Winter Trip 2012-13
COMPLETE (edited) SET - DAY BY DAY - PART 1 of 6
West Virginia to New Orleans (with Universal & Epcot)
Photos by Rev. Ivan Stang & Princess Wei 'R.' Doe

PART 2: Austin, Pedernales SP, Enchanted Rock, Stangsville, Carlsbad Caverns, City of Rocks SP (NM), Chiricahua NP (AZ)
PART 3: The Thing, Joshua Tree NP (CA), L.A., Devil's Punchbowl, Puzzling Evidence, S.F., Pinnacles NP
PART 4: L.A. Museum, Red Rock SP, Trona Pinnacles, Death Valley, Rhyolite, Valley of Fire SP (Nevada), Las Vegas
PART 5: UTAH: Zion, Escalante, Burr Trail Rd., Capitol Reef, Bulldada, Goblin Valley, Arches, Canyonlands (+ Wigwam Motel, WCSB & home)
PART 6: Dilapos, Natural Hearts, Light Art, Waffle House

BUT WAIT! -- Have you already seen our time-and-eye saving "BEST OF" gallery? The 5,000 best photos from our 4-month trip, seen in the following pages, have also been whittled down to the very best 500 photos. See our FAVE SHOTS for those. We don't expect anybody to look at all of these; it would take days. However, if you are interested in a particular National Park, city, or SubGenius, these more detailed daily collections might serve you well. (If you wonder where a specific photo came from, you can email the link to and hope he remembers.)

2012_12_01-Nostril Land

2012_12_02-WV 2 VA

2012_12_03-07-Pshaws-Pox-Leume (VA & NC)

2012_12_06-JoCo in NC

2012_12_08-The Floozeum 2012

2012_12_08-WREK Atlanta Radio Show

2012_12_10a-Papa Joe Mama's Spookhouse

2012_12_11-Papa Joe Beach

2012_12_12-Universal Theme Park, Orlando

2012_12_13-Epcot, Orlando

2012_12_14-16-Orlando to LA

2012_12_16-17-New Orleans

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