MP3
Feb., 2002, to April 2003
** (requires MP3 player)

Heart Ignition Cover

In truth, there are more than 66 hour-long shows on this disk, but "Sixty-Six" has more of a ring to it. Especially this year. Includes Hours of Slack #824 - 885 (Feb. 2002 to April 2003), in mono, 22 kbps -- not quite as high-resolution as our 12 Hours of Slack collections, but excellent sound if you don't mind losing the stereo brain-cleave effects. The previous volumes like this, which were partly RealAudio, have been very popular. This one, entirely remastered by St. David Bachner for MP3, is of greatly improved sound quality, and we recommend this one for newcomers.

Put this disk on an MP3 player, and it will play all the shows in order -- for 68 hours straight, if you don't hit the off switch. YOU MIGHT NOT. (Make sure the player isn't set on "Loop" before you start! The SubGenius Foundation, Inc., is NOT RESPONSIBLE for cases of starvation resulting from purchase of this long-play CDR.)

Text file logs of all shows are included.

For detailed listings of specific shows, see HOUR OF SLACK SHOW LOGS


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